In The Storm Eye - New Galactic Ops. Part 23

In The Storm Eye

New Galactic Ops Part 23

The Great Quantum Transition

In The Storm Eye – New Galactic Ops. Part 23 – By Lev On June 16th, at 08:10 AM, and on June 17th, 2021 at 08:28 AM CET, there is a new update about the operation of Earth relocation to a new 5D vibrational orbit.

Ships involved in the transportation entered another zone of high danger – the powerful quantum radiation from the Galaxy’s center.

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In The Storm Eye - Quantum Flows
Quantum Flows

In The Storm Eye

Spacecraft crews have been ordered to monitor their well-being. On the Subtle Plane near the North Pole, Galactic Committee reduced quantum impact on the pole discs, the separators that eject streams of concentrated plasma from the planet’s inner worlds.

The two tracking stations on the Moon in 22D are recommended to remove distortions on the monitors from quantum emissions into the field formed by the Earth’s orbital rotation.

This field’s plane works like a huge parabolic antenna, receiving now a large stream of quantum waves with new 5D programs and codes.

In The Storm Eye - Earth Ecliptic Plane
Earth’s Ecliptic Plane

In The Storm Eye

A sphere of red energy ERMA is reinforced around the planet.

Normally, a space object is placed in this “package” when it is transported to another destination.

The 25D Argorians’ traueleventator which is towing the Earth into a new vibes orbit can move not only planets but even stars as well.

Incoming quantum currents have hard parameters. This, plus the increase of the star Oryx radiation creates a strong ultraviolet effect on earthlings, can reduce immunity, and in mentally unstable people – cause a brain failure.


Seismic activity, anomalies will rise, Argorians warn. It is necessary to reduce the risk of tech disasters to a minimum.

Continues the dissipation of energy brought into the inner worlds of the planet to materialize new life forms. This is signaled by the crop circle (below).

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In The Storm Eye - Crop Circle
Crop Circle

In The Storm Eye

The events of recent days add details to this information.

Every day, due to dozens of earthquakes, the planet continues to shake in small and medium shakes.

In all Power Places, and all anomalous points, red flashes of energy appear.

Polar discs are in constant tension. They are slowly shifting and pulling on the Earth’s rotation axis.

The magnetic axis is constantly moving.

It, like a compass needle in the anomalous zone, moves sharply from north to south, then back and makes movements to the east and south-east.

In The Storm Eye - Magnetic Pole Movement
Magnetic Pole Movement

In The Storm Eye

Such abrupt shifts affect the entire state of matter and consciousness, not only of people but of the planet itself.

Because of the misconception of gravity as a force of attraction, scientists still do not understand why gravity is not the same at different points on the planet.

But if they perceived gravity as Gaia’s consciousness, then it should be different. Even in the human body, for example, the liver, kidneys, and heart have different consciousness because they perform different functions.

So too, the planet has points of different consciousness, of which we are an integral part. Humanity is designed to nurture Gaia’s intelligence. The higher is the society’s intelligence, the higher is Earth’s intelligence and consciousness.

In The Storm Eye - Planet Intelligence
Planet’s Intelligence

In The Storm Eye

Today, the System is doing everything it can to keep the population as low as possible, so that the desire for knowledge, for Spiritual development, for the Source is minimal. But the pursuit of wealth, money, and pleasure is enormous. This is an abnormal state of society.

It is one of the reasons for increased suicides. These Souls will no longer incarnate but will go to splitting.

Changing the 3D Hologram and Matrix is a complicated process. It requires a lot of energy and time. Old structures are gradually rolled back and removed, and new ones are brought in and unfolded.

Removing The Dark Legacy - Earth's 5D Hologram
Earth’s 5D Hologram

In The Storm Eye

At such times, chaos and disorder are inevitable, like renovating an apartment.

Everything is there but it’s hard to find what is needed at once.

To harmonize the planetary situation, the Galactic Committee softens the Earth Crystal’s radiation to the cortical layer of the planet.

Crystal works on force fields, launching new programs of matter development. It also forms vector rays. This system functions on red, pink, and yellow energies.

Crystal creates a sphere of force fields from the green, lettuce, and yellow energies. The sphere has the protection of white and cherry-colored energies based on a lilac-colored platform.

The platform is bounded horizontally by cherry-colored energy, vertically by red energy.

The force structure of the platform emits purple energy. It is brought into the Hologram’s sector of the three-dimensional world which is bounded by green and white energies.

What functions does this whole system perform now?

The crystal works on three energies – ERMA, SLAGO, AND FERIS.

The red ERMA creates the 5D Matrix, its energy structures, and matter;

In The Storm Eye - Earth Crystal
Earth’s Crystal

In The Storm Eye

Operation Compression - Erma Energy
Erma Energy

In The Storm Eye

The pink SLAGO transforms the information field of space. The old field gradually shrinks and is removed as a blob of info energy. It will still come in handy on planets of the 3D worlds that are many in Greater Cosmos;

The yellow FERIS forms the Earth’s signal system, emitting streams of spent plasma. This emitter not only protects the planet but also removes from it the spent energy that prevents the further development of civilization.

Force-field sphere operates on the following energies:

The yellow FERIS – see above;

In The Storm Eye - Ferris Energy
Ferris Energy

In The Storm Eye

The green FEASK stabilizes all processes related to Intelligence plasma, pulses, and fluctuations of magnetic fields, as well as climate;

The salmon FEARO stimulates the development of new thinking;

Force-field sphere has protection made of energies:

The cherry or dark red MYROSSA, treats the upper atmosphere through the emission of geopathogenic zones.

In The Storm Eye - Myrossa Energy
Myrossa Energy

In The Storm Eye

The white SLEMO in the beam form combines the full spectrum and corrects the work of the entire system. The white beam plays the role of protection and simultaneously synchronizes the op of the entire Crystal system.

By the lilac GLEZIS energy’s platform, Intelligence l-gamma particles are compacted in space, folding into energy structures.

The platform is limited by the red ERMA and the cherry MYROSSA energies. As noted above, ERMA forms a power field around certain objects and space and holds them stable.

The platform power structure emits GRASIMO violet energy which synthesizes plasma and neutralizes negative phenomena and impurities. It cleanses the space and diverts all unnecessary energy flows at the moment.

In The Storm Eye - Grasimo Energy

Grasimo Energy

In The Storm Eye

The three-dimensional world Hologram is surrounded by green FEASK, white SLEMO, and dark green ARTREM energies.

Space around the planet still is highly stressed. The Quasitron, formed by the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea, and the Mediterranean, has increased the flow of cosmic energy to the Earth. Quasitron space is actively pulsating, shrinking, and expanding.

Vital energy and matter enter a new Time spin that corresponds to the 5D programs. The Souls’ transportation through the Bermuda Triangle is under the influence of hurricane vortices that occur everywhere.

In The Storm Eye - Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

In The Storm Eye

The flows of vibrational energy emitted by the planetary Crystal via the pyramids have a strong impact on the mountain massifs. At any moment destructive earthquakes are possible there. Many pyramids are of natural origin, and their work is extremely necessary today.

5D Hologram is being built before our eyes. The programs that were imposed on the planet by the Black Archons are taken away. Their trace is still clearly visible in all the Subtle structures of the 3D Matrix.

After its removal, the Darkis’ programs will also disappear, and, as a consequence, the next incarnations of these entities on Earth with their aggressiveness and desire to be the sole ruler and owner of the world.

In The Storm Eye - Pyramids Radiation

Pyramids’ Radiation

In The Storm Eye

Only for a while will the astral be present on the planet, until it is removed on the Subtle Plane by the drawing energy systems of the fourth dimension.

The process laid down in the 5D Hologram to cleanse and change the planet is running at full speed, and it can no longer be stopped. Solar plasma prominences together with emissions from the Earth’s inner layers demonstrate the wonders of Nature. Unusual polar lights, weather anomalies…

The planet’s axis shift goes on very slowly and smoothly but still causes severe floods, heavy rainfall, landslides, volcanic activity, tsunamis, and tornadoes.

More and more geopathogenic zones are opened, volcanoes are activated, and the atmosphere’s composition is changing.

Many of us who should help ourselves and the planet in this period, instead go to extremes and do things that are completely inconsistent with Gaia’s state.

This is how the pink-red with blue sparks GREMO energy acts – the cosmic energy of Love which triggers the expansion of consciousness.

Under its impact, many people feel dizzy, weak, and even nauseous. They sway from side to side and experience short-term memory lapses. There are pains in various parts of the body and organs.

In The Storm Eye - Solar Prominences
Solar Prominences

In The Storm Eye

But otherwise, it is impossible to fully cleanse the organisms. Activation of a brain’s node emitting the radiant energy of Intelligence l-gamma particles in the human brain causes very violent reactions in every organism.

This radiant energy emitted by the planet’s core is primarily perceived by plants. With them it is transmitted further to the animal world and us, helping to follow the path of Spiritual development.

Medicine takes pictures of the brain, sees density or changes in the cerebellar center, and diagnoses it as a stroke, cyst, or something close to that.

Pleiadians Factor - GREMO Energy
Gremo Energy

In The Storm Eye

Prevention and treatment help few because conventional medicine does not understand the nature of this, as it believes, pathology.

This, of course, is not pathology or anomaly but a natural process that is initiated by the Earth. And with time, the body itself will change. Some don’t even feel it and think that everything is fine with them.

A man was born on this planet to become useful to Gaia, to be part of her consciousness which by passing information through her can develop an individual mind.

In The Storm Eye - Brain Densities
Brain’s Densities

In The Storm Eye

And Gaia, having got a piece of our Intelligence, will add it up to general planetary Intelligence. And will pass it on to other civilizations in the Greater Cosmos, returning her debt to them for their assistance.

In The Storm Eye - Gaia Consciousness
Gaia’s Consciousness

In The Storm Eye

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Israel Light Forces Ops – The Great Quantum Transition

The main problem of the Black Archons was and still is the inability to create a viable human. To maintain their power on the planet, they need a Homo sapiens that exists by generating its life energy, and not parasitizing, as they do, on the vital power of others.
For hundreds of thousands of years, the Dark Hierarchs have been experimenting with the human genome. They changed their structure. Made animal and vegetable inserts into it. Blocked 10 of the 12 strands of DNA to cut it off the Source’s energy. Created a lot of hybrids. It will take a long time to list all gruesome experiments…

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The Light Forces Ops England And Scotland – Part 2

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England And Scotland Operations – Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition

England And Scotland Operations – Part 1 – Great Quantum Transition

The operation began in London. Already in Calais, France, the team encountered a powerful energy barrier. It was a real barrage of the karmic fence. Strong undulating injection of vibrations. One of the team members was incarnated in England during the time of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. This was a key factor in the entire operation. By the decision of the Karma Lords in our Local Universe, he was assigned to annihilate some of the negative energy of the English egregor accumulated at that time.

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

The Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 2

Why was Alexandria chosen for the Light Forces ground team’s operation in Egypt? Initially, the projection of this territory (with localization on the island of Pharos) coincided with a Single Information Portal of our planet. There were an information transit server and a control room for the global information exchange of the Earth Logos with the entire Cosmos. A sort of government communication link, a point of direct access to the Galactic Logos Information Database.

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

Light Forces Ops In Egypt – Part 1

The Light Forces’ ground team conducted an important campaign in Egypt. It consisted of several operations and stages. Its task was to destroy the energy infrastructure of the Dark Hierarchs on the Subtle Plane, clear, restore and restart the Portals they had captured, and eliminate the channels of energy supply of the Demonic Worlds in the Local Universe at the expense of and through Earth. Our planet is the 606th inhabited world located in one of the Constellations of the Local System. There are one hundred Local Systems in each Constellation. And the entire Local Universe includes one hundred Constellations.

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Black Archons Matrix – Great Quantum Transition Part 4

Operation the Great Quantum Transition is progressing successfully on all fronts. For all the importance of battles on Earth and the Solar system, the decisive events for the entire Local Universe are now taking place on the Subtle Planes. Here is the latest information coming through a Single Hierarchical Channel. The Higher Light Hierarchy is preparing an upgraded field of the New Earth 3D. It syncs and links with the fields of Earth 4D and 5D, forming a Single Reality of Earth 3-4-5D.

The Battle For Human Souls – Great Quantum Transition Part 3

The Battle For Human Souls – Great Quantum Transition Part 3

The Dark Hierarchy knows all about The Great Quantum Transition, Galactic Rehabilitation 2020, and other Light Forces operations. The DFs realize that they will soon be purged from the entire Local Universe, where they have already lost the space war. Earth has remained the only line of defense for the DFs, where they are trying to hold all of humanity as hostages.

The Great Quantum Transition – Part 2

The Great Quantum Transition – Part 2

The scale of the operation for the Great Quantum Transition is enormous and covers the entire Local Universe. It includes 70,000,000 Constellations, each Constellation is made up of 7,000,000,000 Local Systems, in each Local System there are 7,000,000,000,000 habitable planets.

The Transition is complicated by the fact that in this Universe the influence of the Demonic Worlds is great – 66.6% of Darkness against 33.3% of Light (see DNI, The Great Quantum Transition – The Light Forces Operations, 24 August 2020). There is a lot of work to do to clean up Dark Forces.

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