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Groupthink Introdution

Groupthink Introdution

Groupthink Introdution. By Lisa Renee.

Foreword: Before you attempt to digest this challenging content, let it be said and known that the inverted systems and reversal networks in the planetary architecture, are systematically being dismantled and aligned to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One.

Corrections are being made to the Ley Lines for horizontal-vertical-diagonal alignments, activation of organic creator code and Krystic zero-point architecture are detoxifying and purging out death codes from every corner of our planet.

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Groupthink Introdution - Ley Lines

Ley Lines

Groupthink Introdution

A selection of demonic hierarchies, satanic-luciferian cult harvesting stations, negative alien AI tech and mind control weaponry, and an array of parasitical infestations of miasma, miscreants and bottom feeders are also being cleaned up and evicted.

This is a massive ongoing project currently underway, which is being monitored by Cosmic Christos intelligences and cannot be stopped.

The chess game strategy is on and those of us that are awakened and awakening through the dark night, must be brave and courageous so that we can begin to understand deeper truths and see clearly how the enemies of humanity have repeatedly tricked us into submission through mind control subversion.

This will be the shocking realization of betrayal by those in authority that we trusted, and an emotional grieving process for humanity that will happen in stages of ongoing development for the purpose of integrating a great global spiritual healing.

Gradually, we will be taken down the rabbit hole of disclosure and through the many twists and turns to break free from the controlled narrative, and finally be guided to see the larger truth hidden behind these events.

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Then we will be supported to gain personal spiritual strength through neutrality, empathy and to compassionately integrate this extreme experience by learning from its higher knowledge, each at our own pace and consciousness level.

Some will struggle with heavy trauma and dogmatic overlays, and thus choose to leave this timeline, and will be supported from another location in the field.

Currently, the Black Sun entities are clinging to the Dragon Moth Grid and its AI weaponry and from what I can tell, this is the last stand of the most powerful levels of psychotronic weaponry that they have control over as they take their final shot at regaining global control through a digital war.

Many of the human Controllers seem to be confused as to why their methods are falling short, yet they press on with all the assets and resources they have which are being put into the final solution of rolling out their One World Order or Techno-Totalitarianism.

If we pay attention to all of the props they are using for enforcing tyrannical control through psychological warfare; masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), the terrorism tactics of censorship, political correctness, groupthink thought police, funding anarchists, supporting lawlessness, Alice in Wonderland crazy making tactics, nanochip vaccinations, it’s all made visible for us to see.

Naysayers with firing brain cells not linked into the hive net perpetuating the groupthink can no longer deny these events as fringe conspiracy theories, there is a spiritual war, a psychological war being waged against humanity and it is very visible now.

To stop feeding into this digital warfare and anti-human system by believing staged events designed to co-create extreme pain and suffering, we must be educated to know how this was done, and how what we are actually observing happening now is the result of many years of methodical grooming and patient subversion to socially accept this anti-human agenda.

Stay the course and know that although it appears to be dire, the God forces, Christos forces do not succumb to shortcuts outside of the Law.

All of this reorganization to support planetary ascension must occur without superimposed force and within the natural cosmic order.

It is Time!

Time is on our side and the Great Awakening is happening now!

Groupthink Introdution


What is Groupthink?


AI Network of Brain Net


One World Order


Weaponizing Groupthink


Dragon Moth Dragon Grid


Escalation to Mob Frenzy


Ideological Subversion


Clarity and Discernment


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