How To Go To 5D

How To Go To 5D?

How To Go To 5D? – By DNI Reader Contribution.

I am coming to you today to speak about my experience with waiting for something, wanting it so badly that it led me to the point where I started feeling disappointed with my life.

Some of you may be waiting to go to 5D, some for a better job, happier marriage, more money or anything else. For me, 5D was the case.

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I remember one day I was thinking that there are so many ET ships around us so why can’t one just come and take me to 5D.

I had a fantastic idea of making a banner to make sure that they will get my message. Thinking about it now, it sounds ridiculous. In my thinking, I was fully dependent on them with my goal.

5D Transition

I had many thoughts blaming everything around for that situation but not me. I was asking myself why ETs allow us to go through this instead of just “taking us to 5D”?

It took me some time to understand how does it work, because judging their actions based on our ego is not the answer.

We tend to compare their actions to what we are used to in 3D word, even if we know that this mindset does not make us happy or is the proper way of judging life.

Theoretically speaking ETs can take us all to 5D but it will but be an interference on our free will, especially as many are not ready.

We will get there when we will be ready to live through our souls’ heart. 5D is self-mastery, so our way to achieve this is through working on ourselves.

How To Go To 5D - 5D Transition

5D Transition

How To Go To 5D?


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Every person has their own agenda, their own lessons to experience, their own knowledge to gain – there are so many paths to 5D.

With so much misinformation and other world events going on we clearly see that it is hard sometimes to stay calm and centred.

Light forces do not want to make us uncomfortable with the changes or feel scared that it will be rapid and hard for us to digest.

They want to make this transition as smooth as possible for all as they love us deeply.

They see what is going on around and do not want to cause us more pain or suffering.

They know that they can’t do inner self work for us, as it is an individual responsibility.

They have sent lightworkers and starseeds to help humanity with the planetary ascension.

Many of them were their families before this incarnation.

Lightworkers are representatives of the ETs incarnated into human bodies to help Earth on this side of the veil.

They love us and believe in humanity. In our strength and willingness to create and live on Heaven on Earth.

ETs are giving each and one of us a choice to follow path to 5D, additionally helping with the transition from the other side of the veil.

They are doing all they can, with the respect to our free will and universal laws. Achieving self-mastery is an individual work and ETs can’t do that work instead of you.

How To Go To 5D - Going To 5D

Going To 5D

How To Go To 5D?


Fifth dimension is not only a place so to speak, it is also a mindset.

Based on that you need to have a certain level of consciousness, also known as 5D consciousness to reach that dimension.

What I mean by that? In order to fully “see” this dimension the way it is, you need to consciously comprehend it. Your consciousness has to be on a particular level for that to happen.

Many of us have negative thoughts throughout the day and other situations of feeling powerless – this is not a 5D mindset.

I have realized that going to 5D should not be a goal in itself as we have to be able to maintain corresponding vibration for the whole time while living there.

How To Go To 5D - Bring 5D Into Your Life

Bring 5D Into Your Life

How To Go To 5D?


How do you think ETs helping with a transition are able to maintain so high vibration seeing all that is happening on Earth?

It is about the mindset that is different.

They see the same 3D and 4D that you see with your eyes.

It is the ability to perceive events without getting attached to negativity and standing in your own power.

It is about seeing unpleasant events as an opportunity to for us to see that something is wrong and standing for yourself to create what we want.

How To Bring 5D Into Your Life

Why you want to go to 5D? Probably most of us want to be happy and it is one of the reasons we want to go to 5D so badly.

Please remember that nobody told us that we can’t be happy now. I mean we can wait for 5D but we also can also find time to do something that makes us happy and do it. It could be even for 15 minutes.

There is no big risk when you try something new for 15 minutes. At worst you will realise that this is not what you like and want to do in 5D.

It will save you time that you will otherwise have to spend in 5D figuring that out.

How To Go To 5D - Good Luck With Your Life Journey

Good Luck With Your Life Journey!

How To Go To 5D?


Let’s say you have an idea on how to make yourself happy.

How to know it is the right one?

I would say to forgot this bullshit that your mind wants to tell you, encouraging you to explain everything with logic and rationale.

Search for the answer with the heart while looking for the happiness.

Happiness is an emotion, thus the heart is where it resides.

It is that simple, but why should I tell you more about that – you can try it by yourself by asking you heart what it thinks about the idea.

One tip for me, if you want to be sure that your closest friends or family like the idea.

Please remember that you are the one who will do that action, not them.

Nobody knows you more than you know yourself, happy with this or not you spend time with yourself 24h/7.

I have found a time every day to do what makes me happy.

It makes me more confident and relaxed with what is to come into my life.

I am encouraging you to do the same – life is so much easier where I stand now.

Doing something for yourself feels great. Maybe I will go to 5D one day but why not enjoy life in the meanwhile 🙂

Good luck with your life journey!

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