Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers

Quick and Random Notes Exploring Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers. By Zero.

We met with a group of people to visit a series of Etruscan “caves” which in the academic world do not receive great prominence as they are considered “stables” for animals, and are paired with the “pistarole” (tanks dug into the tuff for the crushing of the grapes) or rather altars that the usual “scholars” consider areas for the production of wine, despite the inaccessible place and the path necessary to bring the grapes and then the must to and away from the “pistarole”.

We know well that most Quackademics, from any sector, music, science, astronomy, archaeology, etc., seem to serve only to mislead fans.

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​The peculiarity of these “caves” is the presence of 12 niches in each, meticulously excavated in the tuff with, say the Quackademics, bronze chisels; imagine digging rooms of 100 cubic meters in the tuff with this chisels that unsharp every three strokes, very unlikely.

The number 12, multiple and submultiples, is constant if you go around Etruscan places, the Lucumonie for example, the city-states of the last part of the Etruscan period when dualism pervaded this civilization, were 12.

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers - Twelve Niches

Twelve Niches

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers

But there are also 12 constellations, which is the connection that seemed most likely to me to interpret the meaning of these underground creations.

It is possible that these underground works are dated to the beginning of the period in which the Etruscans settled in Italy, but most likely even much earlier, hence the last remnants of the Peoples of the Sea, ie the “survivors” from the last destruction of Atlantis , when the story that those useless teach is not yet present.

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A further possibility is that these works are part of even more antecedent civilizations, that they are part of a complex of constructions made in the time of Lemuria by the ancient Builder Race, those who created the planetary network of 144,000 pyramids, of which it could make part of the Pyramid/Altar of Bomarzo and also the partially buried complex of the Altars of Acquarossa.

To be clear, those who also built the Pyramid of Bosnia. These builders are said to have come from Venus and were 6th dimensional beings.

For example, the activation of the 12 niches could have allowed the connection to the Planetary Grid of the Piarmids and activate a Merkaba in order to access the Energy of Source.

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers - Side Niches

Side Niches

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers

This if implemented by the beings of the 6th dimension, to their “descendants” probably this was no longer in their possibilities, the ritual side and the energy that could be generated with this act remained.

It should be noted that there are many “caves” that have these niches, always 12, and it is unlikely that the Lucumoni, the “leaders” of these Lucumonie, made tours in all these caves scattered almost everywhere on the territory to reunite.

From this point of view, the niches could be a sort of “neural network” that would somehow connect to the largest network of the Pyramids for a sort of energetic or ritual activation. The niches also have “slots” for what appears to be a kind of wooden bulkhead that could be inserted to “close” the lower entrance to the niche.

Also interesting are the 3 main niches illustrated in the images, they seem to relate to the Trinity. But not to what one might think at first glance but rather to the Star Trinity, the Merkaba is composed of two infrastructures. One consisted of a planetary cluster that included Earth, Venus and Mars. The other was formed by the stars of the three Constellations: Orion-Sirius, Leo and Ursa Major.

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers - Three Niches

The Three Niches

Hypogeum Caves and Underground Chambers

If you climb into Etruscan history, you will discover that much of this is treated insufficiently, largely canceled by the Roman history, Romans who have also effectively erased the Etruscan people.

In today’s Etruria the descendants of the Etruscans do not live there, just as the descendants of the Egyptians do not live there in Egypt, it is not really possible.

If someone is interested to visit this and eventually other Etruscan places with caves “off the path” we are keen to arrange a friendly excursion. To try to arrange something please fill the form below.

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