Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Guidlines For Now Ashtar. By Gabriel RL.

Greetings! We are the Ashtar Command!

We have seen how you have asked several particular questions about some movements both on the physical plane in which you reside, and in the spiritual areas.

Of course, you also know that we, at all times, ensure that the greatest amount of information/answers come to you through via various means, and regardless of how you react or not to those answers, whether or not they resonate with your particular truth, we send them because we know and feel that your deepest Self is prepared to receive them.

So, what we are going to inform here, for some may be too much to hear, for others will be normal, and for others it may certainly bring even more questions – which in this case, as we have already said, we see no problem in sending answers, by whatever means. Know and be attentive.

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If you do not feel it in your hearts because they are too troubled or simply refuse to listen the various sensations that seems feel like answers to your questions, we can not take responsibility for not assimilating the ideas and answers sent by us or for any member of the large family.

Be able to silence to understand and assimilate; you can decode. Know it!

Family, we are bringing closer our fleets by shifting them in constant approximations. While this happen some other who have been instructed and guided to other areas revolted and attacked us in various ways.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

DNit Telegram Channel

This fact gives us even more authority to move forward and disarm them with our high technology. Recently, you may have already realized it, your local Sun is largely surrounded by our fleets, so you may also perceive greater brightness in your night.

This is not only caused by the brightness of your Moon or the number of stars seen in your particular Sky, but also due to our ships that tend to use the atmosphere of your Planet, giving it greater luminosity and ensuring that the environment remains more secure and paceful.

“Battles” may sometimes appear to be occurring in your skies, a fact already seen and publicized by many. But we want you to let you know that, by no means, the battles of our incoming fleets and the unconfederated fleets seen in your skies are similar to those you have experienced on the ground. We did not go to war; we simply disable the weapons or any actions that come against us.

Solar 1

Solar 1

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Solar 2

Solar 2

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Solar 3

Solar 3

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

There may be shots fired from our ships against the nonconfederated fleets, and these shots have three particular effects. First, it disables nuclear power directed at us. Then it paralyzes the bodies of the attackers, preserving their life and consciousness, and finally disintegrates part of the negative impregnation in these attacking beings, accumulated in their fields for the eons of time, thus giving them the chance to think for themselves and review their attitudes.

You know, dear Family, we will never disrespect life in any way. We will never violate our conscience. All the consciousnesses we capture that are in disharmony, causing conflicts and wars in your world or wherever you are, when embraced by our fleets, are respected and honored, and we desire that you on the surface act in such a way, you represent on the surface.

Do not worry or fear the destruction of your Planet. We will ensure that this will not happen. But we want you to truly be open arms for the transformations that have taken place on Earth, and your hand in particular will ensure that the entire transitional process occurs in the most harmonious way possible without stress or despair.

Do not be frightened by what you have seen or heard. Do not fear the news of Solar Waves, or the Closure of Observatories, we send clear signals of our presence to all of them.

Many knowing that, inevitably, our presence will be increasingly felt and seen, abandon their posts, insecure because of the actually huge visibility of our fleets in your skies.



Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Do not be afraid to feel the need to keep enough food and water for seven to fifteen days. This is not to make you rush to the supermarkets for food and water supplies, but to simply let you know that those who still hold the temporary power of certain areas of yuor Planet may want to torment you with false news of “national security” character, closing their supermarkets and delaying water supplies.

We are not saying that this is going to happen right away, but they plan it and we, along with our surface allies, are creating gaps in their ideas, delaying and nullifying all the processes developed by them in their final despair over their Planet’s dominion.

One thing is certain: nothing they do will be enough to stop the immense wave of Higher Consciousness that is dominating the Earth! THE LIGHT IS!

Before some of you speculate about the truthfulness of our message, we can say that those who truly know about us and recognize our presence within, know that we would never invade their personal space, we would never argue against you in any way, in the end, we would never force you to believe in us, as that would be a violation of ourselves.

We leave everyone free to feel in their hearts the emanations we give you in the act of our message.

Do not fear the lack of water. It will never end! Do not fear the lack of food as there is enough for everyone on your Planet and even outside it. Do not fear lack of electric energy, for the Earth there is abundant free energy, just like the whole Universe!

Do not fear threats against you, our presence will guarantee LIFE as a whole. Just do your part as collaborators of the Major Plan, preserving life in itself, taking care of your own bodies, minds and spirits.

So we disable any weapon against you, whatever level it might be. Threats of the scalar type do not access higher fields of consciousness and, when they access, do not have total efficiency in their action.

Green Planet

Green Planet

Guidlines For Now Ashtar

You, as Lightworkers, are in fact bombarded with these weapons countless times and we see with our own eyes when you void the action of these weapons only with a smile.


A few words about plasma weapons: we’re making them useless. On tentacular conscious plasma: the Love of your hearts is engulfing and dissipating the darkness that surrounds it. What will remain? The pure and eternal consciousness inherent in every being.

Recycling and restoration is a programmed fact, but with much Love.

About Kid Abductions for Rituals: We are infiltrating several of our surface members into their secret societies and we are, of course, preventing many of these situations until their complete annulment.



Guidlines For Now Ashtar

Can we do more? Yes, you dear ones of Earth, stop complaining and raise your consciences. When you complain, you are easy targets; when you distribute Love, you are indestructible pillars of Light and nullify these movements.

On the grid of Sirian Stones (Cintamanis): a powerful Angelic Field is forming, increasing the flow in the the Ley Lines, accelerating and clearing the entire old plasmic field of the old consciousness on the Planet, accelerating the descent and support of Angelic Forces and updating the Planetary Grid.

About the massive reincarnations of twin souls and the like: courageous and determined souls secured their first support, often refraining from their personal wills to ensure that movements took place.

They understood that deep down, what did not seem like their personal will, indeed was, because they perceived fields more enlightened of themselves and guaranteed a greater awareness for themselves and those around them.

They also ensured the opening of Portals for the arrival of more unified beings for the indestructible implantation of the New Age based on Love without forms, concepts or prejudices. LOVE ONLY. THE WAVE OF TRUE LOVE HAS COME, AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT.

Dear friendly souls, these are our guidelines paired with your most conscious and confident SELF of their importance in the performance of this Great Plan.

There are high seas, the volcanoes exhale, the tectonic plates are moving, winds of change are blowing. Anyway, there’s a team working: us and you.

Is there anything to fear? Is there something you can not do? Is there something so scary coming? No! There is not! There is something coming, and no matter what our dissatisfied friends do, say or threaten, it will happen. It’s already happening. It is now, at this time. What is? IT’S YOUR EMPOWERMENT! THE SAME THAT YOU FEEL NOW! And who can stop it? 🙂

We are your family who, for ages, remained by your side. For ages, we exchange ideas, we cry with you, we smile with you, “we fight” with and for you. This is one of the happiest moments of our lives, know it! We love you infinitely. Also know that!

We are the Ashtar Command.

Gabriel RL: Thank You, Dear Command!

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