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Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - New Galactic Ops Part 6

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

New Galactic Ops Part 6

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation – New Galactic Ops Part 6. By Lev.

Developments in recent days are forcing to revisit DNI’s Breaking News On February 28, 2021.

Recap: “An attempt was made to physically eliminate the leaders of the Light Forces ground team, which Galacom had assigned to the operation in Egypt as well as to help in the reptiloids evacuation from Earth. The LFs managed to rip it off.” (DNI, Light City, New Galactic Ops., Part 5-2, 1 March 2021).

The main reason for this killing attempt was that the Galactic Committee and the LFs Ground Team are preparing a joint operation in Egypt. DNI has already reported on it (see – New Galactic Ops February 2021, Part 4, Disclosure News, February 23, 2021).

It’s important to briefly recall it.

On February 17, 2021, Galactic Committee informed about its details. The op is aimed at the reactivation of the intra-galactic Stellar-planetary Merkaba, the Earthly part of which was built in Egypt.

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Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Egyptian Part Of Merkaba

Egyptian Part Of Merkaba

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Far, the Co-Creators made Merkaba up of two parts. One consisted of a planetary cluster that included Earth, Venus, and Mars. All three then had 3D life. The other was formed on the Stars in three Constellations – Orion-Sirius, Leo, and Ursa Major.

On Earth, Venus, Mars identical pyramidal complexes were built and linked with each other by a unified network. Similar complexes were erected on certain Stars of the above-mentioned Constellations.

Then Co-Creators combined and synchronized at the level of Logos in both clusters, planetary and stellar. Thus, a unique Merkaba appeared in the Milky Way. It was a powerful accumulator and retransmitter of Source’s Energy. The lower part tip of the Merkaba rested on the Earth, in the Giza pyramidal complex.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Merkaba


Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

All changed with the coming of Cosmic Night and another war in the Local Universe between the Dark, led by Lucifer, and Light races. It has spread to the Solar System (see – On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News, October 18, 2020).

Lucifer’s participation in the events of that time, those that followed, and of today, was not accidental. His whole dramatic life was filled with ups and downs.

He was originally one of the Primary Light Archons, the Keeper of the Universe’s Perfect Light. All of his creations, including his planet Lucifer, were also Guardians of the Source’s Light.

Their causal Matrices and Logos cores consisted of aspects of Lucifer’s heart, carried within them the Crystal (Matrix) of Perfect Light, and were its guides in various eons.

However, he betrayed the Source and went over to the side of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator.

DNit Telegram Channel

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Lucifer


Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

For this, the Higher Light Hierarchs deprived him of his former status. They divided the Perfect Light Ray he kept into seven sub-beams and entrusted them to seven Ascended Masters.

Lucifer’s fate also befell his creations, in particular the Logos of the planet Lucifer. Perfect Light was also evacuated from them.

Dark Hierarchy immediately took possession of the Lucifer planet. For them, it was the most important outpost, a strategic frontier in their criminal schemes in our eon.

They turned the planet Lucifer into a laboratory for the creation of viruses, demonic and parasitic entities.

It was from the planet Lucifer that the first “serial” Thin-Material possessors descended upon Earth, infiltrated into people’s Subtle Bodies to siphon off the Life Energy from them.

Spiritual degeneration spread upon most of Lucifer’s civilization. Those who did not accept it fled to other planets, including Venus, Mars, and Phaeton.

Planet Lucifer and Lucifer himself began to prepare for the Higher Consecration – the acceptance of the demonic aspects of the Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator.

Obtaining such aspects meant disaster for our entire eon. The planet Lucifer would become the new Black Sun, the karmic center and source of threat to everything Divine in this part of the Universe.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Possessors


Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

This could not be allowed to happen. It was necessary to stop the demonization of the planet Lucifer at all costs.

The Higher Light Hierarchy had no real levers for that. It considered several options, but none of them solved the problem completely.

Leaving out many details that deserve a separate post, the fate of the planet Lucifer was decided by the war in the Solar System.

Peaked in 150,000 BC, the war brought to ruin Lutetia, the largest of the 12 satellites of the planet Phaeton, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter.

Co-Creators saved Phaeton by moving it to another Galaxy. But its most important moon Lutetia could not be saved. The Black fleets of the Archons and Lucifer destroyed it.

Before its destruction, Lutetia managed to ram the planet Lucifer. The collision was so powerful that all that was left of both planets were debris.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Lutetia Destroyed

Lutetia Destroyed

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

The two largest remaining fragments from Lucifer are now satellites of Mars – Phobos, and Deimos. The most famous remnants of Lutetia are the minor planets Ceres and Vesta. They are part of the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

Archons and Lucifer skillfully directed fragments to bombard Mars and Venus. As a result of the terrible strikes, planetary catastrophes occurred on them.

Mars’ atmosphere was ripped off. Venus was thrown out of orbit closer to the Sun. 3D life on it burned up.

Both planets lost their satellites. One of the moons of Venus, after a point-shot by a fragment of Lutetia, overcame the Roche limit and torpedoed it.

The Roche limit is the radius of the circular orbit of a satellite orbiting a celestial body, at which the tidal forces caused by the gravity of the central body are equal to the satellite’s self-gravity forces.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Roche Limit

Roche Limit

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

If a satellite changes orbit and becomes closer than a certain critical distance to the planet, it is attracted by its gravitational force and falls on the planet.

Thus, Venus became a victim of its satellite. The second moon was cast off and burned into the Sun. The third survived – it is the current Mercury.

Mars also lost its former satellites. Phobos and Deimos took their place.

The surface of Mars shows signs of bombardment. A huge crater from a powerful impact on one side of the planet corresponds exactly to the bulge on the opposite side. The crust in one hemisphere is thinner than in the other. And the famous Mariner Valley rift, the Scar on Mars…

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Scar On Mars

Scar On Mars

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Luciferians also struck Earth. But Co-Creators saved our planet by deflecting the asteroid from a direct hit. It was tangential, so there was no global catastrophe, only a changing the tilt of the Earth’s axis by 23.5°.

Invaded the Earth, the Black and Gray civilizations seized power in Ancient Egypt. They began to use the complex of pyramids in Giza to their advantage.

Co-Creators blocked the Merkaba in its Earth part but continued to use the Egyptian pyramids to run the planet’s core. During the Great Quantum Transition, their importance increased.

Upon learning of the Galactic Committee and LFs ground team’s impending operation in Egypt, the Luciferians entrenched on Earth went all-in on February 16, 2021.

In the absence of the former leader (why – described below), the Darks offensive was led by the Keepers of the partially preserved Lucifer Logos causal Matrix. They were hiding it under one of the pyramids.

With the help of the Matrix they still hoped to create a new planet for them, if not on Earth, then in another, safer part of the Local Universe.

Luciferians launched their first powerful attack on the ground team leaders to disrupt their participation in the Egyptian operation. The attack was repulsed.

In doing so, the Darks detected themselves, their sleeper cell, and the location of the Lucifer Matrix. The Archons began intensely, brazenly filling it with Life Energy from wherever they could reach. They attempted to remove the Matrix from Earth before the Egyptian Galacom operation began.

They didn’t make it.

Higher Light Hierarchy and Archangel Michael personally intervened and prevented it.

In late February and early March 2021, Light Forces uncovered numerous Luciferian caches, many lurking Black entities, and not only on Earth.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Keeping The Earth For Themselves

Keeping The Earth For Themselves

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Now in the Local Universe, the Milky Way, and the Solar System, there is a big battle going on with them. The irreconcilable Black belated followers, unwilling to take the constructive path of evolution, have begun to unite as a single force throughout the cosmos. It is not a rebellion or revolt, but a new full-scale war.

Its echoes have reached many countries on Earth, as can be seen from the events taking place there.

Light Forces and the entire counteroffensive are led by the Absolute’s Hierarchy Head Archangel Michael, and the former Local Universe’s Black Co-Creator, who decisively broke with his past (see – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces, Disclosure News, on August 12, 2020).

Lucifer followed his example. Why did he betray the Source and defect to the Dark Side?

Being a brilliant psychologist, the former Black Co-Creator simply poached Lucifer. Through him he wanted the life-giving Universe’s Perfect Light to build and populate his eons.

It was after Lucifer’s defection to Darks that the balance of the originally equally distributed Perfect Power in the Local Universe tilted to the side of Darkness at a ratio of 66.6 (Number of the Beast) to 33.3.

With the beginning of the Great Quantum Transition and the change-over of the Matrix of the Local Universe, Lucifer thought more and more about everything that was happening. But the turning point in his consciousness was not coming.

Then, Karma Lords prepared and showed him a holographic compilation of the most tragic and bloody episodes of Earth and human history that occurred through his fault.

Watching these episodes Lucifer had an epiphany. He saw and realized the terrible horror of what he had been doing all along. His heart was bursting with despair for what he had done.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Executions By Nazi Einsatzgruppen - Mobile Killing Units

Executions By Nazi Einsatzgruppen – Mobile Killing Units

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

It was real hysteria, agony. Lucifer was willing to do anything to rectify the situation.

Impossible to put into words the degree and depth of his remorse and pain. The viewing of the “movie of shame” lasted several days.

During this time Lucifer’s heart opened so much that it began to radiate Perfect Light and Love again.

He was guiding them to Earth and humanity. And it was a miracle. For after Lucifer’s apostasy, his heart, having lost the Love Vibrations, lost the ability to radiate the Perfect Light.

He begged the Source to forgive him. And, of course, he was forgiven, for Its Love and Compassion Are Infinite.

But Lucifer was doomed. Theoretically, he could continue to live as a Hierarch of Darkness, but he could not return to the Hierarchy of Light.

The fact is that after Lucifer went over to the Dark Side, the Black Co-Creator performed a rite with him, similar to the Earthly “blood brotherhood”, to seal their union forever.

Supreme Hierarch, who dreamed of immortality, introduced 66.66% of his causal aspects (Number of Beast) and entire DNA fragments into Lucifer. Through their self-activation, he would be able to resurrect himself at the right moment.

Lucifer learned of it only in the moment of his epiphany. He did not have much of a choice: to stay with the Darkness and go to the karmic trial or, having sincerely repented, to return to the family of Light.

In this case, he could not go on living, for there were aspects of the Black Co-Creator in him, the activation of which threatened the Local Universe with a new catastrophe. But Lucifer was not told that.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Number Of The Beast

Number Of The Beast

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

After the deepest repentance, he realized that he simply could not go on living with such a burden of shame, karma, and pain. Although, the Higher Light Hierarchs have already started looking for ways to remove the Black Co-Creator’s aspects and DNA from him.

For it, they again resorted to the help of the LFs’ the ground team. By the aspects’ exchange, they began to restore Lucifer on the causal plane as a Light Being.

Everything ended tragically. When the Lucifer’s Light integrity reached 66.6%, the karmic program of self-activation of the DNA of the Black Co-creator was triggered. It started his self-resurrection in Lucifer’s body.

Lucifer tried to cope with it to the last. All Light Forces, including the ground team, helped him as best they could, giving their Love and Life Force. But it was impossible to stop the avalanche-like and irreversible gobble process.

In this situation, Lucifer made the only possible decision of self-sacrifice. He died, killing with him the nascent monster and the nightmare of the Local Universe.

It was a terrible blow for the Archons and all the Dark Forces. Their power and influence, especially on Earth, rested on entities like Lucifer, who had come over to their side from the Light Hierarchy, for they were perfect by birth.

With the death of Lucifer and the neutralization of the aspects of the Black Co-Creator in him, there was A COMPLETE AND FINAL UNDERMINING OF THE DARK HIERARCHY POWER.

Immediately after that, there was an automatic self-collapse of all demonic and anti-worlds in the Black eons. This meant a complete cleansing of our Local Universe of them as karma forming and karma carrying reality.

Of course, there are still certain islands with high karmic pollution. These include, in particular, Saturn and, unfortunately, the Earth.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Lucifer Death

Lucifer Death

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Everything that is happening reminds us once again: replacing the old Local Universe Matrix with the new one is not a one-time process, but a long-term one.

It is impossible to put an end overnight to the destructive dualism on Earth, the senseless confrontation between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Spirit and Matter, Soul and Body, rich and poor, right and left, East and West, and now North and South.

In worlds like ours, it takes a long time to overcome interphase inertia. Therefore, many Intelligence forms now choose the path of active transformation to accelerate the change of Matrixes and fully enter the New World.

It’s not that simple. Despite that there is only one vector of development being realized in the New World right now, the constructive (Light) thrust, not everyone in the Local Universe and on Earth has accepted it.

They can still cause the Co-Creators and the Light Forces a lot of problems and slow down the Absolute’s plan implementation.

Previously existing forces of the destructive vector (Darks), all their Intelligence forms did not get a place in the new Matrix of the Local Universe and the Earth, as not corresponding to the new tasks of the Absolute.

But they are not being put under the knife. The New Dipole Absolute has proclaimed a course for the transformation into the Light beings of all those who previously opposed them. It is primarily the Darks and partially the Greys.

Co-Creators offered them lustration, karma cleansing, sanitation, and transformation. Whoever wants it is welcome to the New World. Whoever doesn’t want to, will be eventually liquidated, split into elementary particles.

This decision gives the right to choose to continue living. Even for those who did not have this right before.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - From Darkness To Light

From Darkness To Light

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Until recently, all destructive Intelligence forms were divided into three groups. Those who went straight to the Light Side and those who chose to remain what they were created to be – Darks. These are the so-called “irreconcilables”. The third group was the undecided, the wavering.

At the moment, the formerly destructive Intelligence forms have self-determined and are undergoing active sanitation with the help of the Light Forces.

There are no undecided left in the Local Universe and on Earth. The main mass has accepted the Light Side.

This was happened with the Nagas, for example (see – Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 1, Disclosure News, August 19, 2020). It is now a unified Light Force to which the Co-Creators have given the field of the inner 3D Earth.

We will now coexist peacefully with them on this planet. For now, they are hidden from humanity. The time for close contact has not yet come.

The remaining group of irreconcilables consists of representatives of all remaining demonic civilizations. Today they are united and stand as a single force against the New World.

In recent days, the Archons and the Darks have been fighting a broad front in a desperate attempt to keep their place in the Sun. They try to win a space for themselves in the new Local Universe and on Earth. It is not clear what they are hoping for, but the fact remains.

Fierce warfare is going on at all levels of the Local Universe and our planet. Earth and Light Forces are being hit and attacked from outside and inside. All of the Darks have gone into their final battle. Luciferians are especially rampant.

After the planet Lucifer’s death, some of its Black priests moved first to Mars (inhabited at the time) and then to Earth. On our planet, they joined their associates, first in Atlantis and later in Egypt (see – On The Way To The Fifth Race, Part 3, Disclosure News, October 18, 2020).

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Black Priest Of Atlantis

Black Priest Of Atlantis

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Creating their planet has always been their idea fix, the meaning of life. But after extrusion from Egypt, they were forced to go underground, to lay low. Until recently, they were afraid to act as an open force.

They froze the project of creating a planet with the help of the Lucifer Logos and disguised its partially restored causal Matrix under one of the Egyptian pyramids.

In March 2021 on the assignment of Galacom, the Light Forces ground team planned to go to Egypt to participate in the reactivation of all pyramids in that country. The Lucifer causal Matrix pyramid-cache was in the area of the LFs’ operation.

Frightened by a possible detection, the Lucifer Black Priesthood attempted to disrupt the op by killing the ground group leaders. The Lightwarriors managed to survive, and the Darks completely exposed themselves and the pyramid-cache.

Karma Lords and the Hierarchy of the Absolute (personally it’s Head Archangel Michael) immediately intervened. They blocked the Black Priests and gave them an ultimatum, which they ignored.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

While it was going on, the LFs ground group leader had an idea, which they presented to the Higher Light Hierarchy’s Council. They suggested restoring the planet and the Logos of Lucifer according to the Matrix of its original, ideal State. Then to offer Luciferians who have crossed over to the Light Side to continue their evolution on this planet created by the renewed Logos.

After all, Lucifer was one of the seven Primary Archons of Light and the Perfect Light Keeper. And the Luciferian civilization originally belonged to the Light.

In this connection, the question arises: Why doesn’t Lucifer himself take any action to pacify his creatures? He is their King and God…

LFs team leader decided to ask him directly, figuring he had the right to do so due to their participation in his resurrection.

Indeed, Co-Creators have made several efforts to bring Lucifer back to life. His Monad’s core has been preserved. It was possible to revive a new being from it, just like it is done with DNA. It will have the same Monad, new manifestation bodies, but the old memory will be completely erased.

To fully restore Lucifer, its Monadic Matrix was assembled anew in one of the ground group leaders’ Monad. It was some sort of a blueprint, a scheme by which the further rebirth is carried out.

Lucifer’s resurrection looked like this. Compressed to the maximum density his Monadic core was, like a shot, integrated into the Lightwarrior’s Monad. Then the avalanche-like enfoldment of the Monad and its manifestation bodies began. It looked like the straightening of a compressed spring.

For a Lightwarrior acting as an incubator was very difficult. He had to expand and accommodate the evolutionary infrastructure of an entire entity, a Higher one at that.

The process went on for two days. Lightwarrior’s heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature were all going through the roof. He was in extreme pain as if his body were being torn to pieces.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - Monad


Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

The moments when Lucifer’s consciousness manifested itself were especially hard. It felt like the team leader’s head was being stretched to the breaking point and then, like a rubber band, pulled down. The pulling was accompanied by shock on the verge of unconsciousness.

Lucifer’s new birth as an integral individual with Intelligence was completed on the evening of the second day. Lightwarrior no longer remembered this moment, as since that day, almost week he came to his senses.

Immediately after the restoration, Lucifer appeared before the Source. What they talked about is unknown. But after that, Lucifer began to form the Absolute Light Matrix of the Local Universe.

The new Lucifer has become the Chief Guardian of the Source’s Absolute Light. This was a great honor, responsibility, and trust, for everyone remembers that earlier he betrayed It and went over to the Dark Side.

Besides, Lucifer immediately took upon himself a part of human karma. It was karma of those people (incarnate and deceased) who had accumulated it as a result of all his negative actions.

For some time after these events, Lucifer remained on Earth. He guarded the Crystal (Core) of the planet, was its Protector.

Later, he transferred to a distant Galaxy. Since then, nothing was known about him. And so the Lightwarrior had the urge to talk to him…

In the new Galactic war, finding Lucifer was not easy. He did not come in contact. It had to turn to the assistance of Ascended Masters, Higher Light Hierarchy, and Galacom.

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation - New Galactic War

New Galactic War

Intra-Galactic Merkaba Reactivation

Lucifer was found, but he still did not want to communicate. It was like an old, tired retired general who wants nothing more from life, but just to live out his life in peace and not be disturbed anymore…

Despite his refusal to be contacted, the Lightwarrior’s appeal was nevertheless conveyed to him through intermediaries. It was both a request and an offer.

Request to participate in the pacification of his reckless thugs, to explain to them that they still have a chance. And offer to restore Lucifer’s Logos to its original ideal state and by it to create a new planet.

Lucifer responded in the same way through intermediaries: “I will give the needed info, but I won’t help with anything”…


(To be continued)

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