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Intention is the Laguage of Self IUD-IL Pleiades-2

Intention is the Laguage of Self

IUD-IL Pleiades-2

Intention is the Laguage of Self. Greetings, Beloved Masters! Today I will tell you a metaphor about intention.

The human being is like a simple application and operates doing or moving things with a communication language that the Higher Self understands. Imagine that you are doing an energetic mirroring to another human being, or even to an animal or a plant. Imagine it is just a pray to improve your or someone else health, or for the energetic improvement of an environment or just to anchor certain energy.

You, beloved human being, do not understand the mechanisms that leads to the completion of these movements, but they do occur anyway. The programming language that the Higher Self understands is the intention. Then the Higher Self, from this intention, makes all the necessary movements for that healing or harmonization to occur.

Connect to the Higher Self IDU-IL Pleiades-2

Connect to the Higher Self IDU-IL Pleiades-2

Intention is the Laguage of Self

It reorganizes the particles of the bodies, brings new particles to interact with those already present, causes some that are standing to be moved, and others removed, all with the simple information that was sent through the intention.

It is pure applied science! It is the highest science, it is the most sophisticated available. Do you really think it would not work because there is no equipment, because it is so simple? You know, simplicity is the highest degree of sophistication!

This is a well known statement. Intention only is enough to move the mechanisms.

Why only intention? Because all the technology, all the information to make this happen is already built-in in the cells, in all beings. There is only one request for everything to happen. My beloved, everyone has all that is needed! But as always, there is doubt whether how this really works! Once you know it, you can give the permission for it to go into your cells. Cognize this information in its particles, and let them do their work, just as you have cognized gravity, you just need to have the intention and the rest of the work will be automatically done, the information is already there!

You do not need to understand the programming language to use an application on a smartphone, you just need the intention of using it and everything will happens. In this case,  there was some programmer who “programmed” all the codes so that the application worked with a simple touch of the screen. What if I said that you yourself “programmed” all the particles of your bodies so that with a simple intention all the movements will happened?

Imagine how exciting it would be if you had an application, an assistant to whom you just ask: Dear app, what’s the best food for me today? And it does simply give you the accurate answer.

Connect to the Higher Self IDU-IL Pleiades-2

Connect to the Higher Self IDU-IL Pleiades-2

Intention is the Laguage of Self

Dear application, what is the best place for me to go today? What is the best decision for this issue? What do I do now? … and all the multitude of questions that may arise!
Connect to the Higher Self IDU-IL Pleiades-2

Intention is the Laguage of Self

You dream about it, don’t you? You already have it. Just use it, allow yourself to use it! It’s yours! Do not be afraid, you cannot break it! You know how to use it, it’s your homebrew! Intention and permission always go together! All the necessary energies are with you already!

Thank you always for your positive intentions!

Intention is the Laguage of Self – IUD-IL (Pleiades 2)

Higher Self

Connect to the Hight Self IUD-IL

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