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The Great Quantum Transition - Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Home Worlds

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Home Worlds – From 3D To 4D And 5D – By Lev


Thank you, I’m done with my own pity party. You’ve gently reminded me of my own ability to create – and I thank you for the wakeup. I’m the bird sitting in the dried up nest, waiting – but all I do is sit in my dried up nest, hoping someone or something will change for me – but that’s now how this works, and this I know, but I found myself sinking in the goo. It’s time to shift self for myself.


06/07/2024 at 10:40 pm, Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D

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Actually – just Yesterday (Saturday, 06 July 2024) – we were DOWNLOADING/INSTALLING, SPEAKING AND CONVEYING THE EXACTLY SAME ISSUES at our session MAGEDON this weekend – and in the almost SAME WAY (except the examples and analogies, of course)… And it isn’t the first time this happens – it happens all along years back now… Our Souls REJOICE THE SAME CHANNELL AND THE SAME ONE-SOURCE’S DIVINE TRUTHS (!!!)


07/07/2024 at 09:50 am, Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D

Create a request by saying with full confidence: “I’m ready. I am ready to fully know myself, and to manifest self for myself. I am ready to do absolutely anything to reach my potential, to see my possibilities. And for this, I’m ready for anything.” This is true, save with one caveat: walking away after the request. Our “desires” are most often centered on “needing” things that are simply not possible to manifest within hours, and even if they were we very often could not deal with it.

We put in a request and then must abandon it in the hands of Creation, trusting that Creation knows far better how to make things happen then we do. We assume life is a one to one, so when we beg and nothing happens we assume we we’re abandoned. Yet, much never materializes because it would be distracting, useless or even dangerous to us. And much does materialize but often years, or even decades later.

Yes, years later. Sadly we often fail to remember that we put in an order at all. We assume life is like a fast food order, order and there it is, but our reality slows it all down to an often decades long crawl precisely because fast food is bad for us now, we can’t do it. One needs to clarify the feeling related to the growth desired, not the object, request and then simply walk away from it forever – trusting if it arrives it arrives in the way that maximizes the growth, and if it does not, it does so to maximize the growth.

It is understandable we fail to make growth priority one, but if we did we’d never have the burning desire for a Ferrari or other useless objects, but instead would order events, sequences, and exchanges that facilitate high speed growth. Fact, everything put in front of us every day is put there for maximum growth, no mistakes, no errors, yet we just fail to utilize the tools and demand others instead. Put your order in, walk away, return to the tools you have at your disposal now, as, most often, they are there to help fill the order.


07/07/2024 at 3:50 pm, Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D


Today, many of us leave 3D Earth and return their home worlds of Light. What are they like? It is not a set of individuals who exists separately, or against each other. There, we all together constantly create and fill with our radiation new spaces, structures and laws in our human understanding. Everyone perceives selves as part of a single whole, a spiritualized common fractal’s part of the Source, creating any reality with the pure energy of our concentrated attention.

Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Fractals


Home Worlds – From 3D To 4D And 5D

DNit Telegram Channel


In these worlds, living in energy bodies, we continue evolving selves, building new Universes in all contents, shapes, colors, and vibrations. There are zones of light and dark, fuzzy and clean-cut, dynamic and calm, but all are united by collaborative spirit. Thus, each space is constantly morphing, evolving, flowing from one layer to another, from one variation to the next, constantly exchanging with each other within the framework of a multidimensional cosmic fractal.

In the higher Light spheres, there is no separation between essence and space. Whatever reality, spheres’ vibes or density we like, those will be around us, all according to our inner feeling and frequencies. We attract what are attuned to and give birth to entire worlds by our thought, spiritualize and interact with them, sync with our wave and change at will.

This is how the Universes work, only the degrees of freedom are different everywhere. The Earth’s analogy is a smart home that adapts to each resident and guest – music, light, temperature, access to rooms, etc. fit to each incoming person. And wherever we enter, each room will change so that we feel comfortable.

The supreme Light realms behave the same way, adjusting to our attention beam. If we want, for example, to be in the space of a park or mountains with flowering trees, that’s how it will be. And symphonies will sound from flowers, and butterflies will flutter around. Or we can become a butterfly ourselves, or a cosmic symphony, changing our frequency and shape. So we can spend eons, wandering through the rooms of castles in the air in pure consciousness, becoming paintings, statues, mirrors, columns, wind, stardust and Light. And all this will be our bodies, until we have not invented others for selves…

Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D - In Pure Consciousness

In Pure Consciousness

Home Worlds – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The danger is that such omnipotence is fraught with stagnancy and involution. When we can do everything, we begin to invent problems for solving, complicate creative imagination and tasks, because otherwise they simply cease to satisfy. And the more we do this, the more strive to know selves, our capabilities and limitations that don’t exist, the wider experience we receive, assaying EVERYTHING to the fullest. We go any path and trial, from unity to separation, from intra- to extrovert, from Divine Light to the deepest and most aggressive Dark to get a scent of and conquer the next Spiritual heights.

But what happens if there are many of us in one space, and everyone wants to create something only their own? For this purpose, there are spaces in which Co-Creators temporarily prohibit or restrict access to outsiders. The inhabitants isolate from the rest in order to know selves in more detail, without external interference, or under carefully steered outward and pinpointed negative impacts. Yes, they are still fractal parts of the whole and sooner or later will merge back into it. But so far, each has decided to assemble his own puzzle, regardless of the others. Throughout the entire Maha Yuga (the change of cosmic epochs), Earth was one of these worlds. This is not bad or good, just another area of the experiment, in which we all decided to participate and test self by abyss.

No matter at what level every creator is, and all of us are the creators, the parts of One, he is still a child for his higher fractals, his parents. Experience cannot be absolute, because the Absolute Itself is infinite in Its creativity. Entire Universes die and are born, and the process continues forever, and the finish line is not provided. All worlds are open to our consciousness and aspects (rays of attention) for study and participation, and there are no limits – explore and develop as much as you want. Only don’t forget to put your aspects together later, otherwise you will get lost, as happens to many here, on 3D Earth.

The whole incentive of creation is that we can be everywhere and constantly change our forms, vibrations, styles, areas of application of talents, etc. By moving our assemblage point, become a photon, a cell, a vortex, a layer, a mineral, a plant, an animal, a Star, a Galaxy or the Universe. We are able to change constantly, only staying for a short time in certain worlds and states. To enter any object or being, absorb its experience instantly and apply it to anything if we get consent, because all this is us.

Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Playing With Freqs

Playing With Freqs

Home Worlds – From 3D To 4D And 5D

If desired, we can single out own particles, merge with them, look at selves from different sides, play with shapes, frequencies, build absolutely incredible structures, separate and merge different realities. Or change one quantum and download its program to other quanta, and they will also change if they want to. And we can change the whole Universe if we have enough attention strength. Not in a moment, of course, but gradually. At least for its inhabitants, it will look like a gradual change that takes billions of years.

But in our home Light worlds, there is no space-time for us. We are in a state of eternal creation, and the joy it gives is so exciting that we don’t notice anything else, often forgetting about mistakes and lack of experience. And this is one of the problems. Creators sometimes build entire worlds and then forget about them, just as people forget their ideas that once captured them. We can forget the idea, but the idea is still connected to us energetically and continues to feed on one of the many streams of our consciousness until we stop it, take our attention away from there.

That is why we are now starting to collect our aspects from parallel time and spaces. The construction sites and tests environment have grown to such a scale during experiments that caused an explosion of entropy. Unified attention has been divided into countless aspects and worlds, and not all have a positive effect on evolution and in many cases increase chaos. No creator can just produce something and throw it away, or drop on others. He must test on self. This is necessary for his development. And he may not always like his creation, as demonstrate many Dark, Gray and technogeek’s worlds.

Home Worlds - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Technogeek's World

Technogeek’s World

Home Worlds – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Many earthlings don’t consider them their home abodes, and by all means try to leave or isolate selves from them as soon as possible. But the worlds’ merging is currently underway. It may take millions or billions of years, and sooner or later everything comes back to the starting point of the Big Bang theory.

Not everyone understands its true nature and mechanism. It wasn’t an explosion from the gravitational center, as the theory claims, but the exhaling of the Source (Brahma in Indian cosmology), directing its attention (Sparks) to all possible parts of space, spiritualizing them and giving free will and choice freedom to one degree or another. The goal is to know Self through Own creations. Then an inhaling will follow, which will bring new necessary knowledge and experience to One. Everyone will return home with their gifts, so that at the next breathe out of Brahma they can again enter the boundless worlds of harmony and love for creation.

The uniqueness of these days is that we are offered a choice again. To leave Earth forever or stay on it as participants and co-creators of a project that has no analogues in the Great Cosmos. To make Earth our new Light home world. Everything that Disclosure News described the last years was aimed at this.

On 6 July at 02:54 PM CET, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators informed that started the prep for raising the Earth’s vibes to higher level by more powerful Light flare(s). Apart from earthlings, it will affect the Earth’s Crystal (core) and three Logos – Terrestrial, Solar and Galactic. We can participate in this by individual meditation and sync our vibes with the first two, exchanging energies with them. Beforehand, it’s very important to ground well, otherwise there may be difficulties with co-setting. If necessary, we can mentally turn to the 14D Logos Al-Terra-Gaya or 5D Gaya for help. The work can be carried out at any time. New details will follow soon.

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