Increased Light Of The Equinoxes - Dr Schavi

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As Earth/Gaia has experienced the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (the entrance of the spring and autumn seasons), there is also an intensification of cosmic SOURCE LIGHT which further activates DNA strands with increased light and sound frequencies.

Our molecules continue to spin and sparkle and all other parts of our physical vessel, emotive responses, thoughts, and even spiritual experiences become more pronounced.

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Even though heat surges from what seems to be an inner furnace or cold waves happen in a seemingly too-cool personal air conditioner or nightly sleep is eluding or twinges of pain arise in joints and muscles or sudden anxiety tugs at our nervous system or fatigue causes us to move like we are treading through mud—still, we are creative, hopeful about the future, feel love and compassion for others and for our furry friends.

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes - Dimensional Shift - Cat
Dimensional Shift – Credit Irina Garmashova

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes

Many are learning new spiritual rituals which enfold them in calming sacred waters of wellness, protection, and prosperity.

Knowledge of the past is seen as a stepping stone to the future, and realizations of what was wonderful and also of what was harmful are realized as new ways of approaching life on Earth/Gaia are actualized.

Charkas come into alignment with SOURCE, and our desire to elevate beyond the confines of only a material focus occur.

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As the weather above and below the Equator gradually changes into either the warmer (Northern Hemisphere) or the cooler (Southern Hemisphere) temperatures, plant life is colored in natural hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and purple—reminders of the traditional ancient chakra teachings as the muscles, glands, tissues, cells , etc. of each one are adjusted and activated.

As “Light Activation Symptoms” (LAS) continue to be expressed, we are becoming wiser in ways in which to nurture ourselves as we ride the waves towards “re-birth”.

There are varying types of LAS being experienced.

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes - Light Activation Symptoms
Light Activation Symptoms

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes

However, there are particular substances and techniques that everyone can receive benefit from regardless of the specific LAS that is occurring at a given time frame.

Here are the reminders:

1.) Take two drops under the tongue four times daily of “Rescue Remedy” by Bach Flowers to be calm and feel safe.

2.) Drink lots of spring water with lemon to keep the cells alkalized and to gain energy.

3.) Yogic breathing (take a deep inhalation, and push out the solar plexus and abdomen; hold for a few seconds; then breathe out slowly and calmly through a slightly open mouth). Repeat at least three times and more if necessary to achieve tranquility.

4.) Take walks in Nature, and/or perform Yoga asanas or Tai Chi movements.

5.) Even if sleep is evasive at night, just rest and listen to soft music or read spiritual literature. If possible, take a nap during the day if necessary. Many businesses are realizing that short 15 to 20–minute naps help both administrators and employees to be refreshed.

6.) Write in a journal about experiences as cosmic energetics steadily unfold their vibrations. Be creative. Make a journal rather than purchasing one. Title it. Consider making each entry a letter to an “Ascended Master” or an “Archangel” or just address each entry to your Higher Self.

7.) Share with others (*) of like-consciousness (and super-consciousness) what you are experiencing so that you do not feel alone in your journey. Remember, we are all transforming to Higher Beings and are Cosmic Citizens.

8.) Recite the calming, healing, protective mantra “AUM” aloud slowly whenever desired. It is known as the “Pranava” or “Cosmic Sound”, and it begins and ends many other mantras of which there are thousands throughout the ancient Vedic scriptures. You may desire to recite it on each bead of a prayer mala and wear the mala daily. A mala develops a vibrational frequency the more that it is chanted on by the owner and worn. You are then wrapped in a cocoon of peace, health, and love.

9.) Pray and meditate daily according to your preferred path as incense wafts and as a candle flickers in a special place which you have created for your communion with SOURCE.

10.) Wear calming, peaceful, cooling healing colors instead of hot colors which stir-up the nervous system. The recommended colors are in the blue, purple, and green families as well as white and pink.

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes - Lotus Flower Of Life
Lotus Flower Of Life

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes

As has been discussed previously, SOURCE LIGHT will constantly become stronger as Earth/Gaia is cleared. cleansed, and illuminated.

This is happening throughout the galaxy. We are journeying with “Her” to higher places in the cosmos and becoming more “Light-Activated”.

There may be challenges along the way; however, like the beautiful lotus flower which grows in muddy ponds but which stretches forth its gorgeous colorful petals each dawn, let us remember this mantra: “AUM MANI PADME HUM” which translates as “HAIL TO THE JEWEL IN THE LOTUS!” The “jewel” is our Higher Self, our Soul—SOURCE zooming LIGHT into us and around us.

All is well.

Your Journal

Increased Light Of The Equinoxes

For those who intend to share their notes we would like to make available a dedicated section, Your Journal.

Just send us your scripts via email or contact form and we will publish them daily, anonymously or with the name depending on your instructions.

And don’t forget the title!

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The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement! – Dr Schavi

Because we are endeavoring to assist as many persons as possible in elevating higher in these intense energies of the Earth/Gaia experience, I and other “Lightbringers” (“Spiritual Scientists”, “Acharyas”, “Gurus”, “Vibrational Healers”, “Cosmic Scientists”, etc.) around the planet have decided to orchestrate what we are calling “THE MANTRA MOVEMENT”, and we are inviting all those who are desirous of experiencing a planet of LOVE, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, JOY, WISDOM, and continual connection to SOURCE to join us and to share this invitation with others.

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

Lion’s Roar And The Full Moon

The “Lion’s Gate” opens each year when the Sun moves into the sign of Leo in the Tropical Zodiac which this year of 2021 is Thursday, July 22nd, and it closes on August 23rd when the Sun moves on into the sign of Virgo (again, Tropical Zodiac). Thus, the “Lion’s Gate” is not a one-day event of August 8th as many people claim as they focus upon what is termed the “8/8” portal because of August being the 8th month of a 12-month year, and the 8th day of that month being also a focused date.

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“Sidereal/Vedic Jyotish” (“Knowledge of Godly Light”) is taught within the ancient Vedic scriptures and are messages of events that definitely will and that also can only potentially be experienced by creation—the word “potentially” suggesting that the condition of a person’s or of the collective’s consciousness governs what is attracted.

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

The Continual Symphony – Dr Schavi

In this new “Now”, whether cosmic events are of a low or high vibration, we are receiving SOURCE LIGHT from beyond what humanity can calculate with its sophisticated devices.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! – Dr Schavi

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! – Dr Schavi

The “Milky Way Galaxy” has been calculated by scientific research over many time frames to be situated at between 27 and 28 degrees of the constellation of “Sagittarius A”—the GALACTIC CENTER (GC). This “Milky Way Galaxy” is approximately 13 to 15 billion years of age and contains about 100 billion stars.

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