Graphene Free Energy - Sci-Fi Material

Graphene Free Energy – Sci-Fi Material

Graphene Free Energy. By Resonance Science.

Graphene, one of the most important nanomaterials developed so far, continues to surprise the scientific community.

Graphene is incredibly thin but 200 times stronger than steel while still being flexible. It’s transparent, can conduct electricity, can easily be made magnetic, and is cheap to make. Some say graphene may well revolutionize computing, telecommunications, and engineering. This wonder material sounds like fiction, but Graphene is the real deal. Physicists say that we will soon be able to make electronics that are thinner, faster and cheaper than anything based on silicon, with the option of making them clear and flexible.

Graphene Free Energy - Sci-Fi Material

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This time, thanks to the extraordinary phenomena found by a group of physicists from the University of Arkansas.

We are talking specifically about the capacity to use the thermal motion of atoms in graphene as a source of energy!

In this recent work the team of researchers have successfully developed a circuit capable of capturing graphene’s thermal motion and converting it into an electrical current.

The idea of harvesting energy from graphene is controversial because it refutes physicist Richard Feynman’s well-known assertion that the thermal motion of atoms, known as Brownian motion, cannot do work. Thibado’s team found that at room temperature the thermal motion of graphene does in fact induce an alternating current (AC) in a circuit, an achievement thought to be impossible.

Graphene Free Energy - Single Layer Of Carbon Atoms

Single Layer Of Carbon Atoms

Graphene Free Energy

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, as seen in the Figure above.

This layer bends and ripples at room temperature; there is no need to induce this movement, which own its own, can provide energy if properly harvested from it.

Therefore, in other words, it is a free energy device!

That is what Thibado’s group achieved by building their circuit with two diodes for converting AC into a direct current (DC).

Placing the diodes in opposition allows the current to flow both ways, providing separate paths through the circuit and producing a pulsing DC current that performs work on a load resistor.

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Graphene Free Energy - Graphene Aerogel

Graphene Aerogel

Graphene Free Energy

Additionally, their design increased the amount of power delivered.

This means that it gives more energy than is injected into it … or, in other words, it exhibits an over-unity mechanism!

As Professor Paul Thibado, leader of this research, said “… the on-off, switch-like behavior of the diodes amplifies the power delivered, rather than reducing it, as previously thought. The rate of change in resistance provided by the diodes adds an extra factor to the power.

The team used a relatively new field of physics to prove the diodes increased the circuit’s power. “In proving this power enhancement, we drew from the emergent field of stochastic thermodynamics and extended the nearly century-old, celebrated theory of Nyquist“.

​The low frequency current induced in the circuit by the relatively slow motion of graphene, is important from a technological perspective because electronics function more efficiently at lower frequencies.

For this reason, Thibado suggests that an energy harvesting circuit based on graphene could be introduced into a chip to provide clean, limitless, low-voltage power for small devices or sensors.

If the DC current can be stored in a capacitor, it could serve as a low power battery replacement.

It is important to notice that since the system (graphene and circuit) are at the same temperature, heat does not flow between the two, so there is no violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

The fact that this effect has been harvested in Graphene, confirms the exceptional characteristics that this material has, which are to be explored further.

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