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How Many Lives Did You Have?

How Many Lives Did You Have? – Ashtar

Part 7

How Many Lives Did You Have? – Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Finally, dear ones, after all, from a deep start when everything was absolutely ONE, then you were “torn out” of that ONE, the confusion that all of this caused in your beings, the pain of this disconnect, the unbridled search to keep up, the experience to reach your love purpose, and at the same time the intense need for “home”, a reconnection with the ONE, have suffocated you for ages.

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But you remained relentlessly determined. No matter how in the dark you were immersed, you knew that the Light of your hearts would guide you!

Oh! I’m so proud!

In the midst of all of this game, you were still creative, experts in your field, wayshowers, lighthouses, healers; you remained who you are even without the memory of it. Somehow you kept this memory, even if unconscious, who you really are, and it has always been present in your many lives throughout the ages and ages of the earth!

And how many were they? Dear mine, you had between 44 and 1,144 lives on this planet, between Phases 2 and 3.

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Oh, you think so much? No. You wanted more.

Newer entrants, those who came into the experience less recently, have between 1 and 8 lives.

Yes, there are beings that began to have their first lives there on Earth, isn’t it fantastic? I know, there are a lot of calculations in your heads now, but this is not a time for that.

Just feel in your heart the truths of these statements. You know. You who programmed everything 🙂 We only assist.

Let me say more: Today, at least 7 billion of the souls of the earth have at least 15 incarnations since Jesus Christ. Oh, don’t hold on to these calculations.

How Many Lives Did You Have? - Karma and Incarnation

Karma and Incarnation

How Many Lives Did You Have?

Your linear minds will not be able, at the moment, to understand the depth of it all. Not that you have no intellect for it; I just want you to feel it in your heart.

The whole body of beings that is actively connected to this experience today, among those embodied in the physicality and astral zones of the planet, added to those on board the ships waiting to embody and somehow interact with the experience, both in astral as well as physical, (or even descending in their galactic garments, uh!), are about 89 billion souls.

And I’m not counting the Fleets – which will not incarnate directly on the surface – that are here to “watch” and support those 89 billion that will incarnate.

Some will find much, others not so much, but I don’t care about that either. It’s just numbers 😀

For thousands of years, there was not much relay in the incarnations. They were almost always the same beings incarnating in physicality for ages, taking on various roles at various times, in various incarnations.

Now a big relay will happen.

Many of those 89 billion will begin to descend, while the souls who have incarnated for ages will begin to stay further here on the “other side,” except for a few key pieces that will keep going down and up constantly. This is subject to another message 🙂 Oops!

And before you ask yourself, “It won’t say the 89 billion are coming down… Obviously, it won’t all be all at once.

Remember this will take a while… 🙂 And they will not incarnate many lives in a row, as you did.

Beloved, I am very happy with the opportunity to give you a little more of your story, or to re-deliver!

My deep gratitude once again to you, dear Neva, for your availability.

How Many Lives Did You Have? - Actively Connected

Actively Connected

How Many Lives Did You Have?

I would also like this message to be narrated by many voices.

Narrate it, share it on your social networks, put the vibration of your voices in this message, or record for yourself to listen in your particular environment.

Again, reinforcing my embrace and continued support, know that I am with you throughout the ages, listening to each of your thoughts and always believing in your powers.

No one has ever taken or will take away from me the belief in your strength!

The Journey is not over yet.

Now you travel back home, and I’ll be in the lift!

And so it is.


Your brother, Ashtar.

How Many Lives Did You Have? – Part 7/7


Three Phases Of Immersion


Beginning Of The Immersion


How Many Lives Did You Have?


The Intromission


Going Back In Time


Migrations Of Souls


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