Guardians - From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 11 - Lev


From 3D To 4D And 5D

Part 11

Guardians – From 3D To 4D And 5D Part 11 – By Lev

When we go from 3D to 4D and 5D, we are not doing it alone. Our Guardian(s) are always with us.

Who are they?

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These are the parts of the teaching system created around the Earth and beyond. More often than not, they are the rays of attention from our Higher Selves, accompanying us through life and influencing it for the most favorable evolution of our consciousness.

Sometimes they are called Guardian Angels, teachers, guides, mentors, doppelgangers, etc.

Guardians - Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel


For the most part, Guardians are higher aspects of our Monads, members of our Spiritual Family.

Guardians can be given to us by the planet, reality, lineage, or egregore (Christianity, Muslimism, or other).

Each of us has a principal Guardian, who is around all our lives, and several alternating helpers. It is with this Guardian that we most often come in contact to receive information.

The number and quality of mentors depend on the extent to which we pass our incarnational program.

For example, there is a minimum option (life in a small town, work in a modest office) and a maximum option (starting life in the same small town, but discovering one’s talent as an artist, musician, writer, etc., and then moving to the capital, with further gaining of world fame). In the first case, a person will have one Guardian, and in the second – another.

If the job involves impacting society or potential danger to life/health (firefighter, policeman, military, tester, etc.), then the Guardians are added, and their roles become more responsible.

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Guardians - Firefighters



The number of Guardians increases if our awareness increases. If we move to a new level of consciousness, Guardians may connect to each of our chakras. Their role will be to develop the chakras, helping us to become more multi-dimensional beings.

Each of us is a target of both hierarchies – Light and Dark. One leads us to Spiritual development, while the other attracts us to material development. On both paths, one can get lost if the balance is disturbed.

Guardians can change polarity, but they rarely do it. For example, if a person was a dark mage or priest, he may receive a dark Guardian from the egregore, who will then accompany him in the lives of the Light as a protector as well.

It would not violate the Universe’s Laws, since we get lessons of free will here and, according to duality, is always influenced by polarities between which has the right to choose the path.

By changing our polarity during life, we can also change the polarity of the Guardian, who also has freedom of choice (but not always).

As for Guardians, the phrases “Everything is fractal, and everything is similar,” “As Above, as below,” are applicable.

Just like people, Guardians have a personality (often similar to ours).

Guardians - Our Polarity

Our Polarity


They can be lazy, irresponsible, forgetful, playful, tedious, but in most cases, they have a sense of humor, the main currency of all worlds. They can be shoddy, quarrelsome, and they can even refuse their services, whether on a conscious level or not.

The Guardians themselves, like any other manifestations of consciousness, do not have forms and names, but they often represent themselves and in physical bodies that they possessed in their last incarnation.

In 90% of cases, they appear in the human bodies for not overloading the minds of their wards with unfamiliar forms. But they can also look like dragons, lions, wolves, swans, unicorns, peacocks, and even lizards.

In such cases, a person under wardship either belonged to a civilization of these animals or has a shamanic past, and the Guardian is his animal totem from life to life.

There are Guardians created by the person and being his projection, whether in this or other incarnations. For example, children can create “imaginary friends” for themselves.

Guardians - "Imaginary Friend"

“Imaginary Friend”


If sufficiently energized (by the child’s creative thought-forms), they can gain enough strength to work autonomously. If the energy is insufficient, the thought-form crumbles.

“Imaginary friends” are not necessarily creatures of the child but can be true Guardians. The communication with them is kept on a conscious level during the first years of life, for not shocking the incarnated soul by immersion in 3D reality.

In some cases, Guardians from the “Dark Side” can be those very “monsters under the bed,” scaring the child to teach him not to be afraid and overcome fear.

Sometimes Guardians come into the bodies of kids (that is, they are born in the family of a mentee) if they cannot reach their mentee from the Subtle Plane.

At times, Guardians have condensed into physical 3D bodies to transmit the important information, although it is a violation of the rules, and the Guardian may get punished for it.

Guardians often talk to us through other people, mostly unconscious or even in a state of semi-sleep/intoxication (so it is easier to use the medium’s speech apparatus to transmit information).

A random passerby can drop a phrase that will set things right in our lives or reflections. Such an action can occur when we accidentally notice an ad on the street, hear a sound or melody, or taste food.

Guardians - Accidentally Notice An Ad

Accidentally Noticing An Ad


Each of these small elements may hold the key to activating memory or unpacking the package of information to aid in our awareness.

Sometimes Guardians don’t contact us at all. It doesn’t mean they don’t exist, though often we may feel it, or will be given similar information from outside (“learn to filter yours from not yours”).

There are mentors, but they do not give answers but only observe our actions as incarnate. They intervene only in cases of acute need, which, however, rarely happens, because the field of events is sufficiently protected and shaped by a high degree of our inner harmony and awareness.

In such cases, dangers and human error (missteps, negative karma generated, short-sightedness in relationships, aggression, etc.) are minimal.  Most of the standard lessons are long gone. A person creates his/her world, not only without interfering with others but also by helping them in many ways.

If we stray from the path, the kicks (“bludgeonings of Chance”) begin, as they do with all others, but for this, we need to try VERY hard. Plus, we may be thrown from one reality line to another if we’ve made some key misstep.

We can call it limiting our free will, and to some extent, it is true, for the greater our responsibility, the more we are led and guided. However, this responsibility is taken in the deeper levels, and free will is limited only where we don’t need to be.

For example, we can’t be allowed to the race, flight or nightclub, so as not to be exposed to danger.

Guardians - Exposed To Danger

Exposed To Danger


The absence of Guardians or their refusal to contact is common when Souls undergo a key, or a final incarnation, or multi-dimensional assembly, or an examination by the Source.

We have to act autonomously, without cues or cribs that make many people despondent (sometimes to tears). But the point is to be as autonomous and responsible as possible.

Such of us are usually lucky in life. Everything works out harmoniously. Problems are solving by themselves. Job does not require much effort and energy (or a lot of it is given for quick recovery). But we have to work hard, and at the same time, we get many temptations and lessons.

Often there can be a feeling that we live three or four lives, or even more, because friends, interests, jobs, places of residence, even appearance are constantly and dramatically changing. It is how different aspects are activated and built into us.

Before this, in the vast majority of cases, a zeroing is carried out – resetting the old ballast, or we turn out to be too heavy and cannot get new knowledge and energy without getting rid of the old ones.

Zeroing in as losing the old self and gaining a new one is also used for testing our motivation. But we are never given more lessons than we can handle.

Guardians - Zeroing



Loss of communication with the Guardians is possible when:

– We renounce them either with a powerful intention (out of hopelessness and despair) or as a member of some sect/order/cult/ritual/movement;

– When communication is difficult caused by a large number of transitions from higher dimensions to Earth, as well as due to 3D Veil;

– The Guardians can be taken over by the Grays – to deceive us and fudge our minds from life to life, forcing us to incarnate in undesirable circumstances and planting various intrigues (violence, crime, dementation).

It can also be part of an earthly contract. It is up to our Soul to recognize that something is wrong, find a way out of the situation, and reconnect with the true Guardian/Higher Self/our cosmic Home.

Religious fanaticism most often closes the channel to our Guardians, and zealotry gives its own – the Grays or Darkies;

– Some of us tend to keep everything under our control. In this case, Guardians may get fed up with the constant neglect of their work and may withdraw.

The direct connection with Guardian can also be blocked because we have forbidden it and want to go through the lesson without prompting. Or we are not ready for such a connection – we don’t believe, we are too infantile, too dependent, we want to receive instructions from “above” rather than work independently, etc.

In the latter case, the Grays will also gladly intercept the channel and provide us with instructions to execute it. Hence, for example, ISIS and the jihadists exterminating “infidels” with fire and swords.

Guardians - With Fire And Sword

With Fire And Sword


Age also plays a significant role. The younger we are, the less likely that Guardians will directly interfere in our lives to not hinder our personal development. It is one of the reasons why up to the age of 25 (on average), the Guardians may not come, although each case is different.

Some of us demand the solution to every problem and answer every our question, thinking of Guardians as servants at the beck and call. “Let them help me and show me where to get a loan and how to pay it back”- This is how these requests sometimes are looking.

Often, the parents of a kid, who has barely entered this 3D space, teach him to focus only on logically justified, physically definable facts.

Barely learning to talk and ask questions, he hears the irritated, “It doesn’t work like that. Don’t make it up. Stop talking nonsense. It’s just a fantasy,” and so on.

By the age of five or six, the child is turned into a programmed computer, working to suppress communication with its Higher Consciousness, to erase the memory of its Spiritual Home, to reject info about the structure of the Universe.

The kid learns not to trust himself, driving the knowledge deep into his subconscious.

Because of this, growing up, we all move through life as if we were groping in the dark, not hearing the clues, not believing in the answers.

Our brain has gladly taken on the role of the Messiah, instilling in us how things should and should not be, what is right and what is wrong.

Guardians - Our Brain As Messiah

Our Brain As Messiah


The fermentation of thoughts, the build-up of anxieties, doubts, and fears, all sorts of “suddenly” and “ifs,” accusations, judgments, cherishing one’s Ego – all this also is our mind undoubted merit.

A lot of negative emotions endlessly rock our nervous system that manifests themselves through various diseases of the body.

We must look at all these facts from the perspective of experience without judgment. It is just that the conditions of experience have become tougher, and finding the Spiritual beginning in ourselves is a difficult task.

However, the more valuable is the victory with which we return to our cosmic Home, having recognized and overcome much, having gained spiritual insight and strength.

It is impossible to achieve such a state with our consciousness and logical mind alone.

Only by becoming aware of ourselves as an integral part of the Source, by experiencing the energies of unconditional Love and learning to abide in them, by channeling an infinite flow through ourselves into the surrounding space, by being constantly in the state of giving, can we have this experience.

No external tricks, no techniques, or practices can help us without constant work on ourselves, without our total control over our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

We can balance our energies for as long as we like in meditation, but if we leave the house for five minutes, we can immediately start a fight with the neighbor, thereby losing all our attunements.

Guardians - Losing All Our Attunements

Losing All Our Attunements


Our life does not consist of meditation time and prayer and a time of ordinary life.

Everything is fused and requires us to be unconditionally honest with ourselves.

Our words and deeds, no matter how right they may seem, for our consciousness evolution mean nothing if they are not born from sincere motives, pure spiritual impulses, and inner hard work.

We can lie to ourselves endlessly, wallowing in endless illusions and delusions of the mind, but lying to our Higher Self, our true self is impossible.

From the higher dimensions, all our mistakes, every attempt to veil and justify our weaknesses, our overgrown Ego, our resentments, and fears are very clearly visible. It is impossible to achieve purification through denial.

As long as we deny, even in the slightest degree, our responsibility for everything that happens in our lives, we are doomed to endlessly battle the “windmills” that will come our way with enviable consistency.

And the further we go in our spiritual growth, the more we are responsible for all our thoughts and actions.

Guardians - Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth


The mission of Guardians is not to carefully pave our way with a red carpet. Their direct intervention in the events of our life is possible only in the most urgent case, when something completely unplanned happens that threatens the higher plans of our Soul.

Our Guardians, who cared for us since our creation, who accompanied us through thousands of incarnations, who have infinite Love and compassion for us, can only hint gently at something, unobtrusively give a sign or a tip, invisibly embrace us, sending us consolation.

At nights, they carefully and painstakingly care for our Subtle Bodies, helping them recover from any traumatic events.

But incarnational life is our experience and only ours. It is our daily work. We alone are responsible for the number of bumps we get during our lives. The choice of the path, its level of difficulty, the success of its passage – it is only our choice.

We can be very selfish, laying claims to the world, forgetting that the cause of all trouble is in us.

We are used to judging someone or something all the time. Our inner aggression is constantly pouring out on those around us. We are strangled by resentment over the unjust structure of the world.

Guardians - Love For All

Love For All


All attempts to find the miraculous esoteric sites and methods for attaining grace without making any inner efforts for self-transformation, without passing through ourselves the energy of unconditional Love for all, without feeling gratitude for all difficult experiences as necessary lessons, are doomed to one hundred percent failure.

That’s the way the Universe works. Only through the thorns can we reach the stars. To get this understanding, we immersed ourselves into earthly bodies.

As soon as we understand and fully accept this reality, we begin to evolve spiritually, thus fully justifying the mission for coming into this incarnation.

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