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The Great Quantum Transition - In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

In Full Swing

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D –  By Lev


Yang Bao and Guan Yin’s 33% ‘Get out of Jail’ card having been played (Ops in Sri Lanka, Part 2, DNI, 21 March 2024), will “Live Portals” be feeling any alteration in the Collective energy soup in/out there? Lately, I’ve mostly been weeping a lot, for no apparent reason… Sometimes, old memories simply pop up to be viewed once again (and I’m not one to dwell on memories, or the past), but it’s weirdly like looking at single frame photos…


23/03/2024 at 15:36, In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D

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It’s more complicated than that, Janet. The grave condition was most likely caused by a series of new operations, which Co-creators started on the Subtle Plane on February 29, when they and the ground team began to pull together the leap-year’s (bissextile) information karma. It’s a negative info fields, accumulated in the NAA’s planetary Logos and their Dark and Grey civilizations, which they spewed out on Earth for millennia. This was easy for them, because after its capture, they changed the tilt of the planet’s rotation axis so that the precession vector energetically crossed their parasitic worlds and served as dumping channel.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Dumping


In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The most intense discharge of their toxic mental substance on earthlings through this conduit occurred in bissextile years, and especially on 29 February, due to the unique planets and constellations’ configuration on that day. This time, Co-Creators didn’t let them do it. On the Subtle Plane, a fierce battle unfolded, in which both sides actively used stelliums’ radiation, focusing on people. How it went?

05:32 AM GMT Moon in Scorpio square Pluto in Aquarius generated a very strong streams that affected, through the Night Luminary in the water sign, the men’s perception of the world and society, and via Pluto in the air sign, transformation, purification, destruction and rebirth. Together, these rays had a huge power, which, like a colossal amplifier, increased the potential of everything it touched and accelerated the achievement of results.

Darks and Greys used low and ultra-low vibrations of this spectrum to grip earthlings more tightly in a submissive animal state, control them through local wars and conflicts, sowing hatred and aggression (especially in Europe, Middle East and Africa) through the media. For their part, Co-Creators and Lightwarriors, on the contrary, applied high harmonic frequencies to awaken from fears and apathy as many people as possible, increase their willpower, desire for transformation. In this register, Pluto’s radiation acted as “I see a goal and see no obstacles”, which helped many to reach a new level of consciousness, and feel that it gives endless possibilities.

06:16 AM GMT Moon in Scorpio semi-square Lilith in Virgo formed the aspect that NAA made the main bet on that day. Recall that Lilith is not a planet, but the farthest point of the lunar orbit. The Black Moon has no mass, cannot generate its own energy, and only serves as its conductor from other planets, acting on their emitted streams. This is an eternally hungry, insatiable vampire, a funnel that absorbs someone else’s power, changing its properties. It’s not able to shape events, but creates a strong psycho-emotional background, unlocks the depths of each person’s subconscious.

DNit Telegram Channel


For NAA, the Black Moon is an ideal tool to run earthlings. Its radiation increases scare, doubts, negative complexes and blocks, and provokes evil deeds, of which the person himself becomes a victim, completely loosing self-control, moral principles and demonstrating the most base and vicious character traits. An insane desire to rule arises in him, to manipulate the minds and emotions of people, to lead the crowd, playing on its animal instincts.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To Run Earthlings

To Run Earthlings

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Controlling others’ emotions and consciousness under the influence of Lilith, he himself turns into the same vampire, and doesn’t even understand the motives of own actions. Very quickly, he turns into prey of stronger predators, obediently follows a path determined by them, becomes a member of their sects and secret societies, which completely break him down. He experiences impotence and emptiness, fear of the world, which he can’t change, and therefore takes it as hostile and frightening.

Co-Creators used the Lilith’s transit in conjunction with the Moon in a completely different way. They directed the high vibrations of this stellium to change the mass consciousness in a positive way, helped people to see many new opportunities, to free their inner potential. At this octave, the radiations reveal unique talents and the ability to benefit from the most negative events. These high-frequency energies, like a litmus test, showed how pure Souls are, and everyone’s readiness to withstand tough situations, of which there were especially many on 29 February.

08:34 AM GMT Moon in Scorpio bi-quintile Neptune in Pisces formed an aspect that NAA and Co-Creators also put on in their mode. Darks exploited its lowest vibes to suppress the will of people, to make them passive, unable to defend their rights, even for the sake of own survival. On this day, the craving for alcohol, drugs, any escapism from reality was especially actively incited in order to forget about problems with the help of different stims.

The Supreme Light Forces used the high freqs of bi-quintile as an environmental harmonizer to enhance the Spirituality of earthlings, improve social relations and contacts, creative realization, readiness for changes and active involvement in them. This helped people to extinguish many conflicts and avoid confrontation in many places, and to aid of the needy.

09:53 AM GMT Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Taurus in low-vibes’ spectrum helped NAA to sow evil in all forms and manifestations – hate, aggression, rudeness and cruelty to people and all living things. Co-Creators fended off the Dark’s attempts by high frequencies of stellium, filling active and harmonious men with optimism and faith in their strengths and capabilities to achieve any positive goals. The sextile’s energies increased the thought power and the ability to see the entire picture on a planetary and cosmic scale, and actively participate in the events, fully understanding the depth and importance of what is happening.

02:17 PM GMT Venus in Aquarius sextile North Lunar Node in Aries actually ensured the success of Co-Creators in the battle of this day. The stellium’s strong positive energies left Dracos and the Repts no chance. The symbiosis of the Morning Star’s radiation in the air sign and the ascending Node in the fire sign helped Co-Creators to build a powerful field around Earth, and NAA couldn’t penetrate this shield. Under its protection, earthlings could show their best: striving for freedom, independence, friendliness, and willingness to accomplish high goals.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Shield


In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

In the highest octave, the Venus’ energies in Aquarius strengthened a positive perception of the world, and the Moon’s vibes in a bright and dynamic Aries energized the men’s optimism, joy and love for life and the entire world. This stellium saturated with harmony, awakened the need to act here and now, to defend people against any injustice.

10:51 PM GMT Moon in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces still gave Darks hope to hold on to an elusive victory. Indeed, at low frequencies, this aspect deprives of empathy and compassion, increases cruelty and unwillingness to love anyone, apathy and depression, pessimism and hopelessness. In this spectrum, stellium’s energies create negative events and scenarios in men’s lives, make them vindictive and fixed only on destructive emotions. They aggravate fear and rejection of the new, inability to let go of resentments, the past, and people, fill relationships with constant quarrels, claims and conflicts.

But the Light Forces didn’t allow NAA to play this card. For this, Co-Creators used the Scorpio’s high energies in the water sign, which, together with the lunar vibrations, increased people’s positive emotions and receptivity. A favorable factor was the radiation of Mars (the ruler of Scorpio) that enhanced the determination and firmness of character, courage and perseverance of harmonious people. Saturn in Pisces reinvigorated Spirituality, the ability to accept supreme values, and take any Co-Creators’ info, as perception became very flexible. On an inner deep level, it helped to realize the new reality, to show the best character traits – high morality, passion, and see everything from the Source’s positions passed through self.

Such was the battle on 29 February. The operation didn’t end there. Taking advantage of the situation, Co-Creators, without slowing down, immediately started shrinking to a point and removing from Earth the destructive information substance of the entire Kali Yuga era. For Lightwarriors, it was a surprise, but they immediately took part in the op, although energetically and psychologically endured much harder and more traumatic the contact with this highly toxic energy.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Kali Yuga Legacy

Kali Yuga Legacy

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

On 8 March, the first part of this work was completed. A significant amount of Kali Yuga’s info-field and its systemic data was processed into a neutral substance. Once again, it was confirmed that Man, as a Highest Multidimensional Entity, has tremendous power to correct and transform the entire Universe in all its manifestations.

From the same day, through the Solar Portal, more intense streams started entering on our planet. This time, it was thousands of mental energies of the highest and mightiest freqs that the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs and Dominae emitted. Thus, they began preps for loading during the spring equinox on 20-23 March into the Earth’s Causal Matrix a new scenario of world events for the next three months. Why were their mental energies used for this?

The reasons lie in the Earth’s distant past. The first human civilizations were an active living part of the multidimensional Source’s field. It formed exactly the same multidimensional genetics, consciousness, common language and writing of earthlings, their perception, and all 12 energy Matrices of the planet as an integral parts of One’s fractal, its chrono- and info-energy flows. But after one of the Co-Creators betrayed It, and, turning to the Dark Side, began to build his part of the Local Universe, the situation in it and on Earth sharply worsened. The unified info-energy field was broken, and a significant share of its flows started serving only the Dark and Gray eons.

The era of the last Kali Yuga with its numerous space wars was especially tragic for our planet. Before the invasion of our planet, NAA inflicted precisely timed devastating point blows on its Matrices, destroying their single structure. Then, they separated and completely isolated 3D Earth, and turned it into one of their strongholds in the Local Universe.

This led to horrific consequences – drastic changes in the spatial formula, distortion of the common info-field and human multidimensional genetics, which previously interacted with all Matrices and, through them, with the Source. Now, the unity was severed. The One’s chrono- and data flows bypassed the planet, barely seeping at hexagonal angles on encapsulated 3D Earth. It became a completely enslaved little world, inside which a mutilated human life continued, devoured by parasites.

Previously, earthlings had 24 wave and 24 physical DNA helices, and communicated in common world language, verbal and written. By words, based on thousands of combinations of high frequencies and the multidimensional images they create, people easily took and comprehended the multi-faceted Source’s info that passed through their genes receptors.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Via Genes Receptors

Via Genes Receptors

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

After the NAA cut off One’s data stream to Earth and left only two physical DNA helices working, men genetically stopped hearing and understanding the Creator, couldn’t speak and write in the former multidimensional language, and lost ability to adequately unfold and take One’s symbols-images. It was comparable to the mass insanity of mankind, because the former linguo-blocks did not cause previous frequency fluctuations in the info-field, and visuality did not spread from one person to another. The former multidimensional consciousness and perception did not work anymore.

In order for earthlings to adapt to the distorted information space and somehow communicate with each other, the new Masters have fragmented the former common language into many dialects and character sets. Alphabets and phonetic constructions turned from multidimensional and figurative into flat and substantive ones, continuing the splitting the unified tongue’s Matrix into innumerable primitive parlances. People were moving further away from each other, becoming more and more divided by types of thinking and info taking.

Darks favored it in every possible way, concocting many ideologies, political and religious movements, subjugating the entire educational, scientific, cultural, social and personal spheres. Until recently, this distorted information space served the 3D and Power Pyramid System perfectly. Only short bursts of truthful info gave an emotional boost. But, as a rule, this truth was instantly diluted by mudslinging and other mind control’s tools, plunging people into hibernation, apathy and unwillingness to change anything in their lives.

This has become a serious problem for Co-Creators. Disclosure News narrated a lot and in great detail about their successes in cleansing and rebuilding Earth on the Subtle Plane. Regretfully, on a psycho-emotional level, many earthlings are far behind this transformation, causing not only personal, but also systemic issues. Today, this is the main obstacle to the Transition into 5D. That is why, starting on 8 March, Co-Creators began a more intensive and rigorous cleaning of the people and planet’s mental field through Solar Portal.

In Full Swing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Trough Solar Portal

Trough Solar Portal

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D

This time, the removal of information and system data of the Kali Yuga era is carried out through ALL EARTHLINGS who are forced to act as collective annihilating reactor. Individual psychic energy is the fuel for it, and many barely withstand this operation. The propulsive flows of the Co-Creators’ mental energies are so intense that they significantly impacted on the stellium’s radiations that Disclosure News described earlier (see – March Rays, DNI, 21 February 2024). In a chain reaction, they caused sharp jumps of Solar activity and Schumann Resonance, increased geomagnetic storms, which also affected our well-being in the last weeks of March. But the extreme situation helped Co-Creators successfully upload into the new, 5D Matrix the scenario of events for the next three months.

Of course, this won’t solve all the problems yet, and there is a lot of hard work ahead. On 15 March, this was warned by the former Black Co-Creator, who returned to the Light Side. Now, He is the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarch and destroying everything created by Him in the Local Universe and on Earth, where the NAA has reanimated and actively use His former demonic aspects. And this war is in full swing.

More By Lev

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There will be a shifting of the poles. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and the Antarctic that will make fotr the eruption of volcanos in the Torrid areas... The upper portion of Europe will be changed in the blink of an eye. The earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea.

Edgar Cayce

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