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Going Back In Time

Going Back In Time – Ashtar

Part 5

Going Back In Time. By Gabriel RL.

Going back in time amid all these events, from the thousands of ages that have passed, many others similar to you that have become like “special cards for special moments” have descended into your midst, as many have stepped in and out of the game.

These beings came down and, as part of the deal, would remember much more quickly who they were to just help you remember who you are.

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They would also sacrifice themselves. Many gave their lives for this experience, for its loving ending.

Many have arrived at key moments that have forever transformed the history of the earth.

They were the helping hand you were waiting for when you said before the big dive, “But what if we get lost so deeply, so deeply that we can’t do it, to return?

And you heard from us: “Flags will be sent through the ages. You will always be pulled back, always! We will never leave you! ”

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In fact, your antennas are becoming more powerful and the expansion and return to your original consciousness is just beginning.

I say ‘only’ because there is so much more coming as you return to your original states of consciousness.

It is the beginning of a great return to the original starting point.

The beginning of remembering more deeply who you are – which is really far beyond even your galactic identities.

The beginning of a merger with ALL.

So many of these came and incarnated among you.

Going Back In Time - Light Pillar

Light Pillar

Going Back In Time

So many of these came and incarnated among you. Abraham was one of them. He came with the mission to intensify the Light on the planet and give a great new sign. Anyway, many, many came down.

Moses, Muhammad, Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna and so many others. The one you knew as Jesus began the deconstruction phase of Phase 2 as it was, because until this period, shortly before Him, there were preincarnations in the astral/plasma dimensions.

Upon his arrival, he entered the second Phase, occupied an astral/plasma body there, and spent 2,000 of his linear years in this phase, preparing for the descent into Phase 3, the hardest, densest, most difficult and challenging.

In this period, before Jesus arrived, before incarnating into physicality, Phase 3, everyone went through Phase 2 as deep preparation.

Some years incarnated in that environment for the definitive descent into Phase 3. At that time, when the incarnates of Phase 3 disincarnated, they did not return to Phase 2. They were in a kind of “vacuum” that was not in Phase 2, not even in Phase 1.

There was simply no proper “stopping point and breath” (this was also foreseen in the plan, it was part of the game).

In this vacuum, the Higher Self rapidly began to redirect reincarnation into the physicality, Phase 3, collecting the energies generated in the previous incarnation and thereafter mapping the new entry into that Phase.

Thus, the incarnations were faster and without much pause. Consciousness, as soon as it left the body in Phase 3, it might even be “loose” over “Phase 2”, but it would not incarnate again in it in the astral/plasma bodies, nor did it access Phase 1 (Galactic Consciousness).

There were few souls who, just for special reasons, reincarnated in Phase 2, and did not even access some of the Phase 1 Galactic Consciousness. Only very few, only in special cases.

Going Back In Time - Phase 3


Going Back In Time

The normal, the common were just the Phases, as previously described.

With the arrival of Jesus, all that changed. He deconstructed Phase 2.

During the two thousand years in which he was incarnated in this Phase preparing for Phase 3 physicality, he created spiritual temples for soul restorations, powerful crystalline chambers, “spiritual hospitals,” or so-called “temporary houses”.

Environments to receive souls when they leave their physicality. Environments of preparation for these souls so that they can reenter their physicality and follow their soul plans.

Here, the souls were no longer in a vacuum, “he managed” so that they could have a place “to rest” and schedule their reentries in Phase 3.

Then, at this point, when souls left their physicality and reached the plane astral/plasma (Phase 2), it was already lighter, much lighter, completely modified and subtle, making it instantly possible to access many packages of your galactic identities when you enter it!

So from this moment on, when you left the Physical Plane, you entered this already lighter Astral Plane, accessing with partial and sometimes full remembrance of your galactic identity.

Even though you did not ascend completely – a fact that would lead you into Phase 1 Consciousness – you were already feeling great relief, and it was a new impetus for Phase 3 reentry, physicality.

That was a great balm for everyone. Everything was prepared by him, Jesus, even before his incarnation in Phase 3.

After all this was done and having placed angels in the four corners of the earth to ensure that his buildings were maintained he began his descent into Phase 3, taking with him a huge group of souls also prepared for the great mission.

And give the signal that would forever change the fate of the earth, a fact that would ensure that you successfully completed the entire journey, a true teamwork.

He himself, Jesus, even today says this when he try to boast about his mission. He says: “I was a human and still am. I just gave my share of help throughout the process. But they, they who stay there, do more than me. I kiss your feet for courage and determination. I went to take a flag, that of Love and this, the sign. The sign that would keep the hope of remembering deeply who they really are, and they have held it ever since. So it’s not me who deserves applause.”

When he incarnated in physicality, there was a “howl” from the negative forces of the planet that definitely saw that nothing else could do to prevent the loving conclusion of the experience.

After that, several other Gaia signals were fired throughout the Cosmos.

There was then an avalanche of beings from various other systems making themselves available to assist in the experiment as well.

The dark forces tried at all costs to prevent the Elliptical Force from remaining active, also firing signals across the galaxy for unauthorized races to somehow help to continue the experiment, but with even more pain, and that if it perpetuated forever, it was never-ending, without the expected love conclusion.

In the midst of all this “spiritual battle”, Astral environments were also built by our Fleets (Ashtar Command) around Earth to contain certain more disconnected souls who wanted to cause more trouble.

As these desperate conflicts on the part of those most disconnected and desirous of keeping the darkness deep, more angels began to incarnate, and beings of thousands of stars from this galaxy and beyond, causing a drastic energetic acceleration of the planet, greatly increasing consciousness and starting the deepest process of breaking the Matrix from Phase 3.

And here you are!

You had until about the late 1980s to sustain an energy that would prevent drastic and traumatic changes in physicality, and you were very successful in this task.

It did not have to be traumatic. You have prevented a nuclear destruction and the celestial bodies from being attracted by vibration force to destroy the planet.

You had until 2012 to secure the sustenance of another light energy that would ensure more help arrived, and it happened! More Indigos, Crystals, Diamonds and Rainbows began to incarnate en masse.

And you had until the middle of this present year (2019) to sustain another energy that would ensure our approach and closer contact with you all as soon as possible.

And here we are.

You guys were brilliant! You are brilliant! Let’s go home?

Going Back In Time – Part 5/7


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