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Intensive Source Light

Intensive Source Light

The Great “Tutorial” Reminder

Intensive Source Light. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

On Sunday, March 29, 2020, SOURCE LIGHT has strongly intensified and will continue to do so as Earth/Gaia moves further into the spring season in the Northern Hemisphere and the autumn season in the Southern Hemisphere.

Increased solar winds pushing forth plasma waves and subsequent magnetic (inner field) and geomagnetic (outer field) planetary energetics are causing also the increased spinning of our human atoms and molecules, and therefore, a quickening of the crystallization process of deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA, and our transformation to being multi-stranded.

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The opportunity to rise in both individual and collective consciousness in profounder ways is enormous during the current time/space continuum.

Thus, the global pandemic at the 3D level is a springboard for choice: either wallow in fear and trepidation or call forth the courage that crystallized cells now hold.

Earth/Gaia has elevated to a place whereby “She” can now hold a much higher frequency of SOURCE ENERGY and so can we who reside on this planet.

Intensive Source Light - Crystallization of DNA

Crystallization of DNA

Intensive Source Light

Yes, physical, mental, and emotional activations (symptoms of re-birth) will continue, but now they are the potent pulsations of anchoring into the higher set-point of SOURCE LIGHT rather than the cleansings of so much toxicity from both past and current time lines.

SOURCE did not orchestrate the pandemic, but the low vibration of collective consciousness which has existed on Earth/Gaia for so many centuries has exploded into manifestation.

“She” has had enough! So, regardless of how the horrible situation originally developed in its physical form, it has been “allowed” to do so at the 3D level by SOURCE as a major lesson.

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Intensive Source Light - Cintamani Stone

Cintamani Stone

Intensive Source Light

This is why the Violet Light discussed in a previous article is such a vital process (among others) of healing our precious planet.

As we heal “Her”, we heal too, and it is a 5D and above consciousness which can activate this process because that type of consciousness does not cower in fear.

Of course, because we still reside in a 3D set of experiences which requires certain daily responsibilities while we steadily work on continually leveling-up to a higher “Energy of Collective Consciousness” (ECC), the global sheltering-in-place due to the pandemic is an opportunity to be more still, to meditate more, to journal about what we receive in meditation, and to relax the physical vessel so that the reception of increased SOURCE LIGHT is easier to handle.

The Higher Self, which is the Soul, has super-consciousness and immortality and connects to SOURCE like the Great Central Sun connects to the Sun of our Milky Way Galaxy and this Sun sends forth empowerment to Earth/Gaia.

We are poetic metaphors in a “Cosmic Holy Book” that we are actually writing age after age–time line after time line–eon after eon.

Each of us “pens” a verse by the sacred “ink” of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. SOURCE “tutors” us “after school” and corrects us while allowing us to still elevate along with Earth/Gaia.

​However, even the “Cosmic University” has tests. While sheltering-in-place, we can “burn the midnight oil” and “cram” for the final exam which will come in a few months when the planet finally is free of the scourge that is occurring at the 3D level.

Will humanity be more loving? More peaceful? More generous?
Will warfare, greediness, hatred, etc., be things of the past?
Will these times seem like a terrible dream?
What “grade” will the world receive?
Are you “taking copious notes”?
Are you “reading” your “book of life”?
Are you “doing” your “homework”?

You cannot “drop the course”. If you try to do so, you will have to take it again in another time/line. Instead, let us all get ready now for the “graduation” into the “New Golden Age”.

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