Global Meditation a Big Thank You

Global Meditation a Big Thank You

Global Meditation a Big Thank You. We would like to dedicate these two images to all the Lightworker that participated to this huge Meditation, to thank all of you for making this event immense.

We want to express or thanks because, like all of you, we felt the immense Source of Energy, overflowing everywhere, overwhelming, who just needed to be perceived and channeled.

We did try to give, with these two images, a graphic expression, like we always like to do, to this energy.

Update 27 February 2017

This is just to let you know that the critical mass has been reached. What we have achieved is epic.

Full report will be released as soon as I gather all intel. 



Global Meditation a Big Thank Energy From the Galaxy's Center

Energy From the Galaxy’s Center

Global Meditation a Big Thank You

In this first image we wanted to depict the first phase of the meditation, with the Crystalline Energy coming from The Source and the Galaxy’s Center. This energy, in our experience, was overwhelming, even difficult to handle, till you decide to let it freely flow. The image shows the branches of the Energy the later surrounded the Earth.

Global Meditation a Big Thank You Healing Violet Flame

The Healing Violet Flame – Saint Germain

Global Meditation a Big Thank You

This second image of thanks would like to emphasize, in the intentions of our artist, the Violet Flame Healer given to us by Saint Germain. The image illustrates the Violet Flame on Congo that links to all raped women who has been healed and then expanded on Terrestrial Globe and heal the whole raped women on Earth.

We would also like to point out that in these images had no retouching, filter or other post-production modifications, our artist has only hurried up to express his residual energy from the meditation.

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