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Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29

2022 Edition

Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – By ThinMint

As you scroll through the highlights, ask yourself if the Deep State were in charge, would this be allowed? Or would we even know about it? Some of this will show us what we can expect coming down the pike, and perhaps some of this can be used to help wake up those we care about. Also some news may not seem “good,” however it’s on the list because it is utterly fantastic it’s being exposed!

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Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 – Part 1

  • Voter Reference Foundation is launching an absentee-ballot tracker in battleground states for the 2022 primary and general elections. They are making available to the public a portal to which sent and returned absentee ballots for the midterm elections can be tracked daily in Georgia, North Carolina and Wisconsin, with Michigan and Nevada being added in the coming weeks. The group already has a database of voter rolls from 20 states and the District of Columbia available on its website, with other states soon to be added


  • Americans for Public Trust is suing the FEC for failing to take action on a complaint against Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss who has funneled money to Democratic causes and dark money groups. Wyss is not an American citizen, which would make donating to political candidates or political action committees illegal [hmm… and what will


  • Kalamazoo attorney Matthew DePerno and Oak Park educator Kristina Karamo, two Trump-backed Republican candidates in MI, have beaten out establishment picks to earn the nomination of the MI GOP


  • A report regarding a Williamson County, TN municipal election in October 2021 was issued by the US Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) claiming an erroneous code was identified on voting machines and software even though the EAC had certified the machines


  • Auditors and independent researcher Dan Sundin found that the Dominion voting machines in NM were configured to an un-certified software version, ran on a different un-certified software version, and despite the fact that the machines gave an error during the election, the election continued anyway [similar to what occurred in TN. Info courtesy of Nick Moseder]


  • FL Gov Ron DeSantis (R) signed SB 524 which: creates an Office of Election Crimes and Security to investigate allegations of voter fraud; increases the penalty for ballot harvesting from a first-degree misdemeanor to a third-degree felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison, a $5k fine, and up to 5 years probation; requires the Dept of State to strengthen ID requirements for mail-in ballots; requires supervisors of elections to check voter rolls every year for ineligible voters; broadens the prohibition of election supervisors from receiving “Zuckerbucks”


  • Subpoenas formally issued for evidence in GA ballot trafficking case. The subpoenas ask election integrity group True the Vote and its researchers to turn over identities of ballot harvesters, John Doe whistleblower and suspected funding arms for 2020 ballot trafficking operation


  • According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, GA GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker leads the primary field with 66%


  • Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury ruled against efforts to keep Republican Reps Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs and state Republican Rep Mark Finchem off the November ’22 ballot on the argument they committed “insurrection” in connection to the Jan 6


  • No Democrats file for SD’s US House seat for second election cycle


  • NY’s Court of Appeals has struck down new district lines for Congress and the state Senate drawn up to political advantage by state Democrats with just weeks to go until the June 28 primary elections


  • NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that 47% of registered voters are more likely to vote for a Republican candidate in their district if the midterms were held today. 44% said they would vote Democratic. Republicans also saw a key advantage among Independents, with 45% saying they would vote for the GOP while 38% said they would vote for a Democratic candidate

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Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 2

  • Philadelphia lifted its mask mandate


  • MS Gov Tate Reeves signs HB 1509, which bans state agencies, public officials, state institutions of higher learning, public community or junior colleges, county, municipality, and other political subdivisions from discriminating against individuals based on their covid-19 vaccination status


  • House Bill 631 sponsored by OH Rep Kris Jordan (R) would protect and expand access to drugs and treatments for covid-19 patients. No health dept, medical board, professional association, health care facility or govt body could suppress access to such treatments or take action against a physician prescribing them. Furthermore, boards and departments of health across Ohio would be required to promote and increase distribution of the treatments, such as acquiring them and making them available to pharmacies and others


  • Two High Court judges in England ruled that the government’s decision to discharge hospital patients into nursing homes without testing them for covid-19, which led to thousands of deaths early in the pandemic, was illegal. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by two women whose fathers died when the virus swept through the homes where they lived


  • Tennis players who are unvaccinated against covid-19 will be allowed to participate at this year’s Wimbledon Championships, organizers have said. This would include Novak Djokovic, the Serb was denied entry to the Australian Open earlier in the year due to his vaccination status [Russian and Belarusian players are banned, however]


  • Fully vaccinated and boosted CA Rep Maxine Waters (D) tests positive for covid


  • Fully vaccinated and boosted VP Understudy tests positive for covid


  • Fully vaccinated and boosted IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva tests positive for covid


  • Thanks to Patriots, along with the testimonies from Global Covid Summit and Drs Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, John Littel, Richard Urso and many others, Ivermectin can now be sold in TN over the counter -no Rx or consult required [SB 2188]


  • Daniel Arbeeny has filed a class action wrongful death suit against disgraced ex-NY Gov Andrew Cuomo and his former top aide Melissa DeRosa, for a policy that nursing homes admit covid-19 patients; a directive which killed his Korean War veteran father


  • Mixed bag: Denmark has become the first country to suspend its covid vaccination program. According to official data, 89% of people over the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated, while 76% of adults have received a booster shot. Almost half of children ages 5-11 have had one dose, and a third have been given two doses
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 3

  • The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed all challenges to the Texas Heartbeat Act’s private enforcement provision


  • Pro-life black Democrat Rep Trenee McGee said in her opposition to CT legislation HB 5414 that black girls are groomed to support abortion and use it as a birth control method. “Because the number one reason why a lot of my colleagues believe this bill should be passed is because they felt that black and Latin women lack access to reproductive healthcare… Black women have the highest abortion ratio in the country… 38% of abortions have been performed on black women, but black people only make up 12% of the population… words like ‘access’ were used by people such as Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger… Not only does she go door-to-door in advocacy within the black community, she did birth control testing on women in Puerto Rico and so women for generations were unable to give birth. So that’s why we’ve never lacked ‘access’ because we were the prime target for why abortion should be legalized…” [powerful! And refreshing to hear from a black Democrat on this evil practice]


  • OK Rep Markwayne Mullin (R) introduced a bill [Partial Birth Abortion Is Murder Act] to punish abortionists who commit brutal partial-birth abortions with five years to life in prison without possibility of parole


  • The Oklahoma legislature has passed SB 1503, modeled after the Texas heartbeat law, would prohibit abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy, and allow private citizens to sue abortionists who break the law. Because it has an emergency provision in it, the new law would take effect immediately and would be expected to shut down most all abortions in OK


  • The Wall Street Journal published a strong editorial Tuesday urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow voters to protect unborn babies’ lives again


  • Santa Rosa County, FL Sheriff Bob Johnson: “If somebody’s breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County; we prefer that you do, actually… We have a gun safety class we put on every other Saturday, and if you take that, you’ll shoot a lot better, and hopefully, you’ll save the taxpayers money.”


  • MP Materials broke ground on its first US [Forth Worth, TX] rare earth metal, alloy and magnet manufacturing facility stating they are, “… leading the restoration of the full supply chain and the revitalization of the American manufacturing spirit in our sector”


  • A team at the University of IL Chicago have developed a longer-lasting and eco-friendly alternative to conventional deicers by developing 80 different formulations in the form of sprayable solutions, emulsions, creams and gels. They can be easily sprayed or coated on any industrial surface (metal/ glass/ plastics) without the need for any special surface treatment. The anti-freezing gels they prepared are made of dimethyl sulfoxide (a by-product of plant industry and having miraculous medicinal properties) and gelatin (the stuff you use in making deserts and custards). “Since our anti-icing sprays are bio-friendly and anti-bacterial, we even think there is a potential to use them in agriculture to prevent crops from being ruined by severe frost… we need to do more studies to see if there will be any long-term adverse effect on the plants” said Sushant Anand, assistant professor of mechanical engineering


  • North Carolina State University researchers have designed a textile called Plant Armor, a three-layer, 3D cover knitted using clear yarn, which can be made from recycled plastic, that still allows sunlight to pass through, but restricts insects from reaching plants by forcing insects to navigate a maze-like path making it more challenging to get through
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 4

  • Coign, a new conservative-owned credit card company is marketing itself as an alternative for consumers who are tired of watching the profits from their patronage land with liberal groups that are antithetical, if not outright hostile, to their conservative values. The company will donate a percent of the profits to conservative organizations


  • Real-estate firm Zillow Group Inc is exiting from the home-flipping business, saying that its algorithmic+ model to buy and sell homes rapidly doesn’t work as planned. Chief Executive Rich Barton said Zillow had failed to predict the pace of home-price appreciation accurately


  • Disney Company’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Geoff Morrell is stepping down from his position, according to an email sent to company executives


  • A group of Republicans led by KY Sen Rand Paul (R) sent a letter to Small Businesses Administrator Isabel Guzman demanding to know why the agency has continued to provide Paycheck Protection Program loans to Planned Parenthood affiliates despite them being ineligible for the funds


  • “The Protecting Health Care for All Patients Act,” was introduced this week, which would allow access to life saving cures and prevent discrimination against Americans with disabilities. The Act would prohibit the use of “Quality Adjusted Life Years” in all Federal programs [aka, the Death Panels in Obamacare]


  • Noninvasive sound technology, called histotripsy, developed at the University of Michigan breaks down liver tumors in rats, kills cancer cells, and spurs the immune system to prevent further spread—an advance that could lead to improved cancer outcomes in humans. By destroying only 50%-75% of liver tumor volume, the rats’ immune systems were able to clear away the rest, with no evidence of recurrence or metastases in more than 80% of animals


  • Former MS Dept of Human Services director John Davis has been indicted on 20 additional felony charges tied to allegations that he participated in misusing money that was supposed to help some of the poorest people in the nation


  • According to a Morning Consult poll, KY Sen Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) is America’s most unpopular senator [SD Sen John Thune (R) is the most popular with a 62% approval rating]
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 5

  • Senator Josh Hawley asks Elon Musk to conduct a public audit of Twitter’s censorship practices


  • Twitter has failed to accurately convey its user figures to investors. The 2022 Q1 financial statement showed details of a mDAU (Monetizable Daily Active Usage) error. It also showed that the company made an operating loss of $128 million


  • Project Veritas: Twitter source leaks internal slack channel reconfirming shadowbanning is indeed real


  • Judiciary Republicans send preservation notices to Twitter’s board members formally requesting that they preserve all records and materials relating to Elon Musk’s offer to purchase


  • Elon Musk expressed “no confidence” in Twitter’s current management. Vijaya Gadde, who earned $17 million last year as Twitter’s top legal counsel, could be on the chopping block as Musk is reportedly planning to slash jobs and reduce executive pay


  • Philadelphia’s Common Pleas Court judge Paula Patrick (R) sues The Daily Beast, accusing the outlet of reckless and malicious reporting, and failure to provide proof after it claimed she was linked to QAnon


  • Directed at students participating in the American Heroes after-school program run by the Jack Brewer Foundation, MSNBC host Joy Reid said a photo of young boys attending the signing of a CRT bill in Florida is “tantamount to child abuse.” Former NFL player Jack Brewer is demanding an apology or else he will sue for defamation over Reid’s remarks. “She needs to be held accountable. She does it so often. And you know, her words and the way that she comes across to black America leaves a stain on all of us…” Brewer told the Washington Examiner


  • “Operation MPACT” (Mississippi Partnering Agencies Coming Together) netted over 700 arrests in north MS. Charges include homicide, aggravated assault, aggravated domestic assault, child abuse, child sexual assault, drug distribution, unlawful gun crime, DUI, and failure to register as a sex offender


  • NJ Township re-opens sexual assault investigation on Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, a Democrat mega-donor tied to Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta. The Swiss citizen sits on the board of the progressive Center for American Progress, founded by Podesta


  • OK Gov Kevin Stitt signs a bill into law prohibiting the Oklahoma State Health Dept from amending gender designations on birth certificates/prohibiting a nonbinary option on birth certificates, becoming the first state to do so


  • Judge Alison Nathan denies Ghislaine Maxwell’s motion to overturn her conviction on sex trafficking charges


  • GA Gov Brian Kemp (R) signed HB 1084, which prevents divisive concepts such as CRT. He also signed bills that ensure school board meetings are transparent, ban obscene materials from school libraries, allow retired teachers to return to the classroom fulltime in high-need areas, and give the Georgia High School Association the authority to decide whether children born boys but who identify as girls can participate in girls sports


  • TN public schools will lose state funding under a new law [SB 1861] signed by Gov Bill Lee (R) if they allow transgender students to compete on sports teams for the opposite sex
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 6

  • Orange County Sheriff Deputy William Puzynski saves an infant from a burning apartment building


  • Harper, twin to Gabriella, was born at 23 weeks in Feb ’21. Doctors put baby Harper’s chance of survival at birth at just one percent, but now she’s already passed her first birthday after a historic, lifesaving surgery, using magnets to close the gap in her esophagus


  • Ben Miller from Boise, Idaho collected $1,150 in one weekend via his lemonade stand to raise funds for his local animal shelter when he noticed that some of the cats didn’t have toys


  • Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Angara, the survey found 86% of respondents said moms are the most hardworking people they know; 69% agree that moms don’t get enough credit for all that they do; 7 in 10 Americans said their mom is their best friend; and 63% said their mom is a superhero who can take on any challenge and resolve it with grace


  • The Biden administration has been temporarily barred by federal judge, Judge Robert Summerhays, from ending the pandemic health policy known as Title 42


  • Democratic senators in AZ, GA, NV and NH have already sought to distance themselves from Biden’s move to lift Title 42 [this is an article posted on the CNN site]


  • Myanmar’s former leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to five years in prison after being found guilty of corruption. She is now on trial in multiple cases which could bring combined maximum sentences of more than 100 years. She had already been sentenced to six years imprisonment in other cases


  • Revolver: Exclusive receipts of a USAID grant agreement from 2020 show that the fed govt sent millions of taxpayer dollars in funding for abortion and population control propaganda disguised as overseas covid-relief grants


  • According to White House visitor logs obtained by Fox News, Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin visited the White House eight more times in 2016 to visit then-Vice President Biden’s chief of staff Steve Ricchetti, who was the president of the investment firm Schwerin and Hunter Biden managed, Rosemont Seneca Partners
Good News April 22 April 29 – 2022 Edition – ThinMin

Good News April 22 April 29 ​- Part 7

  • Growing number of top Biden officials eyeing the exits ahead of midterm elections. VP Understudy’s team has additionally seen significant turnover


  • FL Gov Ron DeSantis pledged to fight back against the Biden’s recent move to establish a “Disinformation Governance Board.” DeSantis Press Sec Christina Pushaw told Fox News Digital that his office is “closely monitoring” the “unprecedented threat” from the board in order to assess how to “most effectively defend Floridians’ Constitutional rights”


  • CNN reported Biden’s approval rating among blacks is 67%


  • A poll conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, which was commissioned by Americans for Prosperity, found that 61% of Americans blame Biden for the widespread price increases. 80% said the president’s policies have caused price hikes on gas and 73% said Biden’s legislation led to increased prices in home energy


  • A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll reveals 63% of voters do not want Biden to run for a second term; 58% believe Joe Biden has played a role in his family’s business; 60% say Hunter was “selling influence and access” to Joe Biden; 67% believe Joe should be impeached if he secretly participated and facilitated in the family’s business; 58% said Hunter’s laptop is genuine; 61% said he did not properly pay taxes


  • In a Harvard Kennedy School poll, Biden’s job approval rating among Americans aged 18-29 fell to 41% [59% in spring 2021 and 46% in fall 2021]


  • millions and emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop suggest Joe would have a 10% share in Hunter’s blockbuster deal with the Chinese, and Biden agreed to pay Hunter’s legal fees for his deal with a Chinese government-controlled company. The revelation ties the president even closer to Hunter’s overseas business dealings, despite the White House’s denials


  • Emails from Hunter’s laptop show Joe Biden used alias of KGB spy, “Peter Henderson,” from Tom Clancy novels. The connection was first noted by The National Pulse in October 2020


  • Protesters chant “Let’s go Brandon” and held up “Joe Biden sucks” signs as Biden arrives at Green River College near Seattle


  • According to White House visitor logs obtained by Fox News, Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin visited the White House eight more times in 2016 to visit then-Vice President Biden’s chief of staff Steve Ricchetti, who was the president of the investment firm Schwerin and Hunter Biden managed, Rosemont Seneca Partners

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