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How We Are Changing - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

How We Are Changing

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

How We Are Changing – By Lev


I admire and appreciate all the Light Beings…I thank so much to the light warriors. My tinnitus is getting stronger day by day these days. And I feel tired out so fall asleep quickly as if I were off the power.

I’ve started to tidy up my surroundings more these days. All of the past ties and energy have been sorted out and liberated. I prayed well-being and blessings to everything in the past. And throughout this year, I feel like as if the Event will suddenly come right away even any tomorrow.

It’s a little vague to explain in writing, but I feel like I can’t belong anywhere when I leave the house, which is the space I’m staying in. At home, it’s like I’m in a zero point field. My husband says he feels drowsy and sleepy when he is next to me.

I’m observing everything but I don’t belong anywhere anymore, I’m not interested. I’m not ignoring it on purpose. I can feel an unknown sense of distance as if someone were talking from a distance. It’s an interesting feeling. I feel like I’m ready…


09/10/2022 at 16:24, How We Are Changing

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There is truly immense pressure on body processes … especially on digestive system and sleep patterns, at least in my case. There were times when I would normally “function”, and then the body would require to “shut down”, to sleep almost immediately. Digestive processes, again what appeared about one year ago, now again got elevated, as body intakes food, but almost, in a way, “disintegrates” parts of it within.

Interesting thing that I noticed is that tension and pain in body moved from lower to upper areas, almost like related to chakras. Something, that was pain in arm several months ago, now it’s top of the skull, either right or left area.

The pain could seem worrying sometimes, because it’s unusual and abrupt, and not something we experienced before normally. Or as a reoccurrence of old problems. But I think almost all related to such pain is part of processes we go through now. So, it’s not to be worried about. Besides, there is psychosomatic effect even in cases when people truly have problems, worries only amplify them.

As for external occurrences, I think they were now for months in “no more old rules” period. It means that anything can occur very fast, very rapidly change, or something unexpected can occur. We see the warmongers losing their game, and they are attempting one last chance at nuclear escalation – they will fail.

I do wonder if Russia, EU, USA and China will look the same in one year from now on … I definitely don’t think so. For Russia, this could come very fast, this year. Even for USA. But considering the global economy is interconnected closely, it’s a domino effect. Means, when change comes fast for one major country, it will affect everyone.

And I personally don’t think there are real humans at helms of these countries and blocs. Puppets are playing a game, which they will lose, and then be expunged completely out. So, I’m 99 % sure we’ll see more deaths of “high officials” and even presidents. Their games aren’t anymore tolerated in wider picture of happenings.

But it’s not about these puppets – it’s about humans underneath them, to become un-brainwashed and un-programmed, so they could finally realize they do not need these clowns and puppets at all.


06/10/2022 at 02:33, How We Are Changing

A long time ago, In my dream, when I had sat down the high back Ascension chair, then chair has started to spin faster and faster and shot out high above the planet of the Earth… There, in the vastness of space , I saw the beautiful white robed shining Guan Yin, who seemed to be 10 meters high standing on a cloud.

From Guan Yin, I heard her voice like silver bell echoed throughout the Universe: “OM MANI PADME HUM “,”OM MANI PADME HUM “. Once heard this sound, it was an unforgettable her compassionate vibration voice. After that her message of salvation fell in to my mind. Thank you beloved Guan Yin and Lord Buddha.


13/10/2022 at 20:54, How We Are Changing


Many already understand that we have been living in other dimensions for a long time. Earth has become a new planet where all the laws of Nature work differently.

Two years ago, Disclosure News narrated this process (see – Path To Multidimensionality), which fully retains its relevance. To make sure of this again and to understand more deeply what is happening to us here and now, it’s important to recall that info and add the new details.

Some of us have begun to notice a silver halo over the head of men. This is the radiation of the Hypocampus, a part of the brain that is involved in the formation of emotions and memory (short-term, long-term, spatial), and generates theta rhythm for concentration.

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How We Are Changing - Hypocampus


How We Are Changing

This area is also called Blue Spot. Since the summer of 2014, it began to glow and pulsate at once in all people on the planet simultaneously and synchronously with Magnetar.

The Magnetar appeared in place of a black hole in the center of the Milky Way. This star (not a pulsar) sprays in all directions a liquid magnetic field – a substance that has no name yet. It includes Intelligence plasma in the form of granules. They can be small, as elementary particles, and large, planet-sized, for example.

First, astrophysicists heard the Magnetar in the radio range, and then saw its radiance with the help of optical instruments. The Blue Spot in our brain glows in the same frequency range, projecting new programs into us through Subtle Plane. This is a single system, and all its parts have one basic rhythm.

How We Are Changing - Magnetar


How We Are Changing

We live and do not know that we perceive completely different, multidimensional energy spectra. In this regard, various phenomena began. The glow of the halo above heads is just one of many. Previously, it was manifested only in highly spiritual people, and was not observed in others due to very rigid magnetic field around 3D Earth, which blocked our Subtle Bodies and genetic structure.

Today, the planet’s field is completely different. It’s very soft and flexible, but very resilient, like a spider web, which is stronger than steel.

The frequency of oscillation of the cell membrane is linked to the Earth’s base frequency (Schumann Resonance) and with the work of the alpha rhythm of the brain. For a long time it was unchanged – 7 Hz (threshold level of fear). Since 1980 it began to increase, and by 2022 it came to 100 Hz.

Microbiologists “sounded the alarm”, because cell membranes were already collapsing at 13 Hz. The 13 Hz barrier was successfully crossed in 2005. From 14 Hz, a frequency corridor of joy and conscious creativity was opened for us, and from 150 Hz and above – the energy of mercy and Love.

We are energetic beings who create a collective field with our emotions, which translates a certain frequency of consciousness. Our emotions demonstrate neurological changes in the body. The growth of consciousness depends on the capacity of the nervous system. The electromagnetic radiation of our cells operates at frequencies from 10 raised to 11th power Hz and higher. Our brain can receive more than 235,000 frequency channels. We forgot about our power!

We have a new Subtle and nervous system that is saturated with Proteus. It’s a spatial Life Energy, has always been in each of our molecules, in each of its atoms, remaining invisible and intangible. It served as a bridge between nerve cells and the Mental Body (the power of thought, creativity, Intelligence).

Under the influence of the Magnetar and the changed Earth field, Proteus began to actively manifest itself through our nervous system. It is increasingly saturated with its Light, changing all our senses, especially touch, hearing, and vision.

For the past thousand years, we have had a so-called blind spot in our eye. This is the optic nerve, which goes deep into the skull, and was blocked by a special protein tissue, like a plug. It covered three-quarters of our spherical vision.

How We Are Changing - Parts Of The Eye, Blind Spot

Parts Of The Eye, Blind Spot

How We Are Changing

This was the condition of our incarnation on Earth, sort of experiment. In that way, we had to study a dense 3D plan, and we completed this task.

Now the experiment is terminated, and the blind spot began to dissolve and disappear in the eye, opening us access to the vision of multidimensionality.

The thymus gland has changed. Now it is intensively filled by Proteus, accumulates it, and then sprays across all our Subtle channels and centers – Solar and Lunar meridians and chakras. They have also become different.

Proteus has reconfigured our immune system. Previously, the latter protected the body, now it tracks our EVERY thought. Today it’s especially important TO BE ABLE TO THINK. Think before thinking. Everything comes true immediately, and now it’s clear WHY.

The connection between brain commands and their execution through our DNA is carried out by deep energy that changes matter. This energy is generated by conscious intention. As soon as we express an intention, DNA releases a magnetic wave that goes to the cells for execution. Cells recognize the necessary commands through resonance.

Our consciousness is very powerful mechanism; all intentions are metabolized by the physical body. Intention is a stimulant for receptor synthesis. If we want to drink, then mentally synthesized, and physically manifested cellular activity. Our body is ready to accept water even before we start drinking it.

The amygdaloid complex has also changed in our brain. Previously, it was a “house of fear”, which was ruled by the limbic (animal) system (hit or run). Now another program is loaded into it – conscious perception of the current moment. Not to wait forever for, be afraid and think: how will it be? But to act as events occur. To live Here and Now.

How We Are Changing - Amygdaloid Complex

Amygdaloid Complex

How We Are Changing

WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO ACT. Our new organism does everything by itself. Our Higher Self has given permission to change our consciousness. Previously, we were responsible for our actions, from now on we learn to be responsible for our thoughts and emotions.

Old batches of neurons are dissolving in our brain. They controlled our habits, which are deeply rooted in our blood and flesh, in what we do mechanically, on autopilot: took a match, put the kettle on, and lit the gas… It’s everything that we are not aware of and do without noticing HOW.

Now, new software is loaded into us, which is often accompanied by a brief loss of memory. It lasts for a moment, 3-5 seconds, and we return to our normal state. But at the same time, we have already turned off some habits and knowledge that we no longer need.

In the structure of our brain, they occupied a large energy layer. PSEUDO-FORGETFULNESS is freeing up space for the new, and there comes a moment when we JUST START TO KNOW.

CLAIRCOGNIZANCE appears by itself as a Gift. Until a certain time, we still don’t know what we have. But a situation arises, and we begin to use a ready-made experience that came from nowhere, and saves time, effort, and much more.

We see the situation not from one, but from several sides at once, and not for the purpose of reacting or condemning, but simply as information.

In the Path To Multidimensionality, Disclosure News narrated new properties of the proton made during the study of the hydrogen atom. It turned out that the proton is a pulsating particle, changed the rotation speed, direction, diameter, and its mass decreased.

How We Are Changing - Atom's Structure

Atom’s Structure

How We Are Changing

Following it, all organic matter, including our bodies, began to transform, because it consists of hydrogen. Chemistry, physics, and cell biology are imperceptibly changing. Hormones and neural networks react completely differently than before.

The hydrogen atom, which has changed after the proton, INSTANTLY rebuilds the structure of water. Its formula was stable, H2O, now it’s floating.

If our thoughts and emotions are calm and positive, the water in our cells has one formula. If they have changed dramatically, the formula instantly becomes different, and the entire structure, biochemistry, and metabolism of cells IMMEDIATELY morph. That’s why medications can become poison.

Words and thoughts affect DNA. The swear word (and thought) cause a mutagenic effect, as from strong radiation exposure, killing the water inside the cells. Hence are all diseases. DNA wave “ears” instantly pick up the emotional coloring of the voice, and in response emit a photon of light. DNA is like a beacon, it translates emotions, and we deeply understand each other.

The DNA code is not constant; genes change their position in chromosomes in response to stress. But it is not stress that is important, but a conscious reaction; biography becomes biology. And what’s more, our past can be literally rewritten.

The brain is holographic and multidimensional. Consciousness changes DNA, rewrites commands, and gives birth to elementary particles. Higher states of consciousness purify the arteries. The right and left hemispheres of the brain work synchronously. A powerful resonant field of the highest harmony is born.

Our intuition has noticeably sharpened. It works on the boundary between 3rd and 4th dimensions and offers a range of solutions, from which it is sometimes difficult to choose the right one.

For that, it is necessary to develop a DEEP FEELING. This is a new relationship with the outside world. We express OUR INTENTION, and the Universe begins to build events for us that lead to the fulfillment of our desires, if they are positive and coincide with the new vibrations of Earth and the quantum flows, coming to the planet through the Magnetar.

How to achieve this? By our words, emotions and thoughts, our brain begins to change, and its two hemispheres – to fuse. The gyrus starts on one half and moves to the other, and as a result, a new brain is formed. It emits an IRIDESCENT GLOW, which is very well shown by the aurocamera.

How We Are Changing - Brain Hemispheres

Brain Hemispheres

How We Are Changing

The brain does not just change the radiation, it becomes divergent (i.e. it does not act according to a primitive scheme: to break the deadlock). It becomes the brain of an insider, an insight that manifests itself in everyday life, here and now.

People who have received the expansion of the cerebellar plate, which emits the aetron Intelligence energy, go through the stage of cleansing the physical and Subtle Bodies.

The mentioned plate is a superior medullary velum (anterior medullary velum) – a thin, transparent lamina of white matter, which stretches between the superior cerebellar peduncles; on the dorsal surface of its lower half the folia and lingula are prolonged.

When we raise the frequencies of our vibrations, this part of our brain is activated and gets more Intelligenñe energy aetron, which loads new programs and codes into us for the transition to 4D/5D.

Overnight, we begin to see the underside of the process, not as we used to before, but to understand the underlying reasons that led to a particular situation.

This is a calm state and knowledge. Questions about global events, politics, economics and finance become UNINTERESTING, because our brain opens up a completely new perspective. This also applies to relationships with self, Nature, and other people.

If at some point our heart stops beating, the pulse disappears, breathing becomes shallow, this is a signals a short-term transition of the brain to multidimensional work, which in esotericism is called the reception of Agni, a Sanskrit word meaning fire.

How We Are Changing - Agni


How We Are Changing

Thanks to the changed, lighter hydrogen, our body from a rigid and dense structure began to soften, liquefy, and move to the LIGHT LEVEL.

This is our new, biocrystalline foundation. But, its crystals are not rigid, but amorphous like water, which can take any frame. We were aquatic creatures and so far we remain them until the transition to the next, silicon cell structure.

All matter is supercondensed Light, and it is run by the consciousness of the Source, Co-Creators, and us, men. Now we are learning this through a new awareness.

The transformation of our body into a crystalline state or manifested Light, sometimes extremely painful: cardiac arrest, high fever, insomnia, loss of appetite, apathy, depression… It’s just the formation of new organic matter, the action of new hydrogen in cells.

How We Are Changing - Crystalline Body Forming

Crystalline Body Forming

How We Are Changing

Magnetar generates and emits powerful codes, making our DNA soft and malleable to upgrading. All the functions of our body are based and actuated by the resonant Light Body from the bank of the Galactic database. That Light envelops the genome structures, rearranging them.

Our DNA reveals a completely different side. Previously, there was a protein under our nails that stimulated their growing. Recently, it was found everywhere – in the epithelium, hair, intestines, stomach, neural network of the brain…

How did it get there, and what is it doing there? It turned out that it belongs to unique ancient code set for the regeneration of the human genetic structure. It’s a true magic wand that has become activated in those places, which our body needs to restore.

Genes, that were previously considered junk, reveal their multidimensionality, and, thanks to them, we remember our past incarnations as yesterday.

Our perception changes and we again become those multidimensional beings that were originally conceived by the Source. And this is only a small part of the miracles that await us in the very nearest future.

More by Lev

Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 1

Light Forces Thai Operations – Part 1

In mid-July 2020, a meeting of the expanded Council of the Absolute Hierarchy, the Gaia Absolutoverse, and the Earth Planetary Committee was held. It was in a new, updated composition, and made important decisions. A new plan of joint action was approved to implement the Quantum Transition and fulfill the plan of the Absolute of our Local Universe. More details about this will be covered in the next posts.

Wall Street Vs. Main Street – Part 2

Wall Street Vs. Main Street – Part 2

And in this context, there are leaking reports that the old Fiat dollar bonded SWIFT global financial system already completely replaced by a new Quantum Financial System (QFS)… That the US national debt was fully wiped out… That the new instant QFS settlements were launched in all Central Banks around the world, and the liquidity was placed in the accounts of the respective payers who were waiting for the codes to be entered for issuing money… Regardless of this info sources, is it true or fake, it looks like a powerful message to the builders of national and global debt pyramids and the DFs who are concentrated on the finishing of today’s economy of the planet.

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Behind-the-scenes acute conflicts within the ruling elite over the complete zeroing of corporate and government debts, deliberate gold and silver underpricing, digitalization, chipization, quantum computers’ aims, and other issues are not just another war between Wall Street and Main Street. This is a global confrontation to the death of two ideologies, two approaches to the entire world economy and Finance reset. In the first weeks and months of COVID-19, it seemed that this was just an exchange of blows in a biological war for world economic leadership between specific countries. But now a different plan has emerged.

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” Part 2

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” Part 2

The Dark Forces develop behavioral products using artificial intelligence from personal and additional data in “data processing factories” located in the “clouds”. In appearance, the company is a modest search engine that produces several results based on the user’s query. And it remembers everything about it: of course, for improving the quality of services, the search system.

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” – Part 1

The Dark Forces: “With All Frankness…” – Part 1

The front line in today’s space and ground war against the Dark Forces is not horizontal as in past World Wars, but vertical – from the Earth surface to deep Cosmos. Allies and assistants to the Light Forces, as well as to the Dark Forces EXIST IN ALL COUNTRIES. And they are chosen by their deeds and loyalty to a given mission.

New Bio And Energy Weapon Part 2

New Bio And Energy Weapon Part 2

COVID-19 is, first of all, a live weapon of mass destruction under the Dark Forces NOW’s agenda. It is targeted against the civilian population, who had no defense against it. Especially when from the very beginning three modifications of this delay primer were used. In the pandemic course, as was planned, dozens of new, allegedly mutated, varieties were launched. They are already adapted for a new age, social, national, and racial groups.

New Bio Energy Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Part 1

New Bio Energy Weapon Of Mass Destruction – Part 1

The war against Dark Forces, which the Higher Light Hierarchy, Galactic Councils, and the Light Forces ground team are waging on the quantum, astral, plasma, etheric, surface, and underground levels, is successfully going on 24/7. One of the main difficulties is the Toplet Bombs, the last line of defense of Chimera, Archons, and Cabal.

Bahrain Operation – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Part 3

Bahrain Operation – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces – Part 3

By 26 December, 2019 the Tree of Death Global Cleanup was completed. The next stage has come – the restoration of the Unified Tree Of Life of our Local Universe. This happened during the Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019. It is noteworthy that it began with the entry of the Earth into the penumbra of the Moon just in the waters of the Persian Gulf, over the localization of the Earth’s part of the Tree of Death, on the Dilmun Island in Bahrain.

Operations Turkey Iraq – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Part 2

Operations Turkey Iraq – Surface Ops Of The Light Forces Part 2

Another example of the Light Forces ground team and Higher Light Hierarchy combat cooperation is the operation, which they jointly conducted in April-May 2019 in Turkey and Iraq. To date, it is fully completed. It is about the elimination of several Dark Forces bases in these two countries. The first place of ops was the Göbekli Tepe Hill in Turkey, where one of the Earth’s Solar portals is located. This vital infrastructure for the planet provides its connection and interchange with the Sun as a source and conductor of the Universal Energy of Life.

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