In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Lev

In And Out Of Matrix

Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix

The Great Quantum Transition

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2: Out Of The Black Archons’ Matrix. By Lev.

Archons are low-vibrating entities that often take the form of thought-forms. When they move into a person with the same freqs’ emotions and thinking, they completely take over his/her consciousness and behavior.

They give their victim, their creative imagination, the freedom to choose what they create, think, and say. But always within the strict limits of the Archons’ needs.

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In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Archons


In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

Archontic infection begins when the parasite lowers a person’s vibration for locking in the astral plane. There the parasites can much easier to influence and control.

They can use drugs, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals to bend people’s free will. After that, the negative entity can suck energy from the solar plexus.

Anyone who tries to get rid of an Archonic infection or addiction quickly becomes paranoid and angry with other people. Many addicts and heroin users often see these parasites as demons around them.

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Archons can combine their toxic vibrations with human ones to strengthen the negative emotional and mental attitudes. They distort the human mental body, which directly affects thinking. They make people sink deep to the bottom of the lowest thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The programmed mind begins to believe that these thoughts are its own. Then it empowers them and thus creates the reality that the Archonic entity needs.

These parasites, which Lightworkers see as black slugs in people’s bodies, usually enter them through a black hole in the center of the solar plexus chakra.

Then grow and infect the rest of the chakric system in a severe case.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - New Reality

New Reality

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

They can infect any or all of the chakras and send tendrils into the meridian system. They can be felt all over the body but they are hosted mainly in the solar plexus chakra.

Why they always came in through the solar plexus?

It is a place of a person’s ego, feeling of self-doubt, and shame. In such a mood, one feels like it has been punched in the stomach and that feeling is the solar plexus splitting.

As an adult, a man may have no memory of this shame or remember the first time felt shame and it split the chakra. However, it is still there keeping the solar plexus in a vulnerable state, prone to splitting more when something happens in adult life which causes to feel self-doubt which is an adult version of child shame.

The cause in adult life is only a trigger. It triggers the solar plexus to remember the original wound of shame and this splits the chakra.

Archons’ nesting in the throat chakra is also highly infected. A parasite in this center person can feel like being suffocated, unable to speak or swallow, nauseous, and dizzy.

The brow center is the place where nearly everyone to one degree or another is infected.

Starting with these chakras, the Archons then completely infect the person and eventually eat his Subtle Bodies.

Parasites use us against ourselves. They can read our innermost desires and thoughts. Use dormant negative trends. Lock ourselves in negative thinking for the rest of life to feed on these emanations.

They work hand in hand with the control 3D Matrix. The patterns of behavior and lifestyle that it introduces only fuel them even more.

How one can find out about an Archonic infection? Here are some of the symptoms listed by experienced Lightworkers.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Archon

Partial Infection – In And Out Of Matrix

  • Do you suddenly feel tired like it has come from nowhere, one minute you are energized, and the next minute you feel like you could easily crawl into your bed?
  • Do you suddenly feel heavy or have a dense feeling of worry, especially in the solar plexus?
  • Do you suddenly feel heavy or have a dense feeling of worry, especially in the solar plexus?
  • Do you suddenly have very negative thoughts about yourself that pull you into a deep depression? Do you get easily pulled into doubt, especially when you have meditated on higher energies or are having a special and joyful experience guided by your soul?
  • Do you feel hopeless as if everything you do is futile, especially those of you working in Lightworker professions like your work is no good?
  • Do you start questioning yourself and your abilities, do you start analyzing yourself as if you are a cold and ruthless psychiatrist?
  • Do you feel like giving up, do you feel suicidal?
  • Do you have old issues that you thought you had healed resurface?
In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Archon

Full-Blown Infection – In And Out Of Matrix

  • Do you think someone is psychically attacking you, do you feel a bad feeling in the solar plexus, do you look for the person attacking you, do you judge your friends for the attack?
  • Do you see everyone in their ego when all the time you are in yours? Do you become angry, arrogant towards other people who are standing in the light of their soul, yet you see it as them as being in their ego? Is ego a dirty word for you?
  • Do you think your spiritual path is the only correct one there is, do you feel empowered to chastise others for walking another path?
  • Do you psychoanalyze and blame others for things you are doing yourself? Do you step over other people’s boundaries and insist on telling them all that is wrong with them, when you have not been permitted to do so?
  • Do you think you have to save everyone from themselves, not honoring that they know their way for themselves?
  • Are you part of a spiritually-minded group and feel you are somehow better than they are, are you always picking one person out of the group to isolate them?
  • Are you often instrumental in the collapse of intimate groups?
  • Do you blame everyone but yourself imaging all sorts of wrongdoings?
In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Archon

Signs – In And Out Of Matrix

Signs of someone around you being infected and actively living the Archonic agenda to get at you. Often when we are free of this influence, they will choose someone close to us to do their bidding for them.

  • Are you suddenly under personal attacks from someone who you considered close to your heart?
  • Does that person suddenly turn on you and accuse you of things you simply do not do?
  • Are you suddenly blamed for all sorts of imaging misdemeanors?
  • Are you suddenly under the influence of a hate campaign?
  • Do you suddenly find yourself isolated from your friends or like-minded individuals?



How to fight this infection?

Clearly understand the reasons. Very honestly answer yourself, what prevents you from getting out of the Black Archons Matrix.

What thoughts, emotions, actions in the past or the present have increased selfishness, constantly provoke envy, intolerance, resentment, aggression, the desire to bash someone’s face and shut their mouth, take revenge or kill, unwillingness to live, depression, etc.


Who is their source?



In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Self-made Prison

Self-made Prison

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

The list can be long or short. But each of its points is a holiday and an exquisite treat for the Archons.

The Higher Light Hierarchy, the Galactic Councils, and the daily life-risking ground teams of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers in various countries and continents need our help.

Even not always personal participation, mass meditations, and intense internal work…

At least – not the eternal whining and endless questions “When will you finally come and free us?” without changing in any way internally at the same time…

Not whipping up impatience, anger, and hatred, poisoning the entire Space. Up to the Pleroma…

To get out of the Black Archons’ prison, let’s take at least one step ourselves.

The jail’s gates have long been opened. And the whip masters in it are ourselves…

The natural question is: how did the Creator allow all this to happen?

The answer is in the same place – in the Large Cosmos and on the Earth itself.

The Creator gave all Its creatures free will, including the Hierarchy of Absolutes descending from It, their Co-Creators and Helpers in all dimensions and spaces – down to the Earth and Man.

So that a man does not lose himself in what he perceives as chaos, the Creator gave him a PART OF ITSELF – a small bright point, a SPARK in the human soul.

This point of support, compass, a measure of everything, a man, who is also endowed with free will, can use, or not. This is only his choice.

So why did a negative anomaly appear in our Local Universe, filling it with 66.666666…%, leaving Light with only 33.3333333…%?

The quantum cause is described in Part 1 of this post. It remains to name the other, the most important.

The Absolute, building our Local Universe, did not have a dipole, a balancing foundation. In the most simplified, earthly perception, in the Absolute there was no union of the key foundations – the female and male creation’s energies.

To put it even more simply, our Absolute was a woman without a worthy Mate.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda Galaxy

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

But the creation of Universes and all other things is impossible without the complementary each other foundations. And this mechanism, by the Creator’s Will, continued to work in our Local Universe.

The Archons’ Black Hierarchy took advantage of this. To survive, they interbred with those who were born and lived in the eons of Light, by force and voluntarily…

So there came into being many Gray and Black Enclaves and civilizations. Hybrids of Darkness and Light. Like Yaltabaoth, whose mother was the Goddess of Light, Sophia (see – The Islands Of Light Restoration, Disclosure News, 17 September, 2020).

In the Large Cosmos, dark matter (the Archons’ main substance) acts as a powerful catalyst for evolution.

This did not happen in our Local Universe. Endowed with free will, Darkness gradually began to fill the entire space. There is a real threat to the entire Super Universe.

The Creator decided to stop it immediately (by the Large Cosmos’ time-span).

The entropy mechanism in our Local Universe was blocked. The Black and Gray eons are isolated.

The Solar System and Earth – the last stronghold of the Archons today – are surrounded by an insurmountable energy barrier.

On the surface, the Lightwarriors’ and Lightworkers’ teams dismantle and destroy everything created by the Archons and restore the infrastructure of Light stellar civilizations on our planet.

The all-encompassing Cosmic Sanitation – the Great Quantum Transition – has been launched.

Our Absolute actively participates in it. In 2020, Her status in the Hierarchy was raised from second to third. She was endowed and became a dipole. The new Absolutes’ union has begun a total restructuring and transformation of the Local Universe.

Part of this work is described in all DNI sections. Anyone can scroll through them again and evaluate from a new point of view.

For now, it could be added the following…

The Higher Light Hierarchy plans to purify humanity’s consciousness with the so-called white energy. This is the frequency of white light emitted by our Sun, saturated with particles of red fire – the field of the Absolute.

The effect of white energy that cleanses from negativity will be activated at a given time and directed at each person’s consciousness.

So far, this is done on the by-point basis with individual statesmen. But only those whose decisions and actions can help the Higher Light Hierarchy’s agenda.

Consciousness and memory (acquired knowledge and experience) are located on the astral and mental shells of the human aura. They’re focused on the top of the head. Impulses and streams of white energy will affect the aura shells, and not the brain itself, which only processes information, but does not store it.

White energy will erase negative data from these two shells, and the memory of the person (mental body).

The genome will be cleared from the genes of aggression and the main negative emotions.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Strand


In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

This process will take place at the level of extremely small elementary particles – vitons, leptons, mulons, muctons, and muons, from which our energy-informational body is created. Therefore, a person will not physically feel the process.

Removing negative info will not affect the brain. But for many people, it will be a great surprise that they will no longer be able to negatively assess the past and current events.

Their assessment of people also will change from negative to positive.

After all, the majority’s consciousness is heavily clogged and reformatted by free mass disinformation.

The transformation of other genetic aspects is planned and has already begun. In all children born starting in 2013 will additionally be activated DNA 10 strands (5 double helices) with new genes.

This will expand their capabilities. For example, memory capacity will increase significantly. One will be able to easily remember huge amounts of information after seeing or hearing it only once.

The automatic counting and calculation genes will be activated. For example, raising numbers to different powers or extracting roots of different powers from any numbers. To publicly demonstrate these capabilities, in some persons of different ages in different countries these genes have already been activated.

Humanity’s transition from 3D to 4D and 5D will be carried out simultaneously on the entire planet. Children who have DNA’s 5 double helices unlocked during the transition will immediately move to the fifth dimension. They will form the basis of future civilization on the planet.

Most of the others will have to adapt to 4D first. Their genes will be gradually unblocked by the 4D vibrations. In the future, they will be integrated into 5D depending on their readiness, intentions, and achievements.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Global Awakening

Global Awakening

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

The configuration of the planet’s magnetic field with the magnetic field of Jupiter, the Earth’s protector from random cosmic bodies, is being completed.

The planet continues to be cleansed of negative energies. From the incredible energy and moral dirt allocated and accumulated by mankind over the past 25-30 years (especially since the beginning of the 21st century).

It took significantly more effort and time than previously thought to complete it.

Territories and spaces above them, where most of the negative energy has flowed and accumulated, are being cleared with the help of previously unprecedented natural disasters, floods that repeatedly spill the cities, fields, and villages, powerful downpours and hail, hurricane-force winds with numerous cyclones on land and typhoons in coastal waters.

For the same purpose (not to be confused with a crime), forest and steppe fires, heavy snowdrifts with frequent thaws, and high summer temperatures of up to 40-50 degrees are used.

In the same way, the necessary shifts and displacements of tectonic plates for their long-term stabilization, earthquakes in many seismically active zones of the planet are controlled. The eruption of accumulated magma at underwater and land volcanoes is activated.

It is not possible to significantly speed up the cleaning process. Powerful natural anomalies to clean the planet are carried out strictly on the verge of catastrophic levels, at which there is still destruction, death, and victims.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Floodings


In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

Unfortunately, people continue to release this energy every minute and every hour. They do not realize that they are restoring the general negative field, again and again, ignoring all explanations and warnings (including on the DNI website).

And finally, once again about genetics and changes…
The Higher Light Hierarchy’s plans of the human genome transformation go very far – to all Local Universe dimensions.

The Higher Light Hierarchy gives us their predictions or warnings on the timing of their execution. And always reminds: “A quantum reset of the Earth’s core is underway and the planet is completely cleared of accumulated negativity. There will be consequences, but they are surmountable and not fatal for civilization as a whole.”

The process will continue on all continents and will end only after the entire territory of the planet is completely cleared of all negative energy.

In And Out Of Matrix - Part 2 - Forest fire

Forest Fires

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 2

All of them are grouped into three spiritual levels: the lower (third) – from 1D to 7D, the middle – from 8D to 12D, the highest – 13-14D.

Light codes and multi-dimensional (multi-layered) genomes for each level have already been developed and prepared. Civilizations from many dimensions actively participated in this process.

For the lower spiritual level, 16 higher civilizations (HC) provided their multidimensional genes.

For the middle level – 64 HC. It is the basis for our Local Universe.

According to the Creator’s Plan, our Local Universe dimension will be upgraded from 14D to 16D. And humanity will also have a corresponding multidimensional genome.

This combined multidimensional genome was developed by 19 HC based on the experience of the 99 higher civilizations in our Local Universe.

This genome will be delivered to Earth in a special magnetic package. It will give endless opportunities to its recipients.

Humanity is considered by the Creator as an ascending branch of evolution. And It does everything so that nothing and no one will disrupt Its unique project for the entire Super Universe.

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Great Quantum Transition – Our Socials – Lev

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Argorians Update 24 April 2022 – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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