INO2 Message from the Pleiadians November 2017

INO2 Message from the Pleiadians

26 November 2017

INO2 Message from the Pleiadians. By Gabriel RL.

The Pleiadians report that a vast amount of resources are being given to the allies on the surface, so that they can now advance more safely on the most important points: financial system, end hunger and cleanliness of the atmosphere.

Very advanced technologies are being delivered, at first, to allies working directly within the Terrestrial Resistance, so that these steps are taken more quickly.

They also report that, as we already know, a vastly advanced technology that will dramatically benefit our way of life is poised for release.

It is necessary to be aware that this will take some time, until everything can be liberated, these liberations are still somewhat tied to the threats of retaliation by the Light resistants, but inevitably that will be eliminated.

They also inform you that a protocol called INO2 is being activated. This protocol will follow a course that will initiate a process of “deprogramming” of super soldiers and agents of cabal forces on the surface.

In many negative military bases, men and women are induced to follow orders of the Illuminati. They are, through torture and psychological blackmail, mastered, and become soldiers programmed by keywords.

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This protocol will begin to deprogram their minds and reintegrate them, again, with their own inner will.

At the very least, they will have more strength to resist the impulses of violence that the programming tries to induce them.

The Pleiadians request that meditations be made to support the protocol and streamline these processes as quickly as possible.

They also say that the reverberation of the deliveries of the Isles is creating powerful vortices all over the country (Brazil) and that they are rapidly spreading around the planet in order to inspire souls from all over the world to turn inward in search of their divine qualities and, with them, express themselves in these times of transformation and elevation.

They again emphasize the need for these messages to be spread to as many people as possible in order to create a powerful unstoppable critical mass.

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They also say that the forces opposed to this movement are still trying to retaliate, especially to the channelers, for being the channel to bring this information out.

Of course, they will have all the support and protection needed, they say.

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