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Ideological Subversion

Ideological Subversion

Ideological Subversion. By Lisa Renee.

Ideological subversion is a common psychological warfare tactic used for brainwashing by those in military intelligence and anarchist groups, or any power monger that historically has subscribed to the methods used in Marxist-Leninist communistic based ideology.

However, organized religions and cults use many of the same mind control tools, such as Roman Catholicism which was also originally set up by the Black Suns and then later borrowed by the Luciferians.

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Ideological Subversion - Lucifer, Vatican Necropolis

Lucifer, Vatican Necropolis

Ideological Subversion

To clarify, this ideology was co-created between nonhuman and human Satanist groups, and its signature reflects the Black Sun groups use for infiltration warfare of other species cultures.

It is specifically used to infiltrate and then destroy another species or nations culture, history, rituals, language, art and literature, along with their historical records and sacred objects or artifacts.

More plainly said, it is used to strip the individual of their tribal identity and mind wipe their past, so they will not know who they are and then be easily bred as mind control slaves.

Every human on this planet was subjected to this mind wipe by the NAA, and every culture has suffered some version of their authentic identity and history being wiped out from cellular memory.

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All humans are struggling to figure out who they are and find their true core self.

Thus, in more recent times the Controllers implemented these covert strategies to infiltrate the public influencers and children’s educational curriculum to be exposed to these divide and conquer concepts in order to ultimately destroy the ideology of the targeted cultures and then collapse these targeted nations from within.

When you wipe away people’s identity and confuse them to war with each other, the core ideology through which they have come together as nation is weakened and more easily destroyed.

United we stand, divided we fall.

By influencing the influencers in that culture, such as targeting the media, academics, students and the wealthiest and most powerful people in visible public roles, like actors and celebrities, these public groups get manipulated into being the mouthpiece representatives for the narrative that supports the ideological subversion. Intelligence operatives look first to recruit people that outwardly demonstrate a slew of unethical qualities associated with the untamed negative ego and its addictive desires.

Such as those with low moral principles and dominating egos that are filled with narcissism, greed, vanity, the fame seeking and power-hungry persons that can easily deceive others and tell lies to the public in order to reach their personal goals.

Next time you notice a celebrity type on social media backing political views or promoting some type of ideology or product to their followers, ask yourself who they are actually working for and what the real agenda behind them might be.

Many got a call from the top of the pyramid telling their agents along with loosely veiled threats, to make a public service announcement and pay bail for looters, and if they didn’t, they would unleash the hounds of hell.

This is mostly how this world works in positions of power, through a mafia ring of bribery, blackmail and death threats. We must recognize and see it in action in order to recreate our world to be a much better place.

Subverters know the cult of fame and celebrity is effective at influencing the public, and this is a major tool in their arsenal.

Ideological subversion is a psychological warfare tactic used by enemies of a nation and its people that seek to destroy its power structure through the methodical and gradual infiltration of its social, economic, academic and political control structures.

Brainwashing and social engineering methods are used to change the perception of reality within that nation-state to such an extent, that despite the amount of evidence or information that is available, the citizens are unable to reach a clear understanding of purpose in how to defend themselves, their families and their communities from hidden enemies within these subversion agendas.

These agendas are made against the people of that nation which include the ongoing perpetration of terrorism, false flags or insurgency which can be orchestrated from within that nation by those who have infiltrated or been recruited in powerful positions to carry out this purpose.

Ideological subversion is a form of mind control or brainwashing that happens gradually over time with repeated and consistent exposures to the same divisive messaging of inciting victims and victimizers, in which human tyrants and archons effectively use as a psychological weapon in order to demoralize and dehumanize the targeted population.

Obviously, it is the major desire of the NAA to get human beings to succumb to the temptation of playing out this role of subversion, and many are either supporting the satanic network unconsciously for selfish motivations or are in the cult themselves.

Infiltration of the academic institutions and educational systems for the purpose of ideological subversion are used by employing a range of demoralization tactics embedded within the curriculums that are designed for spreading disinformation and confusion.

The spreading of narratives containing contradictory information, fallacies and misconceptions, let’s say about shaping and promoting socialism or communism principles as the panacea to the failings of capitalism, are an effective way to infiltrate a range of social groups which can be effectively weaponized and manipulated over many years through information warfare and false flags.

In the Marxist-Leninist playbook it is known to take about 15 to 20 years to effectively demoralize a nation by targeting the education of its children through repeatedly exposing them to the ideology of the enemy.

An ideology used to justify the erosion and targeting of human freedoms that are freely given in the western value system of that particular nation-state. This is based upon the number of years that it actually requires to educate one to three generations of students by infiltrating the educational system with levels of Marxist-Leninist ideology that has been ultimately designed for ideological subversion and collapse of that nation.

The infiltration of the United States is designed to eliminate human freedoms while destabilizing the nation for the purpose of eventually succumbing to the Globalist Tyranny of the One World Order agenda.

Ideological Subversion - The March Of Tyranny

The March Of Tyranny

Ideological Subversion

As a result, many years ago the educational systems and scientific journals were infiltrated with content that was meant for the eventual ideological subversion of the western value systems in America, especially for the purpose of destroying the love of freedom and liberties that are included in ideas of American patriotism.

Demoralization of the population who has been slowly educated to hate the value systems in their nation and hate other citizens in that nation for whatever the reasons, brings on the greater social acceptance of the attempts made from outside insurgents, disaster capitalists and invaders to infiltrate and manipulate those involved in the fomented controversy and the protest movements.

Many of the grassroots organizations are infiltrated by unseen enemies seeking to co-opt the movement for their larger agendas of ideological subversion and governmental collapse.

The psychological warfare involves the continual classification of citizens into ever smaller groups that are designed for radicalizing human interactions so that people are unable to resolve their differences and grievances.

The mainstream media propaganda is intended to fracture citizens further into these classification groups through divide and conquer tactics, by only focusing only on the extremist events, heated controversies while highlighting in the media the angry tensions between these groups, repeating it over and over again for inciting the outrage culture.

The promotion and emphasis of non-issues that only impact a tiny minority of the population are focused upon in order to side track and control the perception of the public to waste their time, energy and resources, while the infiltration occurs out of the spotlight to generate even bigger problems later on for the majority in that nation.

Thus, protests are more easily digressed into mob frenzy that carry out random violence and destruction of property, which is an effective tool to further destabilize that nations governmental system into an imminent crisis.

The crisis continues into a rapid breakdown of law and order, with the mainstream support of base criminals and predators which are threatening to the safety of the people, while law abiding citizenry are fined or put in jail.

If the crisis levels continue to escalate and the stabilization of law and order is ignored and a modicum of safety is not returned to the citizenry, the insurgents or enemies of the nation continue to manipulate the crisis in order to push for their ideology to institute a violent change in the power structure and economy.

Ongoing crisis can lead to a civil war or hidden invasion by the primary forces of the insurgency behind the orchestration of this agenda.

Cue the shoo in of the United Nations.

Those taking on full control many times are authoritarians dressed up as benevolent dictators that are promising to be the savior to the people in that nation, selling them a bag of utopian lies.

Ideological Subversion - Free Will

Free Will

Ideological Subversion

This is essentially defining the nature of a political coup or an outside infiltration coup attempt to subvert the nation to an outside agenda of socialism or communism, or in current times the Techno-Totalitarianism.

These are satanic ideologies hidden in plain sight to usurp human freedom, individualism and self-sovereignty.

This current process is the stepping stone being utilized for the destabilization of western power centers to eliminate democratic principles and human freedom entirely, in order to quietly slip in the technocratic government planned as the One World Order agenda.

The current controlling forces, the Black Suns, are behind the authoritarian government of the Chinese Communist Party of China which are human and nonhuman, and are the technocratic prototype that the Power Elite desire to bring into the western populations through the use of ideological subversion and insurgency.

For these reasons, it may be a rough summer. More clarity of these events continues through gradual leaks of public disclosure through independent media sources which are happening in alignment with the support of Cosmic forces, bringing some relief from this onslaught.

Although these are shocking changes for many of the citizens on earth, it appears the global awakening is here and major revelations are to be made towards the end of the year.

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