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Howitzers Of Light Come To The Fore

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Gaia Portal Howitzers Of Light Come To The Fore. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal June 17 2019 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Howitzers Of Light Come To The Fore

Howitzers Of Light Come To The Fore

This series of sentences recall the previous messages, in this one it seems to reference to the one on June 13 that talked about the Troops of Light and Cohorts led by the Fleming.

With this sentence it seems that Gaia Portal wants to suggest us that after the Troops of the Light have been ordered in the chain of command and we are moving to action with the Howitzers Of Light that are brought forward.

The howitzer is a short-range cannon that shoots up a projectile, of Light in this case, which then falls vertically on the objective, this could mean that the objectives in this phase are not interstellar but close to us, things that if even we can’t see we can definitely hear.

Howitzers Of Light - Premonitions Fulfilled

Premonitions Fulfilled

In interpreting this sentence it is useful once again to quote the previous messages: the first is that referring to the Predictors and Wizards who were unmasked in the message of 7 June; the second is contained in the same message and talks of the Farsighted who come to help those who “ask”.

With this phrase Gaia Portal seems to indicate that once the road has been cleared from false promises and magic, the Premonitions, that is, what seems to be a timeline that engages our interior rather than “fantasies of light” carried out by too many people, will finally be co-created.

Probably with the term Premonitions Gaia Portal refers to what we know to be “true” and that comes from our interior, not from what we read here and there. Many have placed hopes on others, whether they are the “saviors” or something else, but now the true essence is coming out. The belief systems of the Light are dismantled and the reality that we are the co-creators of our future is under the eyes of all those who look and can even see it.

Howitzers Of Light - The Light Has "Won"

The Light Has “Won”

To be noted in this sentence, quite self-explanatory, the presence of the quotation marks could mean that the victory is in a certain sense still figurative, not effective, despite being past tense. We are on the right path and if we continue to anchor the right energy on the Planet it is certain that these quotation marks will be removed.

I believe that the quotation marks mean the fact that many are still misled by false expectations that over the years have been inculcated in a sort of mental control in the name of light. This has meant that many have been disappointed by the mountains of promises that have never materialized thanks also to the fact that few have used critical thinking, preferring to live in easy illusions.

But it is also probable that this too is part of the Plan, of the mission; the signals during this journey were many and if now someone is in a condition of “discouragement” and “disenchantment” it is yet another signal that we, ourselves, have set out to ignite the spark that must bring us back to the right path.

Howitzers Of Light - Markers Are In Place For Future Generations Of Energy Workers

Markers Are In Place For Future Generations Of Energy Workers

In this sentence there seems to be a reference to the previous one in relation to the signals; some, as mentioned, are meants to be to ourselves but are also reflected on the “new”, those who are awakening now and who will awaken in the very near future.

Our task is not to charm them as many of us have been enchanted by the “magicians” but to help them understand the “Energetic Way”, the increase of the Vibrational Frequency, stay away from the “systems of beliefs of the light”, to be all together co-creators of the New Earth.

Howitzers Of Light - Articles Of The Galaxy Are Written

Articles Of The Galaxy Are Written

This last sentence probably has multiple forms of interpretation due to the word “Articles”. It could be the disclosure, revelations that are less veiled on what is actually our Star System. This would clearly refer to the masses as for us who are reading the general picture should be clear.

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Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

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