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High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The magnetosphere of our planet is showing today, Friday, July 15th, 2022, that interacting slow, medium, and fast-moving solar winds are sending strong activating dense particle plasma waves into our realm, which are also often called “schock waves”.

Winds are traveling at 550.8 km/s at 10:08 AM (EDT), and neutron counts are in “Elevated” status.

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Magnetosphere Pressure 15 July 2022

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing

An “M.2” solar flare was unleashed yesterday afternoon at 4:48 PM (EDT) after an earlier “M.1” had occurred.

Further “M-Class” flares are expected today and over the weekend as our Sun is already crackling with “M-Class” flare potential. A total of 133 sunspots are currently detected.

There has been a “5.8” earthquake in Vanuatu which is a South Pacific Ocean nation comprised of 80 islands.

A total of 118 quakes of “1.0” or greater have occurred on our planet in the past 24 hours.

Upgrades to DNA and cellular records are continuing as these high-powered cosmic events constantly happen and in increasingly stronger potency.

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing - M5.8 Earthquake In Vanuatu

M5.8 Earthquake In Vanuatu

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing

We are in a new “Now” that even mainstream science is finding difficult to analyze solely from a left brain perspective.

The right and left hemispheres of the human brain must work together in order to fully understand the mystical occurrences that often arise in the cosmos governed by a HIGH INTELLIGENCE which is known by many names and forms.

Regardless of these numerous names, it is SOURCE—the INFINITE PRESENCE of all that is known and unknown to humanity and other beings in other planetary domains.

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It cannot be rivaled, and those who try to do so face consequences. however, we are not to fear SOURCE.

In fact, in the holy text known as the HOLY BIBLE, there is an error in the passage that says we are to “fear” God.

In the original Aramaic and Hebrew, the word that is mistranslated as “fear” should be translated as “awe”.

To be in “awe” of something is to be in “amazement” or “admiration” of it.

It is wise to study various ancient languages so that our exegesis of holy books can be more accurately understood.

Another error is the verse which states “And God said ‘Let there be light’ “.

The correct translation is: “And God said ‘Light in me be!’ “. Notice the difference.

In the first sentence, it is stated that “LIGHT” already existed and that God was calling it into the cosmic realm as if it was something outside of God.. In the second sentence, it is stated that God IS the LIGHT.

When we allow Spiritual Science—in its various titles—to guide us, we can come to the HIGHER KNOWLEDGE that is required in the coming eras when the capabilities of humanity will be increased as they are even in this “Now” beginning to be “downloaded”.

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing - Higher Knowledge

Higher Knowledge

High Cosmic Energy Is Continuing

Without a connection to SOURCE, however, what is “downloaded” can be confusing, and then the choices made with the free will can be unwise. In other words, everyone is being given an opportunity to level up in frequency—in consciousness.

However, the process is not automatic. As the “downloads” come in, an acclimation to them is necessary because we are receiving LIGHT, which as most people are now aware of, arrives with physical, emotional, and mental activations.

As we rise higher, the activations become easier to handle.

As we ride the “waves” on the “SEA OF SOURCE” over this weekend and in the coming days of the “Now” era, be prayerful and meditative according to your individual path.

The “waves” are rising higher, and we must become experts at being “LIGHT SURFERS”—not avoiding the high waves, but rather, working with them.

More by Dr. Schavi

Working With Angelic Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Working With Angelic Frequencies – Dr Schavi

In the ancient Vedic spirituality known as “Sanatana Dharma” (“Eternal Path”), Devas (male form) and Devis (female form) are the “Lighted Beings” also called “Shining Ones”—angels

Pluto Moves Direct – Dr Schavi

Pluto Moves Direct – Dr Schavi

Pluto in Capricorn (Tropical Zodiac) moves direct on Saturday, October 8th, 2022, at 5:56 PM (EDT). To use a metaphor that I have mentioned previously, whenever a planet is retrograde, it is like someone pulling back on a slingshot to gain strength before launching the item in the slingshot off to its target.

International Joy Day – Dr Schavi

International Joy Day – Dr Schavi

After morning meditation, I was guided by my HIGHER SELF to establish on Monday, October 10th, 2022, the first “INTERNATIONAL JOY DAY”, the purpose of which is to spread LIGHT in as many ways as possible to as many people as possible in a specialized manner with an understanding of deep spiritual TRUTH.

The X-Class Has Arrived – Dr Schavi

The X-Class Has Arrived – Dr Schavi

As predicted, on Sunday afternoon, October 2nd, 2022, at approximately 3:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), an “X.1” solar flare blasted from our Sun, and the sunspot numbered “AR3110” by the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” (NASA) has reported that several more flares of “X-Class” levels are posing for delta explosions.

The Heart And Solar Resonance – Dr Schavi

The Heart And Solar Resonance – Dr Schavi

Many people are concerned who are experiencing heart palpitations (rapid and/or irregular heart rhythms), and this, of course, causes anxiety and trips to a doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room.

Flare Alert! – Cosmic Update 2 October 2022 – Dr Schavi

Flare Alert! – Cosmic Update 2 October 2022 – Dr Schavi

At 221 UT on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, which was 9:21 PM (EDT) of Saturday, October 1st, an “M8.7” solar flare erupted from our Sun, and this was after an earlier “M5.9” solar flare. These levels are almost “X-Class” which is the strongest rating. Each flare produces a CME of plasma because our Sun is comprised (among other substances) of plasma.

New Month More Energetics – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

New Month More Energetics – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As we head into the Solar Eclipse on October 25th in transformative Tropical Scorpio, there will be further cosmic events to awaken our DNA and further cleanse cellular records. This new season in the hemispheres begins a new “concerto” in the “Cosmic Auditorium:”.

Friday Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Friday Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Be advised that cosmic forces are constantly answering the call for planetary clearing and cleansing as “3d” events unfold

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