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International Day Of Peace - Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

International Day Of Peace

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

nternational Day Of Peace – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022, has been proclaimed as the “International United Nations Day of Peace”.

Our world certainly is in need of this. Although we should be praying and meditating daily for peace and healing on our planetary home, joining the United Nations in its proclamation is a righteous action.

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Therefore, along with whatever other spiritual rituals that you engage in daily according to your specific path, please recite the following prayer three times tomorrow whenever you can.

For those who pray with and wear prayer malas, please obtain one of Sandalwood, anoint it with Sandalwood oil, and also recite the following mantra on each bead, and then wear the mala throughout the day: “AUM SHANTI AUM” (translation: “Oh, Divine, Peace, Oh Divine”).

The Sanskrit sound of “AUM” is known as the “Pranava” which is defined as “Cosmic Sound”.

It is taught that SOURCE (GOD) pronounced this sound as creation was established.

The complete mantra given above is very calming and healing.

Sandalwood oil is used by many spiritual paths and is spoken of throughout many of the world’s scriptures.

Its ancient Sanskrit name is “Chandan”.

It lowers blood pressure, balances hormones for both males and females, calms the nervous system, and elevates the consciousness during prayer and meditation.

Prayer For World Peace

Oh, Great Spirit, Source Of All That Is Known And Unknown, Thou Who Are Called By Many Holy Names But Who Is Above Them All, We Implore Thee To Pour Forth Upon Our Planet Thy Brightly Shining Light. Envelop Each Aspect Of Thy Creation With Thy Calming, Protective, Healing, Loving, And Joyful Presence.

Continually Shine Within Our Hearts So That We May Glisten Outwardly With Thy Sacred Essence. Allow Each Path—With Their Various Languages— To Lead To Thy Divine Throne Room Door; Allow Us Admittance With Our Individual Golden Keys; And Hear Our Collective Petitions For Peace. We Seek An End To Hatreds; An End To Warfare; An End To Toxic Water, Soil, And Air; An End To Famine; An End To Economic Downturns; An End To Disease; We Seek, Oh Great Spirit, An End To All Disharmony—An End To Crimes Against Thy Entire Creation—In All Ways—Upon This Planet Which Thou Has Originally Created In Beauty.

We Are Grateful For Thy Blessings. We Ask For Thy Mercy. We Ask For Knowledge And The Wisdom To Apply That Knowledge Righteously. We Realize That We Have Been Invested With Free Will, And We Need Thy Guidance In Using It Correctly.

Therefore, We Ask For Thy Intervention In Our Thoughts, Feelings, Words, And Actions.

We Now Humbly Say: Sacred Praises. Sacred Praises. Sacred Praises.”

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More By Dr. Schavi

The Origin Of The Earthly Races – Dr Schavi

The Origin Of The Earthly Races – Dr Schavi

We historians, archeologists, linguists, and scientists of various specific academic fields (only a few of which noted scholars are Dr. Yosef ben-Yochannan, Dr. Ivan Sertima, Dr. George G.M. James, Dr. Asa G. Hillard III, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Iva Carruthers, Dr. Jacob Carruthers, Dr. Nikola Tesla, Dr. Isha Schwaller DeLubitz, and so very many more), often have found ourselves answering questions regarding the origin and development of humanity on what is termed as planet “Earth” or “Gaia” or “Geb” etc. The following is the information that can be confirmed by conducting research via traveling to ancient sites, learning other languages, and studying ancient manuscripts.

Galactic Anchoring – Dr Schavi

Galactic Anchoring – Dr Schavi

Many people are aware of the fact that there are energy grids all over our planet which connect to each other via what are termed “Ley Lines”. The centers of these connected “Ley Lines” are sites which have been deemed as being sacred for many thousands of years because prayer and meditation rituals have been conducted within them, and these places still hold powerful energy which is felt by those who travel to such sites in the current era.

Intense Frequencies! – Dr Schavi

Intense Frequencies! – Dr Schavi

Our planet has received such an enormous amount of LIGHT—profoundly pulsating with brightness and soaring into all creation—that energy levels in human physical vessels have been zapped!

Let’s Talk “Spheres” – Dr Schavi

Let’s Talk “Spheres” – Dr Schavi

The “Ionosphere” is comprised of protons (positively-charged frequencies) of ionization (radiation), and it sits about 50 to 600 miles above the surface of our planet. The “Magnetosphere” (our planet’s magnetic field) sits above the “Ionosphere”.

M2-Class Solar Flare – Dr. Schavi

M2-Class Solar Flare – Dr. Schavi

On Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022, the Sun of our solar system unleashed a powerful “M2-Class” solar flare which blasted forth plasma particles into Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere and caused strong activations within our planet’s core and on its outer surrounding energy fields.

Sitting In The Medicine Circle With The Peace Pipe – Dr Schavi

Sitting In The Medicine Circle With The Peace Pipe – Dr Schavi

In the Indigenous People’s (also called “Native Americans”) communities, there is a spiritual process that involves people sitting together in a circular fashion, having a specific discussion on a necessary topic, coming to an agreement, and then each person taking a smoke from a “Peace Pipe” comprised of certain herbs. This was like creating a “constitution”–an agreement on how a community or nation would be organized and governed.

Cosmic Details Of March 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Details Of March 2022 – Dr Schavi

As has been continually discussed, the LIGHT coming into this galaxy, solar system, and our planet is becoming increasingly stronger almost daily, and this is a preparation for a major cosmic happening that will announce the beginning of the “Dwarpa Yuga” era when approximately one-half (1/2) of the planet’s population will either be already very spiritually elevated or begin the process of spiritual elevation. In the current “Kali Yuga”, only one-fourth (1/4) of the human population is elevated to the Higher Knowledge which will assist others in regeneration, revitalization, and renewal—the “consciousness transfer” mentioned in previous discourses.

Greater Light Frequencies! – March Arrives! – Dr Schavi

Greater Light Frequencies! – March Arrives! – Dr Schavi

There has been no let-up of surges of LIGHT from solar energetics blasting all over our planet. Earth/Gaia is experiencing constant cosmic energetic fluxes in all of “Her” spheres, and the magnetosphere seems to be the most record-keeping of the cosmic dynamics as it receives the potently pulsating LIGHT.

Expect And Welcome More Light! – Dr Schavi

Expect And Welcome More Light! – Dr Schavi

SOURCE is so loving and merciful that whenever circumstances become extraordinarily intense and chaotic upon our planet, an increased intensity of LIGHT is sent for clearing and cleansing of vile situations that are almost beyond being merely disharmonious. In any era of “Kali Yuga” (Sanskrit for “Age of Chaos”), of which there have been many throughout the space/time continuum, warfare is one of its manifestations.

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