Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

The Further Elevation Of Earth/Gaia Within Recent Days

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As the lunar orb of our galaxy moves thru an electro-magnetic field in space opening a portal for the next FULL MOON on October 1st , Earth/Gaia has been experiencing a faster “spin” and increased frequencies of LIGHT in recent days..

Accordingly, the magnetic and geo-magnetic fields of the planet are affected by this increased vibration and brighter LIGHT.

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At the same time, the solar winds have been very elevated, spinning far above the normal 300 to 400 km/s (kilometers per second) into the upper 400s and the upper 500s, and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have surged forth.

These CMEs have produced many green (oxygen molecules) and pink (nitrogen molecules) manifesting as colorful auroras around the globe. Gamma rays from outside of our solar system are rated daily as either “High” or “Very High”.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies - Coronal Hole

Coronal Hole

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

All of these cosmic occurrences are causing intensified “activations” of all aspects of the nervous system (central, sympathetic, parasympathetic, and autonomic) and of the third and fourth chakras.

Numerous reports are coming in from all over the globe of people having exhaustion, painful muscles and joints, anxiety, digestive upsets, vivid dreams, and tachycardia (rapid heart rhythms).

It seems, therefore, that periodic reminders of why these experiences are occurring is in order. Earth/Gaia has been literally steadily elevating to higher and higher placements in the ever-expanding cosmos where vibrations are faster and where LIGHT is brighter.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies - Geomagnetic Storm and Auroras

Geomagnetic Storm and Auroras

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

This is a powerful cleansing and illuminating process which is assisting in the evolutionary, transformative, re-birthing process of all creation upon the planet with the constant key phrase being “CARBON TO CRYSTALLINE!”.

The human system must match the faster vibrations of Earth/Gaia and its changes as the LIGHT increases.

In brief, the human physical vessel is also constantly spinning faster in its molecules and atoms and is receiving enormous amounts of LIGHT.

The “activations” (or “symptoms”) mentioned above are a “new normal” in the body temple and will continue along with Earth/Gaia’s “activations” and “symptoms”.

This “new normal” has not been just recently happening within the past few years. It has been actually on-going for eons of time.

However, it was merely in the early 1960s in what is believed to a modern historical framework that traditional scientists began to report about what they perceived to be unusual occurrences in space relative to the Sun and its effects upon the planet.

This was also when world-wide collective consciousness began to shift in political and sociological paradigms.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies - King Narmer

King Narmer

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

Both what we call “Africa” and “Asia” today were at one time siblings on a massive continent known as “Alkebu-lan”.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods separated the land masses over ages of time just as other continents have been separated. Many will remember learning about the continent called “Pangea” in their earlier educations.

He taught humanity Divine principles during his 126 years of “physical residence” by giving them to the royal Prince Arjuna that would help humanity as it faced troubling times far into the future–a future which is still playing-out in our modern era.

His teachings are written by the Sage Vyasa in the MAHABHARATA which contains the BHAGAVAD GITA. Before even this, the Avatar Tehuti gave sacred wisdom in what has been translated as the EMERALD TABLET.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies - Krishna and Arjuna

Krishna and Arjuna

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

This is when many continents were one big land mass upon this planet surrounded and enveloped in various places with water. So, over time, mankind has separated itself into ethnicities, races, tribes, etc. and has hated others and gone to war. We are now returning to the original understanding that we are GALACTIC”.

Is it any wonder as to why a great cleansing and illumination must take place before we move further down the “birth canal” into the “New Golden Age”? Earth/Gaia has experienced many space/time continuums of dissonance and disharmony.

“She” is being healed, and creation upon “Her” is as well. However, the wellness procedures are often challenging.

Nothing is “wrong” with anyone. We are merely being aligned with SOURCE. We must travel thru many cosmic events with Earth/Gaia and endure certain “activations” during the journey.

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies - Krishna and Arjuna

Krishna and Arjuna

Higher Light And Faster Frequencies

Thus, the vibrational frequencies of the planet and its amplitudes–both considered as being levels of “Power”–rated numerically–will move up and down sometimes together and sometimes being quite apart in numerical values.

Many people (especially if they are “Empaths”) will sense these movements prior to their happening, and some will sense them during their movements and for a few days afterwards.

The “activations” of Earth/Gaia are more increased during various portals of energy which have already been discussed in previous teachings, and as a reminder, the coming Full Moon is yet another portal of energy, and because of it, do not be surprised if there are profound shifts in Earth/Gaia’s oscillations and their strengths–like a roller coaster–up and down and back and forth.

Hold on to the “railings”. This ride will not stop.

It is a constant one, and we are being adjusted as we soar and as we receive more LIGHT.

More by Dr. Schavi M. Ali 

International Day Of Peace – Dr Schavi

International Day Of Peace – Dr Schavi

Our world certainly is in need of this. Although we should be praying and meditating daily for peace and healing on our planetary home, joining the United Nations in its proclamation is a righteous action.

The Special Cosmic Portal – Dr Schavi

The Special Cosmic Portal – Dr Schavi

The day prior to an Equinox or Solstice, the day of their arrival, and the day after is a special three-day portal when our planet Earth/Gaia is in a particularly balanced vibrational frequency as “She” makes the seasonal shifts into spring, summer, autumn, and winter in “Her” yearly cycles.

Higher Self Communication – Dr Schavi

Higher Self Communication – Dr Schavi

The Equinox (September 22nd) and the New Moon (September 25th) are almost here—merely days away. Accordingly, cosmic energetics are stirred-up with higher solar flare ratings, increased solar winds, elevated plasma particles, and more—all causing Earth/Gaia to reverberate with earthquakes at heightened levels (many over “6.0” in magnitude), hurricanes (“Hurricane Fiona” is thrashing Puerto Rico), major storms (Alaska is experiencing the most devastating storm in ten years), floods (parts of Italy are having power outages and floods)—and these are just a few examples of what is occurring around the world due to cosmic forces activating our planet.

Saturday Solar Update  9/17/2022 – Dr Schavi

Saturday Solar Update 9/17/2022 – Dr Schavi

Science separates cosmic energetics into parts that make-up a whole so that each part can be understood on its own. The cosmos, however, is a total “concert” with various “songs” playing at different times.

SR Device Update – 9/16/2022 – Dr Schavi

SR Device Update – 9/16/2022 – Dr Schavi

After ten days of black-outs from the technological devices that report on the “Schumann Resonance (SR)”, they are running again (at least the one in Tomsk, Russia) and the SR level for Friday, 9/16/2022, is reported as being a “Power” of “20” thus far.

The Days Directly Ahead – Dr Schavi

The Days Directly Ahead – Dr Schavi

There will be further chaos before the “Great Awakening”—which will actually be a “Greater Awakening” because over many months, increasing percentages of people have been questioning world situations. LIGHT is coming into our realm constantly with messages. We can understand them as we level up in awareness. Reflect. Review. Meditate!

The Build-Up – Dr Schavi

The Build-Up – Dr Schavi

Late in the evening of Monday, September 12th, 2022, an “M.1-Class” solar flare exploded from our Sun with a coronal mass ejection (CME) as evidenced by auroras seen around the world. Auroras are usually signs of CMEs having been unleashed from our Sun which are plasma particles with protons and electrons.

The Energies Of Mystery – Dr Schavi

The Energies Of Mystery – Dr Schavi

Modern mankind is not unique in usage of technology, however. It was employed in ancient times as well—but seemingly for a better purpose and outcome.

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