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Interstellar - Who Am I?


Who Am I?

The passage is usually from the understanding that we go looking for to a dimension of understanding governed by the Law of Love, and which seeks the Law of Light.

Those who vibrate with the Law of Light seek the Law of One.

Those who vibrate with the Law of One seek the Law of Infinity.


Law Of One

Disclosure News is Interstellar, I spread the Light to grow and expand the Inner Being trying to be at the service of others. I do not channel even though I probably unconsciously am in contact and I get some directions.

The birth of this site happened almost casually, but since the case does not exist and given the good results obtained we can say that I was guided to build it.

My journey towards awakening has been long and tiring even though now, looking back, I can see a clear guideline that brought me here today to write these lines. A person many years ago perceived my aura, or mana, that was the beginning of my awakening.

I was lucky, if it existed, to be able to wander around the planet, this gave me a great opportunity for knowledge, made me discover the places of my previous lives, many, way too many.

I lived on the border between Algeria and Niger, in the desert; in another life I was lucky enough to live on a coral island where, however, I was not at the service of the self, intead I was working for myself. I probably also lived in West Africa, between Senegal and Gambia, and even there I was not a good guy. I also spent some time in India, where I was hammered down being probably too good. I have probably continued to accumulate Karma but I am trying hard to get rid of it.

In Cobra’s blog I write as Zero, we are more than one, but I’m not Zero i cites Gabriel RL, I’m Zero and that’s it, even if it ‘s worth to say that i stands for Italy, I’ve been Zero for Google for many years now. I have a strong connection, during the meditations, with the Pleiades star cluster, another coincidence?

Now I am in Italy and I am diligently carrying out, far above my possibilities, what I have to do, to reverberate the Light. I hesitated to put this short bio on the site, we are in Italy, home of the Mind Control, and expose yourself in first person is never something to do with nonchalance. I hope, with my work, to gain some protection from the Pleiadians in order to expose myself more.

In recent decades I have accumulated a great knowledge of software and web, seo and desktop publishig and I am giving this knowledge to the Light with the intent to awaken or stimulate questions in as many people as possible, I am satisfied with the results and I thank you all.


An Embrace in Love


P.S. We are seeking WordPress experts… just in case someone want to help.

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