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Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 November 19

2021 Edition

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – By ThinMint

As you scroll through the highlights, ask yourself if the Deep State were in charge, would this be allowed? Or would we even know about it? Also some news may not seem “good,” but it’s on the list because it is utterly fantastic it’s being exposed!

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Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 1

A subpoena issued by the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Elections, Election Process Reform and Ethics and signed by Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu (R), Senate President Chris Kapenga (R) and committee chair Senator Kathleen Bernier (R) calls for the city to turn over all physical absentee ballot certificates for the November 2020 General Election and the results of tests on electronic voting machines used for the election

WI Rep Tim Ramthun has put forth a resolution calling for a “full forensic physical and cyber audit” to be conducted in the state of Wisconsin, as well as a decertification and electoral recall

Influential Georgia state senator Burt Jones, who is running for lieutenant governor in 2022, says he believes states like his own that used drop boxes to collect absentee ballots last year should audit the surveillance video tapes that were installed at the voting locations

A lawsuit has been filed against PA county election officials and former PA Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar stating in the suit, ““Defendants intentionally and fraudulently conspired to destroy, delete, secrete, and hide November 3, 2020, election data, materials, and equipment to prevent discovery of election fraud and election law violations in Delaware County, which the Defendants also conspired to commit and did commit while carrying out the November 3, 2020, election”

A whistleblower in Delaware County, PA is sharing video and audio evidence of vote tampering in the 2020 election

The Gateway Pundit post images from unannounced meeting at the Maricopa County Election and Tabulation Center among top Arizona Elections officials. The photos show Elections Director Scott Jarrett, County Recorder Stephen Richer, Elections Director Reynaldo Valenzuela, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Maricopa County Board Chairman Jack Sellers. No public notices appear to have been made about this meeting. As TGP asks, “What is Maricopa County doing in such secrecy?”

Judicial Watch announced that it sent letters to election officials in 14 counties and five states (Arkansas, California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon) detailing how these states’ own reported data show that their counties removed an “absurdly low” or “impossible” number of inactive voter registrations under key provisions of the NVRA. The letters threaten federal lawsuits unless the violations are corrected in a timely fashion

Arizona State Rep Shawnna Bolick has called on Arizona Atty Gen Brnovich to investigate the actions of Scottsdale Unified School District official Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father Mark, who been stalking concerned parents who attend school board meetings

According to an article on the Home School Legal Defense Association site, a Household Pulse Surveys conducted by the United States Census Bureau concluded, “that a roughly equivalent proportion of the households across all racial and cultural groups is now involved in homeschooling… equal proportions of families across every income bracket are choosing to homeschool their children, too… homeschooling is … now commonly practiced by families from different racial, cultural, and income backgrounds

A settlement that the Loudoun County, Virginia school board agreed to prohibits retaliation against Byron Tanner Cross, who sued the Loudoun County school system after being put on administration leave for denouncing a then-proposed rule to force teachers to use transgender pronouns, among other things. The settlement also requires the school district to remove any references to Cross’ suspension in his personnel file and pay $20k of his legal fees

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Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 2

Four candidates with no political experience won school board seats in Forest Hills, Ohio, replacing four out of five school board members, running on a platform against critical race theory being taught in schools. The four candidates were also backed by the “Ohio Values Voters” group, a political nonprofit that backs candidates who support pro-life policies and “family values”

A letter from House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) calling out Biden’s Atty Gen Merrick Garland outlines the documents turned over by the whistleblower and demands answers from the DOJ about a new “threat tag” being used to track parents. Nicole Neily of grassroots nonprofit Parents Defending Education said the whistleblower’s disclosures “prove that the FBI was, in fact, using counterterrorism tools to investigate concerned parents who have attended school board meetings, which directly contradicts Garland’s sworn congressional testimony” [exposed]

An analysis collaborated by several prestigious medical institutions across the UK, including NHS England, the Imperial College of London, Public Health England, and the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, determined that an overwhelming 99.995% of children and young people in England with a positive covid test over the first year of the pandemic SURVIVED the virus, which translates to a microscopic 2/1,000,000 mortality rate (99.9998% recovery) for people under 25 when adjusted for population

After the US Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit granted a motion to stay OSHA’s covid-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS), OSHA has suspended activities related to the implementation and enforcement of the ETS pending future developments in the litigation

Frontline Doctors released a statement: Lancet study proves the shot does not prevent transmission. “fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection in household settings, including to fully vaccinated.” Why is this so important? The 1905 SCOTUS case Jacobson v Massachusetts held that mandates can only be considered to “prevent the spread of contagious disease.” As all studies show the shots don’t stop transmission, Covid mandates are obviously illegal

Pro-freedom advocates continue to gather in Australia to make their opposition clear

Fauxi went on The New York Times’ podcast The Daily to discuss the current state of the coronavirus in the U.S. According to Fauxi, officials are now starting to see some waning immunity against both infection and hospitalization several months after initial vaccination [admission]

Taiwanese officials announced they will suspend second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to teens due to the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis

Oklahoma State Sen Rob Standridge (R) introduced Senate Bill 1106, the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act,” which allows employees to sue their employers over medical issues related to any operations made mandatory as a condition of employment. If an employee is harmed by a forced medical operation, the employer could be liable for as much as $1 million

Dr Paul Marik files a lawsuit against Sentara Healthcare after being barred from administering safe and effective covid-19 treatments

The CDC updated its figures acknowledging that a 146.6 million people have been infected by the covid-19 and have survived it [natural immunity]

The newly appointed adjutant general heading the Oklahoma National Guard, Gen Thomas Mancino, reversed the existing covid-19 vaccination mandate for Oklahoma National Guard troops this week, allowing them to refuse the vaccination while they are serving in the state. Spokesman Lt. Col. Geoff Legler said, “… allow our unvaccinated Guardsmen to continue to serve in Oklahoma without any negative repercussion” [he added, “but it does not provide any protection should they need to attend any military school or training activity run by an active duty component or the Department of Defense”]

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 3

From The Washington Times front page article: “Surge in cases upend Biden strategy for vaccination. Covid-19 breakthrough infections are increasing as vaccine effectiveness rates drop below 50%…”

Ireland re-imposes covid-19 restrictions including a curfew. 93% of the adult population are fully vaccinated [Even if their claims of half of the hospitalized being vaccinated were true, it does not make sense that a nation so heavily vaccinated would be experiencing a spike at all if the vaccines worked]

Alberta (Canada) Premier Jason Kenney, though he has enacted numerous restrictive covid measures, said that any school board that attempts to enact a vaccine mandate for “children to be vaccinated to attend class will be held accountable.” The province’s Education Minister Adriana LaGrange wrote, “To be clear, there is no legislation in Alberta that requires K-12 students to have specific vaccinations to attend in person schools, nor is Alberta Education considering mandating vaccines of any kind for students in the K-12 education system”

According to a court document released in response to a legal challenge demanding transparency, the FDA, “asked a federal judge to make the public wait until the year 2076 to disclose all of the data and information it relied upon to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine,” wrote attorney Aaron Siri in a Substack post [wakey-wakey!]

The Ohio House passed the Medical Freedom Act. The bill would: ban public or private use of vaccine passports; prohibit schools or businesses from requiring any vaccine that hasn’t been approved by the FDA; requires schools and businesses to accept vaccine exemptions for any reason of personal conscience, including religious conviction, possession of natural immunity, medical contraindications; and students and employees can take legal action if their rights are violated

Gibraltar, whose officials bragged is the “most vaccinated country in the world,” is now reporting the small territory has called an early cancelation of Christmas. The report said that the government claimed spikes in cases had been traced to “religious gatherings, workplace mixing and social events.” Samantha Sacramento, the health minister, described the rise in cases as “drastic,” and insisted that people take their booster shots [wakey-wakey!]

The number of states taking the Biden administration to court over its covid-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is now up to 22, across two different joint suits. A group of ten states led by Missouri filed a lawsuit against the health worker mandate in federal court; on Monday another coalition of twelve states led by Louisiana filed another one citing language from the ruling of the Fifth Circuit of Appeals who blocked one the OSHA mandate

Pfizer Inc Chief Financial Officer Frank D’Amelio will retire

Freedom loving, unvaccinated employees sued their employer, Sacred Heart Health System, over their vaccine mandate. Atty Jeff Childers tweeted about Judge Wetherell’s ruling in which the judge cited: 1) covid’s low mortality rate and mild severity for most individuals; 2) the risk-benefit ratio of the vaccine weighing more toward risk; 3) protection provided by natural immunity; 4) alternative treatments like Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies; 5) vaccines do not prevent contraction and transmission of the virus

Zerohedge reported the search term “died suddenly” has spiked to an all-time high in the last two months, with data going back to 2004 -a trend worth watching closely

There are now 8 countries that have stopped covid-19 vaccines for mostly under 30: 1) Taiwan suspends 2nd Pfizer vaccine; 2) Iceland suspends Moderna (for all ages); 3) Sweden suspends Moderna; 4) Finland suspends Moderna; 5) Denmark suspends Moderna; 6) Norway suspends Moderna; 7) France suspends Moderna; 8) Germany suspends Moderna

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 4

Oklahoma State Sen Rob Standridge introduced Senate Bill 1106, the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act.” The bill is aimed at both the private and public sectors and seeks to hold all employers financially liable for a minimum of 1 million dollars for each injury resulting from a vaccine or other medical treatment that was mandated as a condition of employment. The bill would also apply to employers who enforce President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate that seeks to require any businesses with more than 100 employees to impose a vaccine mandate for its workers

Steven Michael Krpata, Jr was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for production of child pornography

Edwin Torres was arrested, charged by complaint with one count of distribution of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography

Randy McKinley pleaded guilty, admitting to having child pornography with children under the age of 12. McKinley faces up to 10 years of incarceration and a fine of up to $250k

Richard Fred Dittmer III was sentenced to 27 years in prison for attempting to sexually exploit a child and for receiving child pornography using a file sharing network

“Non-Binary” Professor Allyn Walker, who advocated for the de-stigmatization of pedophiles, has been placed on leave by Old Dominion University

Dean Lainhart was sentenced to a concurrent thirty years in prison for Sexual Battery While in a Position of Familial or Custodial Authority, 15 concurrent years in prison for the Lewd & Lascivious Molestation of a minor, and designated as a Sexual Predator in addition to his life sentence

Charges have been filed against Andrew Bradshaw, the mayor of Cambridge, Maryland, who is accused of having posted nude photographs of a former acquaintance to Reddit and sub-Reddit forums related to sexual activity, humiliation, degradation, race, and other topics, alongside racial slurs and sexually explicit language without her consent or knowledge and with the intent to harm her

The Women’s Liberation Front files a lawsuit against California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Corrections Secretary Kathleen Allison, and wardens Michael Pallares and Mona Houston for violating the 1st, 8th, and 14th amendments through a new state law. The plaintiff Krystal Gonzalez says she was sexually assaulted by a biological male transferred to Central California Women’s Facility under the law, known as the Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act, or SB 132. When Gonzalez filed a grievance and requested to be housed away from men, the suit says, the prison’s response referred to her alleged attacker as a “transgender woman with a penis.” It continued, “Krystal does not believe that women have penises and the psychological distress caused by her assault is exacerbated by the prison’s refusal to acknowledge the sex of her perpetrator” [Well, well, well. Look who’s stepping up now]

Joshua Burrell, a Manhattan real estate fund manager, has been indicted with securities fraud, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft in connection with his operation of a New York-based investment firm, Activated Capital, LLC

Jason Wedderburn and Kayan Kitson two Jamaican citizens have been sentenced to federal prison for lottery scams that defrauded U.S citizens, primarily senior citizens in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and several other states, of more than a half-million dollars

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 5

A whistleblower named Brett Mauser came to Project Veritas from the CBS affiliate in San Antonio, providing footage of training from the station’s parent company Tegna, a company that owns CBS affiliates in San Antonio, Houston, and 62 other news stations across the country. The footage shows training officers instructing, pressuring, and even intimidating employees to leave behind objectivity in journalism and embrace racial issues as the core concern of their work. Tegna’s Chief Diversity Officer, Grady Tripp, told employees that they were would be judged based on how much their work revolves around political ideology rather than actual journalism [exposed]

Abraham Olagbegi, after a successful bone marrow transplant, qualified as a recipient for Make-A-Wish. Abraham chose to show thanks for his good fortune by passing it along to others. The wish Abraham asked for was to feed the homeless in his area one day a month for an entire year. On the third Thursday of each month, Make-A-Wish’s Mississippi chapter has committed to helping Abraham coordinate with local organizations and businesses to feed up to 80 homeless people in Jackson’s Poindexter Park

Judge dismissed Rittenhouse’s gun charge. Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team filed for a mistrial with prejudice because of the prosecutorial misconduct for withholding evidence. Judge Bruce Schroeder also let loose on the media reporting of the case, saying that he was now rethinking the thought of ever having live feed in the court again, because of how the media had been responding, which he didn’t think was good for the case. MSNBC has been banned from the Kenosha courthouse for the rest of the Rittenhouse trial. James Morrison was order by MSNBC producer Irene Byon to follow the juror’s bus and take pictures of the jurors. Today, Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty of all charges

Curtis Zy-Keith Means was delivered at a gestational age of 21 weeks 1 day (148 days) on July 5, 2020 -his original due date had been November 11. Sadly, his twin did not make it. He is considered the world’s youngest pre-mature baby who has survived

Two of the three men convicted in the assassination of Malcolm X, Muhammad Aziz and the late Khalil Islam, are set to be cleared. A two year long investigation found that authorities withheld evidence, no physical evidence linked them to the crime, the FBI had documents that pointed to other suspects, that prosecutors knew about but didn’t disclose that undercover officers were in the ballroom when the gunfire erupted, a witness supported Aziz’s alibi that he was at home with a leg injury at the time of the shooting

Pennsylvania Republicans have approved “constitutional carry” legislation that would allow residents to carry concealed firearms without a permit [Gov Wolf promises to veto]

According to a Defense Department inspector general report, the Pentagon responded appropriately and in a timely fashion to urgent requests for National Guard assistance on the day of the January 6th peaceful rally, counter to the narrative by Pelosi, who repeatedly claimed that the Pentagon delayed the dispatch of National Guard troops

Discovery chief David Zaslav, who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with Warner Media is complete, is reportedly “…going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a good number of CNN’s talent/staff will be fired as part of a major shakeup” according to Jon Nicosia, former Mediaite and IJR managing editor

Rasmussen Reports asked voters, “Do you trust the political news you are getting?” Answering no, Democrats 32% (was 26%); Republicans 69% (was 58%); unaffiliated 62% (was 48%); all voters 53% (was 43%)

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a complaint against Facebook alleges that Facebook executives violated federal securities laws by making false statements to the public regarding the negative effects its platform has on the mental health of teen users

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 6

Myanmar’s state election commission announced it is prosecuting the country’s ousted leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and 15 other senior political figures for alleged fraud in last November’s general election. The new notice from the commission said Suu Kyi, former President Win Myint, other leading figures in her party and the commission’s former chairman were “involved in electoral processes, election fraud and lawless actions”

It appears that the Austrian military and police are standing with the citizens against totalitarianism. They are refusing to check for vaccine passports

The World Wide Rally For Freedom Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 20th

Northwestern University’s Samuel Stupp used a new method of an injection of nanofibers, each just one ten-thousandth the width of a human hair, to mimic something called the extracellular matrix, which is a network of molecules surrounding cells. The fibers contain peptides, little bioactive molecules that transmit signals and promote nerve regeneration. This “bioactive scaffold” regenerated damaged cells in the nervous systems of mice paralyzed from spinal cord injuries, allowing them to walk again 3-4 weeks after treatment—an astonishing feat never before achieved

The Trump Organization has agreed on a deal to sell its hotel near the White House in Washington DC

Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice,” ended her 2017 lawsuit against Trump in which she accused the show’s former host of sexually assaulting her. Alina Habba, a lawyer for Trump, noted that Zervos received no payment or attorney’s fees in ending the lawsuit. “She had no choice but to do so as the facts unearthed in this matter made it abundantly clear that our client did nothing wrong,” Habba said

New York state judge Joel M. Cohen dismissed a lawsuit brought by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, in which Cohen sought $1.9 million from Trump to cover legal expenses

Donald Trump says Pulitzer prizes should be taken back from NYT and WaPo after Russia hoax exposed

A new Rasmussen poll has revealed the charges faced by former Trump White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon (55%) and the raid of right-wing reporter James O’Keefe’s (52%) home are both viewed as “politically motivated”

Wyoming Republican Party votes 31-29 to stop recognizing Liz Cheney as a member of the GOP. Cheney is now facing at least four Republican opponents in the 2022 primary

Sen Patrick Leahy (D-VT) will retire at the end of his term

Democrat Rep GK Butterfield (NC) announced he would not seek reelection in 2022. Butterfield is the 16th Democrat in the House to announce plans to leave the chamber this cycle, following Rep Jackie Speier (CA)

An unearthed video has revealed Rep Bennie Thompson, the January 6th Commission Chairman, support for the guerilla warfare secessionist group Republic of New Afrika. Thompson’s advocacy on behalf of the RNA has been well documented in newspaper clippings, video footage, FBI and local law-enforcement archives [Yay! Wonder what else we’ll learn about the committee]

Tennessee vax official Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus caught lying about “anti-vaxxer” threat. Fiscus purchased and mailed a muzzle to her office, her husband telling Anderson Cooper, “Someone wanted to send a message to tell her to stop talking, they thought it would be a threat to her.” The health department meanwhile released a memo explaining that Fiscus had been fired for attempting to steer state money to a nonprofit she founded

Kamala Harris’ comms director Ashley Etienne leaves the administration after reports staff are in-fighting and her boss is being sidelined

A Convention of States/Trafalgar Group survey asking, “Do you believe President Asterisk’s Build Back Better plan will be helpful or hurtful to America’s economic recovery?” found that overall, 52.4% said it will be “hurtful,” and of those, 43.5% said it will be “very” hurtful

Good News November 12 November 19 – 2021 Edition – ThinMint

Good News November 12 – November 19 – Part 7

Phil Solorzano, owner of six Solorzano’s Pizzerias in Sarasota County, Florida created the “FJB Pizza,” out of the frustrations over inflation and shortages brought about by the supply chain crisis

According to the latest ABC poll asking if midterms were held now, 51% of say they would vote Republican, 41% for Democrats. This is the largest lead ever for the GOP. In the states of AZ, FL, GA, NC, NV, PA and WI it was 58% Republican and 35% Democrat

In the latest poll from Quinnipiac, 52% of Americans say Democrats have moved too far left; 54% say Democrats don’t care about the needs of people like them; 46% say the Republican party would do the best job handling the problems; 46% they would want to see the Republican Party win control of the House of Representatives; 46% “want to see the Republican Party win control of the US Senate; 36% approve of Biden’s job performance; 61% say the economy is getting worse; 47% do not believe Biden cares about the average American

In a new Politico/Morning Consult poll asking whether Biden is “mentally fit,” 46% say he is and 48% disagree. Asked whether Biden is “stable,” 44% say he is and 50% disagree

The Western States Sheriffs Association, which represents Sheriffs from 17 states, declared a position of no confidence in DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling on the Biden admin to remove and replace him as well as asking the Biden admin to start “enforcing the rule of law”

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia joined Louisiana in the lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana against the Biden Admin for bans on oil and gas energy development. A federal judge has granted a nationwide injunction on Biden’s executive order to halt oil and gas operations on all federal lands

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