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Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25

2022 Edition

Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – By ThinMint

As you scroll through the highlights, ask yourself if the Deep State were in charge, would this be allowed? Or would we even know about it? Also some news may not seem “good,” but it’s on the list because it is utterly fantastic it’s being exposed!

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Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 1

  • Senate Government Committee Chair Kelly Townsend has subpoenaed Maricopa County officials to show up next week and explain why they aren’t providing 2020 election documents demanded by the attorney general


  • Thanks to a procedural maneuver, AZ Rep John Fillmore’s bill to eliminate nearly all early voting and requiring all ballots to be hand-counted will move on to the Senate Committee, bypassing earlier attempts from House Speaker Rusty Bower’s to a similar bill. Republicans passed the bill out of the Senate Government Committee in a 4-3 party-line vote. Republicans on the committee also voted to advance a measure that would require ballot drop boxes to be monitored by an election worker or a security camera


  • Newly released emails from Nov 2019 show AZ Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer expressing his concerns about voter fraud and unscrupulous elections officials before the 2020 election. In these emails, Richer expresses concerns over ballot harvesting, signature verifications, human bias, duplication of ballots, voter roll maintenance, and policy that enables election fraud. Richer even showed support for post-election door-to-door canvassing efforts


  • The Georgia Elections Board has approved a subpoena to secure evidence and testimony in an ongoing investigation into whether third-party liberal activists illegally gathered thousands of absentee ballots in the 2020 general election and a subsequent senate runoff


  • Thomas More Society attorneys have acted on behalf of a Milwaukee, Wisconsin voter to levy allegations against Milwaukee Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson, former Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and Milwaukee City Clerk Jim Owczarski, stating that these officials acted in violation of Wisconsin’s election bribery law [Statute § 12.11] by accepting private money from the Center for Tech and Civic Life in order to facilitate in-person and absentee voting and to purchase and place absentee ballot drop boxes. The complaint alleges that the City of Milwaukee’s privately funded absentee ballot drop boxes in the 2020 election were illegal under multiple Wisconsin Statutes and violated federal law


  • Liz Harrington [President Trump’s spokeswoman] shares: New report out of Mesa County, CO finds definitive electronic manipulation in the 2020 election 25,913 ballots cannot be validated, unauthorized election databases created contrary to law [more: https://useipdotus.files.wordpress.com/2022/03/mesa-3-report.pdf]


  • According to True the Vote, 7% of the ballots in Wisconsin at the ballot drop boxes were likely fraudulent votes. They estimate over 137k ballots were trafficked in Wisconsin. Gregg Phillips from True the Vote testified that they saw similar results in all of the battleground states


  • US District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump appointee, ignored sentencing recommendations for a January 6th Patriot from federal prosecutors. “It does feel like the government had had two different standards here, and I can’t abide by that”

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Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 2

  • CA Rep Darrell Issa (R) has submitted document preservation notices to former DNI boss James Clapper, former CIA boss Michael Hayden, former Sec of Def Leon Panetta, former CIA head John Brennan, former top CIA aide Nick Shapiro, White House Press Sec Jen Psaki, WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain, WH Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Communications Dir Andy Stone, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to, “immediately initiate document preservation for all materials relating to questions, inquiry, conversation, strategy, and response to the media reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop and/or its contents that first appeared in the NY Post on October 14, 2020,” and to notify employees, consultants, and subcontractors who might have access to relevant materials


  • Dr David Martin, a double-board certified surgeon and widely published author, recently filed the first in a series of lawsuits in Federal Court naming Biden, Xavier Becerra of the US Dept of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and its leaders as Defendants. Martin explains that the first lawsuit is in part litigation for discovery, to put into the public record, “that the covid vaccine is not a vaccine.” The claim states that the FDA categorizes the shots as “CBER-Regulated Biologics,” otherwise known as “therapeutics,” which falls under the “Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program.” The lawsuit lays out three Causes of Action against Defendants: the first being the “Violation of Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments Substantive Due Process;” the second explains “Violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments related to the Equal Protection Clause;” and the third insists that the Defendants are violating the Constitution of the United States with CMS mandates “in that they invade and encroach upon sovereign powers that reside solely in the States and have never been relinquished by the States to the Federal Government”


  • US Republican Senators Ron Johnson (WI), Mike Lee (UT), Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), and Mike Braun (IN) are sponsoring a bill to provide assistance to Americans who have suffered adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccines, amending the current Countermeasure Injury Compensation Act, which failed to provide redress measures for patients who have suffered negative responses to the vaccines


  • Triple vaxxed Jen Psaki tests positive for covid… for a second time


  • Triple vaxxed Hillary Clinton tests positive for covid… and still promotes the vaccine


  • A bipartisan group of New York state lawmakers are backing legislation [S 2067/A 3162] that would establish “a temporary state commission to study and investigate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic response on deaths in nursing homes”


  • Federal judge Trevor McFadden temporarily blocks a Washington, D.C., law from going into effect that would have allowed children as young as 11 years old to receive covid-19 vaccination without parental consent


  • Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Butker, says he would rather retire than compromise on his morals & get the jab. “Football isn’t my life. It’s my job. I love it. I love kicking, I love the Chiefs, I love playing, but you know, I’m a child of God and husband and father and that comes before playing football”


  • The Virginia House of Delegates passed a resolution by unanimous vote that commended Dr Paul Marik, co-founder of FLCCC, for his distinguished career and life-saving work during the pandemic. HR 228 recognizes Marik for “his courageous treatment of critically ill covid-19 patients and his philanthropic efforts to share his effective treatment protocols with physicians around the world”
Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 3

  • [Mixed bag] The Netherlands will not require face masks in taxis or on ferries but do remain required at airports and on planes (several Dutch airlines have said they will no longer enforce the measure). People attending an indoor event of more than 500 people will also no longer have to show a negative coronavirus test result for entry, although the CoronaCheck app will still remain a requirement for foreign travel


  • New Zealand prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, announced they will do away with vaccine passes and vaccine mandates for some of the workforce in early April. The changes include scrapping all gathering limits in outdoor settings and removing requirements for people to use the covid-19 tracer app to scan in when entering businesses; hospitality and other venues can increase their indoor gathering limit from 100 to 200; vaccine passes will no longer be needed to get into shops and venues, and vaccine mandates will be dropped for workers in education, police and the defense force [Those working in health, corrections, aged care and at the border will still need to be vaccinated to work]


  • The CEOs of American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and other major carriers sent a letter to Joe Biden urging him to end federal mask mandates on airplanes


  • Vulnerable Congressional Democrats are joining Republicans in calling for an end to mask mandates. Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney: “I’m completely over mask mandates. I don’t think they make any sense anymore. I’m for whatever gets rid of mask mandates as quickly as possible”


  • According to Del Bigtree, CEO of Informed Consent Action Network, “Pfizer sent out sort of an emergency statement to all the stockholders saying we need to have a meeting to discuss that we think we’re gonna see some earnings drops based on some things that are gonna come out about some dangers of potential side effects of the vaccine”


  • The Kansas Senate passed HB 2280, a bill known as the Off-Label Drug Bill which allows for the prescribing and dispensing of off-label drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 but also requires child care facilities and schools to grant religious exemptions from covid-19 vaccination requirements without the need for an inquiry into the sincerity of the particular person’s individual belief


  • An “invisibility cloak” for cancer drugs has been developed by scientists. They named it iCAP (inducible CAP). It hides good bacteria from the immune system, enabling them to reach tumors undetected. Infection fighting T cells sometimes fails to distinguish friend from foe. The genetically engineered “microbial encapsulation system” solves this. Professor Tal Danino said, “We can regulate the time bacteria survive in human blood, and increase the maximum tolerable dose. We also showed our system opens up a new bacteria delivery strategy in which we can inject bacteria to one accessible tumor, and have them controllably migrate to distal tumors such as metastases, cancer cells that spread to other parts of the body”


  • Trump rescinds Mo Brooks endorsement in Senate race in Alabama


  • More than 100 House Republicans announce a joint fundraising effort to aide Harriet Hageman, who is running to unseat Cheney as Wyoming’s lone Member of Congress


  • Five term TX Democrat Filemon Vela resigns from Congress; he won’t even finish the year. This makes 32 House Democrats who have will not contest their seat in the midterm elections


  • NE Rep Jeff Fortenberry (R) was found guilty by a federal jury for concealing information and making false statements to federal authorities who were investigating illegal contributions made by a foreign national to the congressman’s 2016 re-election campaign


  • The Colorado state Republican Party is being investigated by the Federal Election Commission for funneling missing money to illegitimate consultants and engaging in other fraudulent activities instead of helping President Trump’s campaign as promised
Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 4

  • FBI agent William Tisaby, who worked with Soros-backed St Louis Circuit Atty Kim Gardner and who led the investigation into former MO Gov Eric Greitens, pleaded guilty to evidence tampering


  • An Arizona Senate panel passes bill requiring schools to teach students how communism and totalitarianism are in conflict with freedom and democracy. The bill now goes to the full Senate for a vote


  • FL Gov Ron DeSantis signed bill SB 1054 into law. The new law will apply to students entering ninth grade in the 2023-2024 school year, and require that they take a half-credit course in personal finance before they graduate [let’s get these students to study Mises and Rothbard!]


  • The Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction is set to review charges of misconduct against Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent School Scott Ziegler. This has been brought forth by the parental rights group Fight For Schools for his failure in the handling of the high-profile sexual assault cases in the district


  • Rasmussen released a poll in which likely voters were asked, “Who do you trust more to deal with education issues: Democrats or Republicans?” 43% of voters said they favored republicans, 36% said they favored democrats


  • Two new species of glass frogs, the hyalinobatrachium mashpi and hyalinobatrachium nouns, were found living in the same 6,200-acre reserve in the tropical Andes


  • April Curley, a former employee of Google, has filed a lawsuit against the company claiming, “the search engine company steers them to lower-level jobs, pays them less and denies them opportunities to advance because of their race” [don’t know if it’s true, but it’s interesting to watch a Woke Company be accused of Not Being Woke]


  • Shares of Facebook and Instagram parent Meta have fallen more than 40% over the last six months


  • Josh Jones received a Citizens Award from the Phoenix Police Department for taking an assailant down after the thug assaulted a teenaged girl


  • SD Gov Kristi Noem (R) signed an education bill into law, which prevents South Dakota colleges from requiring students and faculty to attend Critical Race Theory (CRT) based trainings or orientations


  • Students in the Austin Independent school district have held a district-wide Pride week for the past eight years. Texas Atty Gen Ken Paxton, sent a letter to the school district calling Pride week “sex education” and notifying the school that without parental consent, the celebration is breaking state law. “The Texas legislature has made it clear that when it comes to sex education, parents, not school districts, are in charge. By hosting ‘Pride week’, your district has, at best, undertaken a week-long instructional effort in human sexuality without parental consent. Or worse, your district is cynically pushing a week-long indoctrination of your students that not only fails to obtain parental consent, but subtly cuts parents out of the loop. Either way, you are breaking state law”


  • WY Gov Mark Gordon signed a bill into law called the Second Amendment Protection Act. It prohibits state and local government entities in Wyoming from enforcing “any unconstitutional act, law, treaty, executive order, rule or regulation of the United States government that infringes on or impedes the free exercise of individual rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States”


  • FL Gov Ron DeSantis issued a proclamation declaring Emma Weyant, the runner-up the of a 500-yard freestyle competition the rightful winner instead of transgender Lia Thomas. “By allowing men to compete in women’s sports, the NCAA is destroying opportunities for women, making a mockery of its championships, and perpetuating a fraud,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter. “In Florida, we reject these lies and recognize Sarasota’s Emma Weyant as the best women’s swimmer in the 500 yard freestyle”


  • Kentucky, Arizona, and Oklahoma passed legislation to prohibit biological males from competing in girls’ sports, regardless of whether they claim to be “transgender”
Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 5

  • UT Gov Spencer Cox (R) vetoed a bill to protect girls from having to compete against biological males in girls’ sports. The state legislature will now meet to override the governor’s veto


  • TN Gov Bill Lee (R) proposed a 30 day pause on the state’s 4% grocery tax amid worsening inflation [how about no tax –permanently]


  • Oklahoma state house passes HB 4327. The bill outlaws doctors in the state from performing any abortions unless the life of the mother is at risk. Private citizens could also sue doctors or others in the state in violation of the law for up to $10k. The bill next moves to the state’s Senate where it will likely pass under the GOP-led majority


  • ID Gov Brad Little (R) signed new abortion restrictions into law. The law bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy [exceptions for rape, incest, and medical emergencies] and allows only family members to file a lawsuit against anyone facilitating an abortion


  • CO Rep Ken Buck (R) is asking for a full investigation into US Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s leniency with convicted child porn offenders


  • The US Attorney’s Office *accidentally* published a sealed list of 121 alleged clients compiled by former Sarah Lawrence College student and prostitute Claudia Drury. The list includes lawyers and businessmen and socialites [some with ties to Jeffrey Epstein] throughout the Tri-state [NY] area. The document is among the govt exhibits admitted in the federal case against Larry Ray, who is on trial in NY, charged with operating a sex cult out of his daughter’s dorm room at Sarah Lawrence College. He is charged with sex trafficking, extortion, money laundering, violent crime in aid of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy and forced labor


  • FBI agents in El Paso arrested Ft Bliss soldier Staff Sgt Brendan Jacob Bradford on a federal charge of receiving and distributing visual depictions involving the sexual exploitation of children and is being held without bond. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. Bradford was arrested as part of an investigation by the FBI El Paso’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force


  • Russian Parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said those who sexually abuse children repeatedly should serve their time in the Arctic where they’d work in Siberian mines. “Those convicted for such crimes should serve life sentences in the harshest conditions, in the extreme north (of Russia) or in mines. These bastards should undergo the hardest labor, so they remember the crimes they committed every day and regret them”


  • BlackRock takes a 17 billion dollar hit on its Russian securities holdings


  • The 9th Circuit issued a final ruling in the Stephanie Clifford (aka Stormy Daniels) frivolous lawsuit case against Trump brought by her disgraced lawyer, Michael Avenatti, upholding the lower court ruling that she owes Trump nearly $300k in attorney fees, costs, and sanctions


  • Yuval Noah Harari continues to push the “trans human” narrative. The good news is that he is feeling so embolden to share the Cabal’s plans. The more he speaks, the more people will wake up


  • Don Trump Jr, along with several former members of the Trump Admin, have launched the news aggregation app MxM News (Minute by Minute)


  • President Donald Trump RICO suit accuses former Sec of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Dir James Comey, the Democratic National Committee, and dozens of others of engaging in an organized plot to spread malicious and false information about Trump [as well as the DNC, Perkins Coie, Michael Sussman, Marc Elias, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Charles Halliday Dolan Jr, Jake Sullivan, John Podesta, Robert Mook, Phillipe Reines, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Orbis, Business Intelligence LTD, Christopher Steele, Igor Danchanko, Neustar Iinc, Rodney Joffe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, Andrew McCabe, John Does 1-10 (names being fictitious and unknown persons), and ABC Corporations 1-10]
Good News March 18 March 25 – 2022 Edition – ThinMint

Good News March 18 March 25 – Part 6

  • The motion for extension to produce classified discovery that Durham filed in the Igor Y. Danchenko case has been granted [you decide]


  • German MEP Christine Anderson to Justin Trudeau at the summit: “A Prime Minister, who openly admires the Chinese basic dictatorship who tramples on fundamental rights by persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens as terrorists, just because they dared to stand up to his perverted concept of democracy should not be allowed to speak in this house at all. Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy. Please, spare us your presence”


  • Rand Paul delays Russia trade relations bill, which swiftly passed in the House 424-8, concerning certain language in the bill that he warns will give a US president broader authority to sanction a person for human rights abuses under the Magnitsky Act


  • An I&I/TIPP Poll reveals when asked, “are you better off today under President Joe Biden than you were a year earlier?” that fewer than one in five (20%) said they were “better off” while 42% said they were “worse off” and 36% said they were “about the same.” Taken as a whole, that means 78% of Americans have seen no progress or improvement at all in their financial and economic lives since Biden took office [we don’t people to be worse off; we want them to wake up!]


  • The latest Emerson College poll shows 59% of voters say they are somewhat or very favorable of Trump. Among Independent voters, 28% approve of the job Biden is doing while 64% disapprove


  • According to a Public Policy Institute of California poll, 51% of likely CA voters disapprove of President Asterisk. A year ago a poll from the same group showed Biden with the support of 65% in the Golden State. Biden won the support of roughly 60 percent [bet the disapproval numbers are higher]


  • An Emerson College national poll found that 83% of voters say they are experiencing some hardship due to increased prices on everyday items, with 40% reporting significant hardship, and another 43% reporting some hardship [people are waking up]


  • A poll released by Rasmussen Reports found 64% of likely voters believe the policies of Biden’s administration have increased inflation


  • The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll [March 25th] shows that of likely US voters, 57% disapprove President Asterisk’s job performance


  • The latest Rasmussen Reports national survey finds that 66% of likely US voters believe the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop is important, including 48% who think the story is Very Important. 69% of voters say they have closely followed news reports about Hunter Biden, including 37% who have Very Closely followed news about the president’s son. 65% of voters believe it’s likely, including 48% who think it’s Very Likely, that Joe Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from his son’s foreign business deals. 48% say if the media had fully reported the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election, it’s unlikely Joe Biden would have been elected president


  • The National Pulse revealed that in Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners’ [a subsidiary of the Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz’s founded Rosemont Capital] portfolio is Metabiota, a company that purports to detect, track, and analyze emerging infectious diseases a firm that collaborated on identifying and isolating deadly pathogens in Ukrainian laboratories, receiving funds from the Obama administration’s Department of Defense in the process


  • The Department of the Interior said that it will be moving forward with plans for oil and gas leasing on federal lands


  • 10-year-old Sophie Enderton makes “chemo comfort bags” for hospital patients after seeing her grandfather battle pancreatic cancer, and wanting to brighten the days of chemotherapy patients


  • Harley and Harry Crane, the UK’s most premature twins born at 22 weeks, headed home from the hospital —five months after their birth when they were given a zero percent chance of survival
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

As you scroll through the highlights, ask yourself if the Deep State were in charge, would this be allowed? Or would we even know about it? Some of this will show us what we can expect coming down the pike, and perhaps some of this can be used to help wake up those we care about. Also some news may not seem “good,” however it’s on the list because it is utterly fantastic it’s being exposed!

Good News April 8 April 15 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 8 April 15 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

As you scroll through the highlights, ask yourself if the Deep State were in charge, would this be allowed? Or would we even know about it? Some of this will show us what we can expect coming down the pike, and perhaps some of this can be used to help wake up those we care about. Also some news may not seem “good,” however it’s on the list because it is utterly fantastic it’s being exposed!

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