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Harmonization of Things Begins - Message From The Pleiadians

Harmonization of Things Begins

Harmonization of Things Begins – Message From The Pleiadians – By Gabriel RL/Neva.

The Pleiadians report that, finally, we are entering a zone of greater harmony, especially with regard to Covid-19. We are entering a luminous zone that will help, drastically, to reduce all anxiety and problems related to the current global situation.

We have entered the process of great harmonization. Everything will start to become more peaceful. Things are going to start getting on track. The darkness of the whole situation will begin to dissipate. Calm, very calm and harmonious – they say.

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They say that despite everything the mainstream media tried to do, the Dark Forces’ plans to install global chaos did not have the effect the expected result.

The population of Earth is really much more awake and it is not being easy to deceive human beings and control them as easily as they have done so many times. Even though the virus is real, genuine information about the entire situation that has been exposed to the public is yet to come.

They, the Pleiadians, say – as they always do – that it is important to maintain serenity in our hearts and to avoid clashes. Certainly, many are afraid of the virus and the whole situation, but they emphasize the need to go to the heart, to the holy sanctuary to absorb all genuine information, internally.

Harmonization of Things Begins -  Hearth Chakra

Hearth Chakra

Harmonization of Things Begins

They also say that it is inevitable to see journalists, doctors, nurses and everyone who is “aware” of the real information about the virus being silenced or trying to intimidate them with threats.

The Dark Forces want as many people as possible to be in a panic and when any of these serious professionals who try to bring some information that brings tranquility will try to boycott them. It is inevitable that in this same environment there are those who are bribed to continue to panic, but the Light is advancing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Dark Forces to maintain their control.

DNit Telegram Channel

In the coming months of the year, as Ashtar has said, there will be a considerable increase in Light on the planet and, finally, things will begin to harmonize.

To the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors from all over the world who have had their events canceled or suspended, keep the peace of mind of your egregores, as soon things will be smooth and the effects of this situation will be completely harmonized.

It is important that those who sustain these crystalline forces remain concentrated with much Love and Union, so that there is even more strength in their egregores. Certainly, there is also a major transformation in these environments, while deep cleanings are being carried out.

They, the Pleiadians, also say that while they continue to advance, other fleets are also doing the same and everyone will be able to see more cloud ships from Arcturian medical centers that are acting more actively on the planet this year.

They also ask to inform that, “masks keep falling” and that is the natural effect of the Light that reaches the planet. It is really a cascade movement and both those who were more hidden and without showing their internal Lights will be more evident, as well as those who tried to pass for Light will be evidenced.

You can no longer “throw the dirt under the rug”. Whatever happens, the truth will be exposed.

They continue:

It is also important to note that we are here as your direct supporters and we have done our best to assist you in these incredible times. Remain calm, but knowing that, at one time or another, you will be called to more agitated situations where you can pass tranquility to those who are in the eye of the hurricane.

As the whole situation becomes more and more clear and the peoples of the Earth stand up, no longer admitting the impositions of their sources of information transmission – their traditional media – you face yourself with your own shadows and can no longer run away from them.

Harmonization of Things Begins -  New Earth

New Earth

Harmonization of Things Begins

This is a time when you will be doing a great cleansing, at all levels. Be open to new scenarios, new lives, new experiences, new paths, because both those who resist the change will have new cycles and roads anyway, as well as those that open up to the new. New cycles are starting for everyone, whether on Earth or outside.

We recognize your efforts, your struggles and listen to your calls for help. Know that we are doing our best, but, as Ashtar said recently, “you need to look at yourself as we see you: the galactics on the physical plane working as hard as we do here in space.” This world is yours and you have the great task of taking care of it and helping with the transformations.

It is important that you do not complain about “because certain things happen”, but take the reins of your life and do your best to help, based on your ability to act. Know that if you have Love in your heart, you become invincible.

Be prepared for great energetic waves until the end of your linear year, in this Gregorian calendar. Note your dreams, intuitions and sensations. Everything will seem clearer.

Do not resist the call of your soul. You will also feel us more, see us more in your dreams and mental screens. This is the year of multidimensionality, the year of multidimensional connection and it will continue until the end of 2021. These forces will be very active until December 2021.

It is a blessed time for you to reconnect even more with who you really are.

Receive our blessings in all your expressions.

We are your space family,

We are the Pleiadians.



Harmonization of Things Begins

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