Helping Alpha Centaurians - Great Quantum Transition

Helping Alpha Centaurians

Great Quantum Transition

Helping Alpha Centaurians – Great Quantum Transition. By Lev.

Here is information about the Light Forces’ ground team’s new operation on September 19-22, 2020. For security reasons, the terms are the same – localization and names are not disclosed.

Brief background about the location of the operation…

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Helping Alpha Centaurians - Portal Spiral Local Universe
Portal Spiral Local Universe

Helping Alpha Centaurians

Before the invasion of Earth by the Black Archons and reptilians’ space fleets 12 thousand years ago, in this place was the Intergalactic City of Light.

It had a Portal to travel between dimensions – a tunnel in the shape of a spiral throughout the Local Universe. Through it, regular interstellar communication was maintained by spaceships.

It was an important center for a peaceful colonization of the planet, an exchange of experience, and a platform for intergalactic negotiations. Educational and cultural center.

Several star civilizations led by Alpha Centaurians created and inhabited the City. Approximately 500,000 years ago, they collectively arrived on Earth.

The main gems of the City were the Matrix of Multidimensional Man’s Creation and the Primary Light Crystal that served the Portal. The Crystal was a physical aspect of one of the Co-Creators of our Local Universe.

Through a grid of crystals all over the planet, it is fed by the life energy the Earth and its inhabitants.

The star settlers had to survive several space wars. During the first, 110 thousand years ago, their continent was destroyed on the location of the current North Pole – Hyperborea. In response, they destroyed one of the then three moons that served as the stopover base for the Black Archons to strike the targets on Earth.

Later, star civilizations used part of the destroyed mountains of the sunken continent. In the course of hidden underwater work, they through the rock-cut built the infrastructure in the form of swirling corridors, with which the Gulf Stream is now controlled.

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Helping Alpha Centaurians - Hyperborea

Helping Alpha Centaurians

At the bottom of this ocean, there are many pyramids linked to different constellations. They maintain a stable position of the Earth in orbit. The pyramids’ images were removed from Google Maps.

In the second galactic war 40-45 thousand years ago, which took the star colonies on Earth by surprise, the consequences were severe as well.

With the onset of Cosmic Night in the third war 11-12 thousand years ago, the second moon and numerous infrastructure of stellar civilizations on the planet were destroyed.

By the way, the current space and ground war also affected the region where the LFs’ ground team conducted the new operation.

From the Sun’s orbit, the Intergalactic Confederation sent a plasma ball to activate a crystal in the Earth’s interior to prepare for the Great Quantum transition.

As the plasma ball moved away from the Sun, small meteorites and a large one was attracted to its plume. At a given height above the surface, an energy pulse was released from the ball to a given point. After passing through the deep ground, it reached the crystal and activated it.

At the same time, according to the set program, it was necessary to destroy the plasma shell before it fell to Earth with meteorites in its plume, to avoid destruction in a densely populated area.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Gulf Stream
Gulf Stream

Helping Alpha Centaurians

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Multidimensional Portal
Multidimensional Portal

Helping Alpha Centaurians

The ship of the Arcturians, which was on the trajectory of the meteorite shell, was supposed to shoot down the meteorite.

But the reptilians decided to take advantage of the situation and cause a cataclysm with numerous victims when the plasma shell fell to Earth. A large amount of the energy of fear, grief, suffering, and torment that they feed on would be released.

To do this, they fired a rocket at the Arcturian space ship. It managed to complete its task – a powerful impulse blew up the shell of the ball along with the meteorite.

The transfer of energy from the Sun to the underground crystal was successful. But the Arcturians’ space ship did not have time to escape from the missile’s impact and was distroyed with the crew.

Returning to the background of the LFs’ ground team operation…

Unlike in the sudden second galactic war, on the eve of the third – the Light Forces knew about the impending attack in advance.

Before Cosmic Night and the Archons invaded, the Intergalactic Confederation deactivated the multi-dimensional Portal. It was closed to the movement from and to the Earth. Everyone who wanted to – managed to pass through the Portal and leave, for not to put at risk the earthlings who were taken hostage by the DFs.

Together with the separated five parts Matrix of Multidimensional Man’s Creation, the most important auxiliary crystals were evacuated and hidden in the depths of the surrounding mountains, and copies were placed in their place.

The Primary Light Crystal was preserved and silenced, similar to how nuclear reactors are now being decommissioned. For disguising, the Crystal was hidden at the bottom of the lake, which was filled with water from numerous underground springs. Many were specially drilled for this purpose, like wells.

The precaution was not in vain. Fleets of Black Archons and reptilians rained down on the City of Light with all kinds of weapons. The destruction is still visible here, some of the largest on earth. Traces of the use of vacuum, thermal effects, which instantly turned all buildings into a pile of stones and dust.

Laser weapons were also used, which cut granite and basalt massifs like a scalpel. The Archons used it to break through rock formations to destroy the life-sustaining Crystal deep underground.

The DFs believed in the destruction of the Shrine and this saved it…

The Higher Light Hierarchy instructed the ground team to restore the destroyed complex on a Thin Plane.

First of all, to activate and run the Primary Light Crystal at full power. The goal is to fill the new crystal 5D network of the planet with additional energy.

Spreading throughout the system of activated Crystals, it will displace the 3D energies of Archons from it. This will allow the Earth to fully adapt to 4D-5D.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Alfa Centauri
Alpha Centauri

Helping Alpha Centaurians

What Lightwarriors found on the site?

The Alpha Centaurian guardians who already knew about Lighywarriors and immediately came into contact with them… Preserved energy channels… Destroyed Portal…

Deep inside one of the rocks was hidden a special crystal-recorder with information about the City of Light and everything that happened to it.

In their previous operations, the ground team had already encountered such practices from star civilizations. Information about karmic and other crimes of Archons and reptilians was recorded on such flash drives. The collection of information about crimes against Space and Life began shortly after the end of the second galactic war.

That’s what the disguise was for. After all, if the reptilians and Archons found out where all this is stored, they would destroy these recoders immediately.

In addition to compromising information, the entire chronicle of the last hundreds of thousands of years was collected and placed on flash drives. One copy of them remained in different Earth’s regions, the other went to the Akashic Records.

The Dark Forces learned to erase and replace with false information parts of the layers of the Akashic Chronicles – that is, the true chronology of the Earth’s and Local Universe evolution. Separate segments of the Akashic Chronicles related to history 40,000-11,000 years ago were replaced with a false version.

The ground team has repeatedly extracted these flash drives from caches with the help of their Keepers and passed to the Higher Light Hierarchy. It decoded them and replaced disinformation, fake segments of the Akashic Chronicles with true data. As a result, the authenticity of the entire Chronicle was completely restored.

During the Archons’ strikes on the City of Light, the flash recorder was not damaged…

At the foot of the surrounding mountains, a local Stonehenge was discovered, three rings of sayyid with an altar in the center…

Under the water of the lake – a preserved tunnel that directed the energy flow to the Earth’s center. During the time of the City of Light, programs were loaded into the planet’s core through it…

The entire structure looked like a huge pyramid. From its top, a powerful beam went to the center of the Galaxy and down to the Earth Heart…

A lot of crystals scattered on the shores of the lake. The fragments were not only in the surrounding mountains but also beyond them…

At the bottom in the middle of the lake, the ground team saw what their Higher Light Hierarchy had brought them to this place for – a large multi-dimensional pink crystal in the Lotus shape. Part of it broke off and failed.

Lightwarriors have already had extensive experience in restoring multidimensional polycrystals. Physical 3D crystals can be healed by touch. With others of 4D, 5D and higher, the work is done on a Subtle Plane.

Multidimensional Crystals function as a single whole, although they are located in different dimensions. By the way, Cintamani is also a multidimensional polycrystal, including manifestation on the physical plane.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Alfa Centauri

Helping Alpha Centaurians

Some Crystals are located deep in the Earth – up to half the radius of the planet, that is, approximately 3333 km deep. Others are very close to the surface.

On the first day of operation, September 20, 2020, the team performed individual and collective co-tuning with the Primary Light Crystal.

Immediately after contact, the Crystal glowed white. After 10 minutes, through it was established contact with its Creator in Pleroma – one of the Builders of the Local Universe.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Crystal In Water
Crystal In Water

Helping Alpha Centaurians

The point of synchronization with the Crystal in the Lightwarriors hearts, after adjustment, began to unfold inside into two tabernacles-cones – up outgoing and down outgoing. Then, from the point of their intersection in the hearts, a ray went up in an ascending spiral under the action of synchronized interaction.

A Crystal began to rise from the lake. It still looked like a big Lotus. On the sides – blooming flowers with many petals, similar to lilies.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Crystal Shining
Crystal Shining

Helping Alpha Centaurians

Through the seventh chakra, inside the team started downloading the program for co-tuning with Crystal’s energy…

It began to move over the lake, change shape, and shimmered and sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow…

The contact and mutual tune-up were successful.

On September 21, 2020, the main work on activating the Perfect Light Crystal began. On this day, the group used their collective Logos.

A word to the participants of the operation who, as before, worked together from different regions and countries:

V. Logos hovered over the lake, from it in all directions went rainbow radiance. Then it directed the rays into the lake and Light came out. The lake seemed to be filled with the Sun, flooding everything with rainbow rays. A fountain of Light burst out of the water…

S. Logos stretched a ray from the lake to 13D…

E. I stood on the lake’s shore. Logos worked first underwater, expanding the sphere of Light deep and wide. Then, as a tornado soared to the Absolute through the Pleroma as a column, in the core of which untwisted like a spiral of DNA. There were many of them. The Crystals of Gaia, the lake, merged into a single ray that shot upward…

T. I tuned in to the lake and greeted the Alpha Centauri Keepers. As soon as I placed the Logos over the lake, a column of Light went from the Crystal directly into the Logos. I was thrown up into the local universe… The power of different energies… After a while, I felt that the Logos was working with my subtle bodies. My legs were on fire, and the body was full of energy. The work lasted almost 50 minutes…

N. Logos did a great job. I saw a fountain of bright white color that flowed from the bottom of the lake. Later, it turned into a huge stream. The entire lake turned into a fountain of Light…

M. At first the Logos appeared as a small sun. The water in the lake parted and a well of stones appeared, frothing from it. It covered part of the surface and shore. Then a Crystal began to rise from the depths. Its lilac light changed color to light purple. The rounded shape, similar to a faceted egg. A sun globe glowed inside. This was our Logos. Then the shape of the Crystal changed – a polyhedral pyramid with a sharp top, colorless and transparent. And it was created by water. Streaks of water plates trailed behind him… The lower part of my chest burned with a heat that went up. My hands were very sore. The whole body ached…

Q. The first thing that caught my eye on the lake was a rainbow stream flowing into it from somewhere to the right and above. Logos, as always, hovered for a moment over the place, studying and reading information from it. Then it instantly disappeared into the lake and below. After a while, charged with the Co-Creator’s aspect, it shot up, stretching itself to the Plerome. After a while, the Logos returned to us. At the same time, a thin thread of connection with the Co-Creator remained, and it is still visible… A tinkling string, even a singing one! Our joyful Logos gathered a rainbow of colors over the lake, added the energy of the Co-Creator, and splashed on us. Then the same rain sprinkled all this territory…

T. The power of energy was so pure and all-consuming that it was impossible to stay in it for a long time without special training. For adapting, I had to morph to the plasma state. It permitted me to withstand strong vibrations, energy temperatures (the body gets cold or hot while working), and allowed me to look into all corners of the Local Universe…

E. The work was done in time synchronization. I felt the increasing power of Light. And that power was surprisingly soft. Our Logos absorbed this softness of the first-created world. I got into a state where there is nothing yet, just this Light. And I thought about how it resonates with the new world created and manifested. The old one is closing and a point of entry to a new round is formed. A serene morning and a huge number of beautiful potentials…

On the same day, September 21, 2020, this part of the operation was completed. The Primary Light Crystal started working at full power. Across the planet, strong Light energy flowed through the 5D infrastructure.

It is no accident that these days Dark Forces again tried to destroy the 5D crystal grid. This time – at the international airport in Phoenix, Arizona where there are more than a dozen underground bases of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and reptilians.

This attempt also failed. The Galactic Confederation, which is fighting the Draco fleet between the Moon and Earth, has dealt a devastating blow to the intruders.

After restoring the Primary Light Crystal, the ground team received a new task on the spot. The Higher Light Hierarchy instructed the crew to extract the five segments of the Matrix of Multidimensional Man’s Creation from the caches in the mountains and assemble them into a single whole.

On the same day, inside the local Stonehenge, the Matrix was successfully assembled and activated.

Then Lightwarriors, along with an intergalactic group of Co-Creators, synchronized the 3D Earth Logos with the Local Universe’s Logos. The next step was the creation and stabilization of the technical, temporary axis of the Earth to the Local Universe’s center as the beginning of preparations for the New Galactic Year on December 22, 2020.

On the morning of the next day, the ground team left for the designated location of the new operation.

Helping Alpha Centaurians - Hyperborea

Helping Alpha Centaurians

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