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In And Out Of Matrix

In And Out Of Matrix

Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix

The Great Quantum Transition

In And Out Of Matrix – Part 1: To The Black Archons’ Matrix. By Lev.

The topic of this post was suggested by the comments of Plato (to Israel Light Forces Ops. DNI, 12 September 2020), Star Soul (to Path To Multidimensionality, DNI, 13 September 2020), and Irisha (to The Islands Of Light Restoration, DNI, 17 September 2020):

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Plato: “I would be grateful if you could clarify some things because I am confused. Based on the Law of One e.g. or by analyzing the yin yang symbol; ALL IS ONE! Weren’t the Dark Lords, Black Archons, Black Hierarchs came out of the Source? Where did they come from? … I thought Monads, was primarily created by Source, before everything else, something like archetypes! Is it possible for all this ugliness to be repeated on the next Cosmic Night of the Earth-Gaia (or other planets entering it)? Since from what I understood it is a natural phenomenon?”

Star Soul: “And now Pleiadians help us! They gave us the protocols so that everyone had the opportunity to have help from them …Please try log “Command twelve twenty-one” 3 times out loud. “Team 12 21″. 3 times…Because I do not see anything and it was the last protocol 1221 that was repeatedly pronounced to me and it is not clear whether it works or not…”

Irisha: “I wanted to ask you, with the fires that are happening in the U.S, will this affect the healing of Gaia?..”

I will start with a short but necessary preamble.

The entire space of our Super Universe is filled with energy waves – longitudinal, transverse, and spiral. These waves create elementary particles.

Particles are part of a wave in compressed form. They are formed by the vortex rotations of the waves. As a result of changing the vortices’ parameters, different types of matter are formed.

One of them is invisible dark plasma. It fills the Super Universe by 95% and is predominant in it.

In And Out Of Matrix - Vortex Rotation Of The Waves

Vortex – Rotations of the Waves

In And Out Of Matrix

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This is multidimensional energy in the form of clumps of elementary particles that create stars and planets. A living, conscious entity that can take on forms equal in size to Galaxies and their clusters.

It carries an invisible light of torsion nature, which does not emit electromagnetic radiation and does not interact with them. The magnetic field of dark matter in space is blocked by the void.

Such energy is necessary for the Super Universe. Thanks to it, the matter is in constant, accelerated motion. Its evolution is becoming more dynamic.

One of the motors of the process is quasars. This is a special type of star, similar to black holes in the center of Galaxies, which has a huge gravity. Their size is on average equal to the diameter of our Solar system – 9 billion km., have a mass of 2 billion. mass of the Sun and more. About two thousand of them were discovered.

Quasars convert absorbed matter into energy and elementary particles. Then – radiate in the form of quanta of light, infrared and x-ray radiation, gamma radiation, radio waves, and a huge spectrum of new elementary particles.

All this is thrown into space in the form of two opposite jets, several billion km long. Both jets are diverted to the past and the future to replenish their energy. The rest is absorbed by dark matter to build new galaxies and stars.

As in any material and energy world, the folds of dark plasma created by magnetic waves form their life forms. In scale, structure, and intelligence, they are as diverse as life forms based on ordinary plasma, carbon, or silicon.

In And Out Of Matrix - Quasar


In And Out Of Matrix

Each Super Universe has its shell in the form of an octahedron, through the faces of which it is connected to the rest of the Universes. Their shells contain complete information about “neighbors ” and an anti-gravity barrier for separation and protection from external penetration and exposure to various radiation.

But for the dark plasma, this was not an obstacle. Why?

Powerful dynamic processes in the Large Cosmos cause breaks and cracks in the protective barrier of our Super Universe. Dark plasma seeps in through them.

Penetration is facilitated by the fact that there are fewer collisions between dark and ordinary matter. That is, they can pass through each other.

This is primarily due to the low particle density. Second, because dark matter particles do not interact with ordinary electromagnetic forces inside an atom. Therefore, they pass through the spaces inside the atoms of ordinary matter easily and without any external manifestations.

Seeping through cracks and wormholes into our Super Universe, dark plasma began to evolve. What do its entities look like in their most primitive form?

There are many of them… First, they develop as a drop, then they mutate into something that looks like a slug, then they develop into a worm, a snake, a Hydra, and an octopus. Everything is very similar to the development of the simplest cellular organisms on Earth.

Then the dark plasma, like a swarm, begins to fight with itself, turning into more complex formations. They gain intelligence and creativity, the ability to self-regulate, and interbreed with other creatures.

In And Out Of Matrix - Super Universe Octahedron Form

Super Universe Octahedron Form

In And Out Of Matrix

So the Black Archons appeared.

They have spread across many eons of our Galaxy. They stay mostly in 6D but can slip into low dimensions down to 1D.

They can act on several levels at the same time and move from one to another unnoticed.

Archons do not have a permanent form as such. To those who have seen them manifest in 4D bodies, they often appear as black slugs.

Or as a dark cloud mass that moves with gliding movements that resemble large snakes.

These parasitic creatures were not intelligent at first. But they had a strong desire to survive. They went to look for food that could support their lives.

Born of dark matter, the Archons captured the first space with similar energy, as a rule, during the Cosmic Nights. It was more difficult to adapt in those areas during Space Days being in the line of sight and influence of the Source. They can’t stand Its high vibrations.

Over time, the Archons solved this problem. They began to feed on the energy of the captive inhabitants, similar to their vibrations, in the captured Light eons. The first was the ancient races of Dracos and reptiles, who radiated the necessary frequencies by their genetics and easily fell under the influence of parasites. The Archons’ total control over them lasted for hundreds of thousands of years.

The nearest Archon planets are located in the Orion Constellation. It is not their original home. But this is one of many systems that these negative creatures have taken over and turned into their colonies. Archonic parasites live in hollowed-out cave systems inside planets.

In the center of such a planet, there is usually one large hydro-like creature. Its tentacles and tendrils pass through all the labyrinths of cave systems, feeding on the negative energies of fear and suffering of the humanoids imprisoned there, subjecting them to continuous mental torture. In the course of many space wars, many of them were captured by the Archons.

This is how a Lightworker who was in such a lair on one of the Rigel Star’s planets in Orion describes it:

“I found myself within a cave system, which was hollowed out. I was merged with the walls, held prisoner. There were many more of us also trapped inside the walls.

In And Out Of Matrix - Rigel Star in Orion

Rigel Star in Orion

In And Out Of Matrix

Inserted into our chakric systems were dark black slimy tendrils which passed a black liquid into our bodies.

It was as if we were being used as a recycling apparatus, for this black liquid. I was in horror and had long since given up the idea of any rescue or freedom from this nightmare reality.

I remote viewed the entity which resided in the center of the planet, who was the owner of the black tendrils. It looked like a huge black slimy hydra slug-like being. Like a huge black octopus feeding and excreting its waste directly into our bodies. This was the most horrific experience I have ever had …”

By subjugating another civilization, the Archons force it to live in fear, darkness, isolation, pain, suffering, and torture. In this state, certain brain waves are created, which then trigger a reaction within the emotional bodies that the Archons then feed on.

The Archons are completely cut off from the nourishing Light and Love of the Creator. To survive, they need to feed on the energy emanated by oppressed and subjugated creatures.

They infect the victims’ consciousness Matrix. Extremely quickly learn how the mind of the host works, penetrate it, and begin to influence it from the subconscious. Reptilian civilizations, especially Dracos from the Alpha Draco Constellation, became the first and easiest prey for parasitic entities.

Dracos are aggressive by nature. They produce a huge amount of hormonal, chemical, and energy substances in the brain and body that the Archons need and can feed on.

This is a symbiotic relationship. The Archonic entity, having subordinated the reptilian consciousness Matrix, strengthens its thinking in the necessary – only negative – direction.

All the wars that have been waged in our Galaxy in past and present were initiated by the Archons and their predatory minions. The fighting caused great pain to the Galaxy and all the creatures living in it.



In And Out Of Matrix

Victims of war created a huge amount of emotional energetic food for the swarming snake-like parasites. These negative energies not only nourished the Archons but also increased their numbers.

These parasitic entities also live on Earth. How could this happen?

Since 2008, studies of anomalies in the movement of spacecraft and satellites around the Earth have led scientists to unexpected discoveries. It turned out that dark matter is present not only around and inside our Solar System but also in the atmosphere and on the surface of the Earth.

Numerous confirmations have been found that dark plasma particles have been falling to Earth every day for the past 4.6 billion years. They are captured by the planet’s gravitational field. The Solar System already at its origin contained components of dark matter.

The density of dark plasma in the Solar System and around the Earth is significantly higher than its level in the Galaxy. Our planet is gravitationally bound to a dark matter halo the size of Jupiter.

As it thickened, it created conditions for the formation of a dark biosphere on Earth. During the last Cosmic Night, this made it easier for Archons, reptilians, and Dracos to invade our planet.

Began a long war. Earthlings became hostages of aggressors. For the sake of their salvation, the main part of the stellar civilizations that lived on Earth at that time had to leave the planet. Another went deep underground, establishing their bases and cities in the vast voids (see The Islands Of Light Restoration, Disclosure News, 17 September 2020).

As on other planets, entire Earth’s civilizations and nations were held captive by Archons for millennia. There are also clusters of negative entities in the form of Goo, just like on the planets of Rigel. (One of these locations was described in Surface Ops Of the Light Forces, Parts 2 and 3, DNI, 12 August 2020).

A lot of Goo nests are located under major cities, military bases, prisons-around places where people live in stressful and negative conditions. They also exist under the houses of heads of state and government…

A huge black Goo reservoir is under the ice caps in the North Pole. The ET’s base was set up there because the ETs could then control the Goo as it was in freezing conditions and a deactivated state.

Having an age of about 300 million years the Goo even today still carries a reptilian type of consciousness. They are sentient and responds to the light emanated from the human DNA. The scalar waves that are created by a thinking mind are feeding the Goo.

When humans are brought into contact with the Goo, the light-transfer of the bio-field of the human body is redirected onto it. The contact may reduce the complexity of the human chakra system to blue, yellow, and red, i.e. to mental abilities, life force, and sexuality. It leads to a state of being intelligent, but heartless and cold in appearance. It disconnects the human from the collective consciousness.

The traditions of the bloodlines keep this reptilian entanglement as strong as possible. The Goo played a major role in the Nazi SS black magic rites and later – of Royals and other elite members.

In And Out Of Matrix - Dracos


In And Out Of Matrix

When a gamma-ray hits a melanin molecule, its structure is altered and the Goo can use the energy released in the reaction.

After conquering Earth, the Archons established their order on the planet.

To begin with, they isolated the earthlings from the Source’s energy by building a plasma sarcophagus around the planet. It extends 8.6 miles up from the surface and 8.6 miles down.

This narrow band is powerful enough to completely erase from the memory of incarnated souls the experience in other dimensions.

The Goo was even seen covering the mobile phone and TV masts, electrical stations, and places of high electricity such as schools, hospitals, and prisons. These entities are feeding not only off the energy of people’s Light Bodies but they are also feeding off the electromagnetic energy discharged by the mobile phone masts and electrical installations.

They can feed off even radiation. It appears that the Goo slimes are using melanin to extract energy from the gamma radiation in a way similar to the use of chlorophyll in plants to use the energy in visible light to power biological processes.

In And Out Of Matrix - Space Battles

Space Battles

In And Out Of Matrix

Its other function is to lock souls in an artificial cycle of incarnation (the Wheel of Samsara).

The plasma corset around the Earth is an important part of the 3D Matrix. It doesn’t just program amnesia. With the passage of the barrier it automatically loads the encoded programs of the Archons. They contain patterns of behavior, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that Archons need to maintain power and control over people.

All social, political, cultural, and educational systems are designed by these programs.

A multi-level infrastructure aims to know everything about each person. It is equipped with a built-in alarm system that triggers instantly if someone becomes potentially or dangerous to the Archons.

Tinnitus, especially in the left ear, can be a sign of Matrix auto-monitoring. Sudden forgetfulness in the middle of a phrase or thought, or a conversation about something spiritual, high or political and financial behind the scenes, and other strange things can indicate that the alarm is turned on.

The phone may ring and the person on the other end of the line has no idea why they called…

The electrical grid is not accidentally built on the planet along the Ley lines that flow the life energy of Gaia. It is designed according to occult geometry.

The pylons and the patterns that they make, across the planet, are a grid, which is designed to create an artificial Matrix that is, in fact, a prison, to imprison humanity’s consciousness. Before the invention of electricity, the Archons used the Ley lines and the sacred sites, stone circles, quoits, and worshiped hills as meridian points along their grid. For example, in England especially in Cornwall the pillars, crosses, and monuments placed upon the sacred hills acting as an antenna, anchoring in the electrical frequencies of the Archons’ Matrix.

In And Out Of Matrix - Ley Lines

Ley Lines

In And Out Of Matrix

This Matrix is not only made up of power cables and pylons but now in a more modern version by the mobile phone masts, TV and radio transmitters, all emitting low vibrational frequencies.

These masts have a dual purpose. First, to simply emanate radio signals and mobile phone communications. Second, to transmit subliminal messages, which are quietly yet constantly programming people.

Not only do these transmissions affect the cognitive functioning of human brains and the dumbing down of thoughts. They are also inhibiting the production of serotonin which keeps hopeful and happy. Without serotonin production man falls into depression, anger, hostile feelings, and lethargy.

The low frequencies also damage people’s electromagnetic bodies and cut off earthlings’ connection with the planet. It is no wonder that mankind is destroying the environment with no or little regard for Gaia’s welfare.

The Archons’ consciousness has a strong influence on the vast part of humanity. Everyone is looking to the stars for the arrival of ET races. They do not notice that there is already an alien race here upon the planet, which has been here since the beginning of modern man’s existence.

On the lower levels, the Archons exist in the reptilian form within caverns inside the Earth. They are not third dimensional but 4th dimensional. They are shapeshifters and can change their appearance into a human’s. This way they can walk among people and covertly influence them.

They cannot hold this form for a long time because our environment is harsh for them. Archons prefer to live in cool and shade, which is partly why they choose to live in underground bases.

The Archons have a direct influence upon the secret governments which try to rule this planet the same way as they did in the past. They also can possess human hosts, who have within their DNA reptilian codes, and this is where the Illuminati bloodline comes into the story.

They cause the person to perform certain acts, or are simply spying upon others by possessing the humans which have reptilian genes within their DNA. This Archons’ consciousness has infiltrated governments and religious organizations. They set them up in the first place.

In And Out Of Matrix - Archons


In And Out Of Matrix

Every human has what scientists call the reptilian brain. This brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It developed hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the ‘reptilian brain’.

Its impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It’s concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, and hoarding, dominance, preening, and mating. It is also found in lower life forms such as lizards, crocodiles, and birds. It is at the base of the skull emerging from the spinal column.

The basic ruling emotions of love, hate, fear, lust, and contentment emanate from this first stage of the brain. Over millions of years of evolution, layers of more sophisticated reasoning have been added upon this foundation.

This is the part of the brain which the Archons’ frequencies can directly influence with the radiations coming from the mobile phone and TV masts. One can recognize it himself coming under this influence because often he will have head pains in the very base of the skull in the nape of the neck.

Some people experience popping or ringing in the ears, as a result of pressure build-up in this area. In our original state, the brain did not look like this.

This part of the brain was artificially created by the Archons so they could have a direct influence over human beings. They experimented on them to create a modification of the brain, so they could then easily control and use earthlings as slaves.

Later the Archons developed ways of influencing by creating a brain which was locked people’s thinking mainly with the left hemisphere (rational brain). This cut man off from all communication with each other, the planet, and other beings in the universe.

Language came about only because of this disability. Language divides all as a whole race of beings, and thus wars and conflict occur because of these misunderstandings in language.

Man is easily controlled if he is too busy warring against each other. He does not notice that is being herded along a path by its invisible Archons-Masters.

In And Out Of Matrix - German Nazi Rite

German Nazi Rite

In And Out Of Matrix

By the inserting implants in the human brain Archons blocked humanity into the insanity of the rational mind. It divides, splits all thoughts apart. If one is lucky enough to be given wisdom by his Higher Self the rational mind implant will instantly activate and try to put doubt into mind.

Often it is so successful at this, that man consciously does not notice that even had an inspiring thought from Higher Self.

It wipes it out before it manages to fix itself upon one’s conscious screen.

The rational mind is uncreative. It has no imagination. It does not believe in a Creator and is a direct mirror image of the arrogance of the Archons’ consciousness. They cannot accept the planet as having a consciousness, or rather they consider her so low in the importance they have contempt for her.

It can be seen this in the men’s thought processes and especially in the treatment of the female. This enables mankind to disrespect and harm the Earth and abuse the female with no conscience.

The rational mind divides, polarizes the thinking, and creates conflicts. Operating with these implants intact makes it impossible to awaken fully and have clear communication with Higher Self and the Universe.

Often the implants are activated within conversations about spiritual matters. There could be a great topic posted by someone wise and connected to the Higher Self. Immediately the thread degrades because others question, analyze, and divide the information. This is a classic symptom of activated Archons’ implants.

All waste so much time arguing backward and forwards, trying to decide whether they believe something or not. By that time, the original energy and information on the topic are lost to the confusion.

People do not need anyone to come along and limit out thinking as the Archons’ implants are doing it for them. How will one ever get to oneness consciousness, if people are still arguing who is right and who is wrong?

With deactivated implants, it is not only possible to access one’s wisdom but instantly to know whether the information coming from an outside source is true or not as the intuition activates fully.

The intuition (the Heart, the soul with the Creator’s Spark in it) always knows the truth. The rational mind has no way of knowing the truth as it is designed not to.

People have implants that are always policing the thoughts. They are programmed by trigger words to close down the consciousness and disable all the information coming in.

One can notice this with the chemtrails topic. When someone mentions this word, it triggers programs within the rational mind. These programs say do not listen, ignore this info. If by any chance the word manages to get through these firewalls, then it will directly activate the flight and fight response of the reptilian brain.

This will make the person either scared and want to run or angry because of fear and make the person want to fight. There are other words such as the Archons, Presidential Elections, COVID-19, Illuminati, Global Elite, NOW, etc.

The various masts influence directly this reptilian brain causing people to think certain ways or to not think at all. It forces the brain into hypnotic waves, leaving people open for direct mind control.

It is no wonder why the general public doesn’t seem to be aware of anything that is going on, on our planet. They believe the lies of the mainstream media. They are being herded by the global elite and their Archons overlords.

And yet the bulk of these black entities prefer to parasitize and control people in disembodied form. How exactly?

(To be continued)

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Operation Sophia’s Crown – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

Operation Sophia’s Crown – The Great Quantum Transition – Lev

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