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Grounding To The Source Light - By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Grounding To The Source Light

Grounding To The Source Light – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

There are many people who suggest that we should “ground” to our planet by walking barefoot outside or by hugging a tree or even by hugging our pets more closely because they have a “sixth sense” that humans supposedly do not possess.

However, with our dear planet Earth/Gaia being lifted up, stirred, shifted, vibrating faster, and being powerfully illuminated, we must now “ground with Her”, not “to Her”.

Therefore, we must embrace the LIGHT that is constantly incoming.

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We hold onto our planet and “ride” the “Cosmic Sea” with “Her”.

Each morning, and whenever necessary throughout the day, stand with your feet together.

Stretch out your arms with upraised palms.

Take a deep breath, and hold it for a count of four.

While holding your breath, envision bright SOURCE LIGHT swirling down around and through you from your crown to your feet.

See the LIGHT move into the planetary core.

Release your breath.

Take another deep breath for four counts and hold it.

Send the LIGHT straight back up (not swirling) to SOURCE.

Release your breath and breathe normally, and go about your daily affairs.

If you wear prayer malas, continue to wear those which are connected to trees such as Amber, Boddhi Seed, Rosewood, and Sandalwood.

Grounding To The Source Light - Cosmic Sea

Cosmic Sea

Grounding To The Source Light

They “ride” with the planet as “She” receives greater LIGHT. They become like our ” sacred surfboards” that are vibrating with mantras. Throughout the day, hold it, and breathe deeply.

Before wearing any mala for the first time, be sure to “Seed” it with a proper healing or protective mantra.

Cleanse those suggested malas with either a Tibetan singing bowl or tuning fork which plays the 528 Hertz “miracle tone” (which has scientifically been shown to help to re-set DNA, to heal, and to alleviate stress) or by moving it through the smoke of incense.

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When resin, wood or seed malas are cleansed with water, they can lose their sheen and can also crack.

So, to avoid this, just use the cleansing methods mentioned.

Some of these malas may also have lovely crystals or gemstones as “marker beads” (those which come after every set of 27 beads) and a crystal or gemstone “Guru” bead (which represents the DIVINE SOURCE).

Sometimes a mala may have two cords containing small beads on either side of it which are used to keep up with how many rounds of mantras are chanted.

The traditional mala has 108 beads with a 109th “Guru” bead.

The number “108” represents the teaching of the ancient scriptures that our Sun is 108 times the circumference of our planet and also the major 108 UPANISHADS (sacred books) of the total of 1,008 and also the originally revealed 12 zodiac signs multiplied by the originally known 9 planets many, many thousands of years ago.

Happy “grounding”!

More by Dr. Schavi

International Joy Day – Dr Schavi

International Joy Day – Dr Schavi

After morning meditation, I was guided by my HIGHER SELF to establish on Monday, October 10th, 2022, the first “INTERNATIONAL JOY DAY”, the purpose of which is to spread LIGHT in as many ways as possible to as many people as possible in a specialized manner with an understanding of deep spiritual TRUTH.

The X-Class Has Arrived – Dr Schavi

The X-Class Has Arrived – Dr Schavi

As predicted, on Sunday afternoon, October 2nd, 2022, at approximately 3:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), an “X.1” solar flare blasted from our Sun, and the sunspot numbered “AR3110” by the “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” (NASA) has reported that several more flares of “X-Class” levels are posing for delta explosions.

The Heart And Solar Resonance – Dr Schavi

The Heart And Solar Resonance – Dr Schavi

Many people are concerned who are experiencing heart palpitations (rapid and/or irregular heart rhythms), and this, of course, causes anxiety and trips to a doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room.

Flare Alert! – Cosmic Update 2 October 2022 – Dr Schavi

Flare Alert! – Cosmic Update 2 October 2022 – Dr Schavi

At 221 UT on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, which was 9:21 PM (EDT) of Saturday, October 1st, an “M8.7” solar flare erupted from our Sun, and this was after an earlier “M5.9” solar flare. These levels are almost “X-Class” which is the strongest rating. Each flare produces a CME of plasma because our Sun is comprised (among other substances) of plasma.

New Month More Energetics – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

New Month More Energetics – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

As we head into the Solar Eclipse on October 25th in transformative Tropical Scorpio, there will be further cosmic events to awaken our DNA and further cleanse cellular records. This new season in the hemispheres begins a new “concerto” in the “Cosmic Auditorium:”.

Friday Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Friday Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Be advised that cosmic forces are constantly answering the call for planetary clearing and cleansing as “3d” events unfold

Continuing Surges: Non-Stop Solar Energetics – Dr Schavi

Continuing Surges: Non-Stop Solar Energetics – Dr Schavi

On Wednesday evening a very interesting comment was made as an official from the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” (NOAA) was being interviewed concerning the devastation happening due to “Hurricane Ian”. She stated that very intense weather patterns have increased over many years around the world.

Venus Enters Libra – Dr Schavi

Venus Enters Libra – Dr Schavi

The planet Venus enters Tropical Libra on Thursday, September 29th, 2022, at 3:49 AM (Eastern Daylight Time—EDT), and it will join our Sun which is already in Libra as of the change of the seasons on September 22nd. Venus basically governs love, beauty, and finances. Libra governs one-on-one relationships, balance, and issues of justice—its symbol is a balancing scale.

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