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Happy Solstice!---Rising Light - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Happy Solstice!

Rising Light

Happy Solstice!—Rising Light – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Today, Tuesday, December 21st, 2021, the Sun begins its rise to its zenith in the Northern Hemisphere and will have reached it in the Southern Hemisphere moving into the constellation of Capricorn (Tropical Zodiac).

Happy Winter and Summer Solstice!

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Happy Solstice! - Comet Leonard

Comet Leonard – Australia

Happy Solstice!

There have been two strong “M-Class” flares this morning, and there have been as of yesterday several medium-strength “C-Class” flares.

A most powerful “X-Class” flare could also occur today or in days soon yet to come.

There have been over 100 small to mid-strength earthquakes around the world.

Although hundreds of small quakes happen daily as our planet’s tectonic plates are constantly activated by cosmic events, they can become more prolific and potent during seasonal shifts as well as during eclipses.

Solar winds are currently traveling at over two million miles per hour, and our planet, Earth/Gaia, is moving through these winds while at the same time coming into alignment with the Galactic Center situated at about 27 or 28 degrees of Sagittarius which is governed by the planet Jupiter which is known in Sanskrit as “Guru”.

Today our Sun is like a “GURU” which is translated as “Bringer of LIGHT from darkness” and is sending codes of transformation to our continually multi-stranding DNA and our memory banks of cellular records.

In Eastern Standard Time, the new season of the LIGHT of the Sun rises at approximately 10:59 AM (EST) to herald the beginning of the winter season as well as the start of the summer season according to hemispheres.

It is, therefore, a day of shifting cosmic energetics on and off of our planet, and most of humanity will feel the shifting in physical, mental, and emotional ways in varying degrees.

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Happy Solstice! - Cosmic Waves

Cosmic Waves

Happy Solstice!

Continue to hydrate with spring water; rest as much as possible; eat healthy organic meals; enjoy a special healthy dessert ; and wear your favorite essential oils and prayer mala.

Sometime prior to midnight, sit comfortably; take several deep calming breaths; close your eyes.

You may also wish to light a candle and fragrant incense beforehand to set spiritual ambiance for your ritual.

Begin by reciting a prayer from your preferred path to open the portal to the sacred realms.

Envision the SOURCE LIGHT of the GREAT CENTRAL SUN zooming down into the Sun of our galaxy, into Earth/Gaia, and into your crown and throughout your physical vessel down through your feet and into the planet’s core connecting to a huge bright crystal.

After a few moments, envision the LIGHT traveling back upwards through your physical vessel and out throughout the planet, out into the Sun, then merging with the GREAT CENTRAL SUN.

You will then be completely wrapped in SOURCE LIGHT.

Meditate for a few minutes while envisioning LIGHT within your heart chakra.

You may receive a vision or audio message or you may simply feel very calm and relaxed.

Happy Solstice! - To Universe And Source

To Universe And Source

Happy Solstice!

Either way, healing frequencies will have entered into you.

At the completion of your session, recite a closing prayer, and then drink a glass of spring water to “ground” back into the material realm.

Keep a journal during this new season, especially since we have just a few days ago had the last of the Full Moons for the year of 2021, whose energetics are still existing, and we are about to step into the Mercury Retrograde from January 14th to February 4th of 2022, but its “pre-shadow” begins while it is still 2021 on December 29th.

Mercury will retrograde in Tropical Aquarius (revolutionary ideas, humanitarian concerns, technology, detachment from what is not vital to future development) and Sidereal Capricorn (major lessons, organizational structure, big business, military issues, executive actions, tendencies to seemingly cold emotions).

The Mercury Retrograde will bring necessary information regarding the aforementioned characteristics of the signs.

The information will be for everyone, but those who have either an Aquarius or Capricorn Sun sign, Ascendant, or Moon sign will be most focused in several of these arenas.

Happy Solstice! - Capricorn


Happy Solstice!

Also, consider the opposing angles of these signs which are Leo in opposition to Aquarius and Cancer in opposition to Capricorn.

We will have a New Moon in Tropical Capricorn and Sidereal Sagittarius (long-distance travel, foreign affairs, issues of justice, expansion, beneficence, higher knowledge) on January 2nd of 2022.

Thus, the next several weeks and months are key players in the “2022 STORY OF COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS” now beginning its “premier”.

The theme of the next several months until the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere is RISING LIGHT.

Happy Solstice! - Solstices And Equinoxes

Solstices And Equinoxes

Happy Solstice!

This is also a reference to the opportunities that will be given for our elevation to Super-Consciousness where we can be instructed by our Souls—the SOURCE FREQUENCY within us.

Again, Happy Solstice and Happy Rising!

Please consider joining THE MANTRA MOVEMENT. Details can be found in the article of this same name.

Those who recite the mantra daily and who invite others to do so are LIGHT AMBASSADORS.

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

Much Love to Everyone!

Happy Solstice!—Rising Light – Dr Schavi

The Mantra Movement

Let us "LIGHT-UP" our planet with LOVE, PEACE, and WELLNESS on all levels.

More by Dr. Schavi

New Moon And A Solar Prominence – Dr Schavi

New Moon And A Solar Prominence – Dr Schavi

As the New Moon is on its way at 5:55 PM (EDT) on Sunday, September 25th, 2022, our Sun has erupted from its southeastern area with a “Solar Prominence” which is a cloud of ionized gas (radiation particles)—a type of “Coronal Mass Ejection” that forms as a column-like flare that tends to thrash back and forth until it finally explodes and lifts off from the Sun.

Empowerment Through Acquiring Knowledge – Dr Schavi

Empowerment Through Acquiring Knowledge – Dr Schavi

An earthquake is a shaking of Earth/Gaia as its inner tectonic plates shift and stir due to solar events activating “Her”. They can range from what are known as “tremors” that are hardly noticeable —except for the technological devices that detect them—to major shakings of the planet in a particular area that can cause destruction to lands, buildings, and people.

Equinox Flow – Dr Schavi

Equinox Flow – Dr Schavi

We are now fully into the new hemisphere seasons, and our Moon becomes “new” on Sunday, September 25th at 5:55 PM (EDT)—an “angelic code number”. The number “5” in the science of Kabbalah is the letter HEI whose message is: “Pay attention to Divine Revelation. Strive to strengthen the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, transcendental, and cosmic ‘selves’ by incorporating meditation into daily life. Speak to God from the heart.”

Cosmic Report 23 September 2022 – Dr Schavi

Cosmic Report 23 September 2022 – Dr Schavi

As expected, on Friday, September 23rd, 2022, at 1807 Universal Time (UT), which is 1:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), an “M.1” solar flare blasted off from our Sun, which according to NASA, was not directed at our planet, but Earth/Gaia has still received shock waves from it. Further strong flares are a probability due to the huge sunspots that are indeed directly facing Earth/Gaia.

Welcome To The Equinox – Dr Schavi

Welcome To The Equinox – Dr Schavi

At 9:04 PM (EDT), Thursday, September 22nd, the EQUINOX officially arrives. From the time mentioned to that same time on Friday, September 23rd—24 hours—there will be equality in light and dark.

Entering A New Season – Dr Schavi

Entering A New Season – Dr Schavi

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022, is the final day of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere. Tomorrow, Thursday, September 22nd at 9:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), the seasons change—summer to autumn and winter to spring.

Cosmic Report 21 September 2022 – Dr. Schavi

Cosmic Report 21 September 2022 – Dr. Schavi

Cracks forming in Earth/Gaia’s magnetosphere allow electromagnetic particles from our Sun to surge into “Her”. Auroras are formed when strong solar winds send out solar electrically- charged particles (coronal mass ejections) into our planet’s magnetosphere which is already filled with electromagnetism.

International Day Of Peace – Dr Schavi

International Day Of Peace – Dr Schavi

Our world certainly is in need of this. Although we should be praying and meditating daily for peace and healing on our planetary home, joining the United Nations in its proclamation is a righteous action.

The Special Cosmic Portal – Dr Schavi

The Special Cosmic Portal – Dr Schavi

The day prior to an Equinox or Solstice, the day of their arrival, and the day after is a special three-day portal when our planet Earth/Gaia is in a particularly balanced vibrational frequency as “She” makes the seasonal shifts into spring, summer, autumn, and winter in “Her” yearly cycles.

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