Hemp Attractors Seal The Physical

Hemp Attractors Seal The Physical

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal Hemp Attractors Seal The Physical. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal June 21 2019 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

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Hemp Attractors Seal The Physical

Hemp Attractors Seal The Physical

This series of sentences are quite challenging to interpret and lend themselves to numerous and sometimes contradictory interpretative concepts. This first one probably speaks of the Physical Plan, the Physicality, which is sealed. This condition does not allow communication or exchange of anything between inside and outside, is it good or bad? It depends on what is sealed, if it is a Positive Energy the fact that it is sealed means that it can continue to reverberate inside without being contaminated by external factors.

And then there is the Hemp, the Sativa not the Indica, used for thousands and thousands of years as a natural fiber, it is a plant that grows very quickly and is very luxuriant and enriches the soil in which it lives, it is an annual plant. Interpreting the Cannabis Attractors is difficult, might it be referring to the plant or material with which the Attractors are “built”? I leave it to you to decide, but you could associate the characteristics of the Hemp plant with the people, and possibly generating a Sparkling Creation, as we are told in the next sentence.

Hemp Attractors - Sparkling Generations Are Now In The Forefront

Sparkling Generations Are Now In The Forefront

Also in this sentence it is difficult to know who the Sparkling Generations could be. I don’t think we are talking about generations based on the year or decade of birth, time and age are part of this 3D Matrix. We are probably talking about people who have anchored a great Energy, with a powerful connection with the Higher Self, people who have experienced this strong illumination in a certain period, now for example.

Could these Sparkling Generations perhaps be the Hemp Attractors? Could they be those who are now Sealed in physicality and therefore in a sense protected from any kind of attack and so able to make imperiously ahead to spread and anchor even more Light?

Hemp Attractors - Specialities Are Displayed And Employed

Specialities Are Displayed And Employed

We will remain on this interpretative line, dubious but that seems to have a logical thread. Thus, the Attractors, strongly anchored in Nature, in Gaia, carry out their work on the Fiscal Plan, they are “protected”, and are taking the front line. In this sentence we could be given a further detail of how the action would be carried out.

Everyone has something that makes them excel, some specialties that until now, for the various belief systems, for religion, for divisions and manipulations, have not been used or even visualized, often even by those in possession of these specialties and even less from others. Now these specialties are.

Hemp Attractors - Penetrators Lead The Way

Penetrators Lead The Way

To finish, a last indication of what this Generation of Light is implementing, to open the path of Light within the masses. It could be the same people we talk about in the previous sentences that now have protection, means and abilities to be capable to go to places and situations that until recently seemed unattainable. And certainly they are a significant critical mass.

Well, it was a sequence of interpretations that came into being on its own, it took out a breath of its own, but maybe these phrases speak of other things, what do you think?

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Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

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