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The Great Quantum Transition - Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition

Gap Part 3

From 3D To 4D And 5D

Gap Part 3 – By Lev

And now, about the most hard, out of whack, and rejected… This is my life… Home, work, home. Spouse, kids, parents. Pals, neighbors, and coworkers. Expensive food, utilities, and gas. Ills, doctors, and medicines. Favorite news, showbiz, athletes, and cloying ads. Sometimes, taking part in poll. And on a sudden, I read that I am a manifestation and part of a Source, which eons ago exhaled me from Self as a Spark, and since then, I, in Soul form, together with my Monadic family, travel through spaces and dimensions, collecting new experiences for One (and myself)… Are you serious?

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Are You Serious?

Are You Serious?

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 😊

Or that I am a participant in the Absolutes’ experiments to create Local Universes and their civilizations – from higher to lower, and vice versa. That my body is multidimensional, and it’s controlled not by me, but also by some sort of Higher Self and Logos. And allegedly by their decision, I specifically incarnated on Earth to help it in the most difficult time – the transition from Cosmic Night to Cosmic Day, to some 5D and elsewhere…For goodness’ sake, what in the world is Night? What is the Logos? Here are my arms and legs, and where else are they? Are you crazy? Sorry, guys, I can’t take this crap, you and all those whom you call Co-Creators…

Such is the gap. And such is our consciousness, which they try transforming and eradicate the entire negative legacy that deeply seeded in us. Before its complete destruction, Darkness must fully unlock ALL its potential on personal and global scale. For that, Darks are allowed to rampage, decompose, fall even deeper, dragging down everyone who does not even want to see, hear and understand anything.

But Darks aren’t aware that this is how they drive selves into a trap from which cannot escape. Each of their actions greatly facilitates the work of Co-Creators, who don’t need to spend time and effort searching and spotting in all the secret cracks everything carefully hidden, all Archons’ supporters. The more they herd and manifest selves in crimes and atrocities, the better are targeted for erasure, and serve as a catalyst that accelerates the awakening of those who are ready for it. Thus, Darks are self-destructing and devouring selves and the System, bringing their end closer.

Such a strategy is difficult to perceive. But this is how the creation of a New World takes place. Everything that goes against evolution generates its fierce opposite and is zeroed by it. The positive cannot establish self until its antithesis has fully disclosed for demolition. The debris and garbage will be recycled in the Greater Cosmos.

Not only is human life built on rhythms: summer is guessed by winter, day by night, and old age by youth. The Cosmic Law of Opposites is one of the most important and is expressed in the rhythms of that Co-Creators steer. Observing the intensification of negative phenomena gives knowledge about the power of the opposite pole.

Everything is cyclical and based on the alternation of opposites, like the beating of a heart. The pulsation and polarity are subject to Cosmic Law. Therefore, Co-Creators let the negativity to manifest in fullest and thus exhaust self, and when it has completely spent its energies, replace it with the opposite. So, after the Darkness of the night, comes the Light of the shining day. There are no phenomena that are not replaced by their opposite pole. Accurate forecasts are based on knowledge of this Law. The future of Earth and our future are based on it.

This tactic allows the negative pole to emerge only for the positive one to gain strength and grow in power to suppress and replace the undesirable one. That is how the former Black Co-Creator of our Local Universe was born, and why Kali, Lilith, Lucifer and other Higher Light Entities went over to his side, and today, eons later, returned to the Pleroma again.

DNit Telegram Channel


Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lucifer


Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Long ago, on Earth, ONLY ONE PERSON left, who retained the Source’s Spark in his Soul. This gap was allowed by cosmic necessity when the evolution of mankind completely stopped. Then a passive setting up of Light was required. It was necessary to fully reveal the second, negative pole, so that humanity would learn to resist it, and, stepping over the abyss, actively develop the Spirit’s power and consciousness, free will and choice freedom.

In that era, the situation “the worse, the better” became the decisive factor in the Light’s accumulating of inner strength and awareness of its power, drawing from it its might according to the law of polarity. And while the one seemed to reign on Earth, its antipode was maturing inside in all the versatility of great calm, absolute invulnerability and elusiveness. The uncrushable Spirit’s core.

There is a line of least resistance and a line of greatest. Co-Creators always choose the second one, as they are not afraid of any gaps, anything counteracting, and often even form it. This ignites the necessary power of energy to overcome. The force of Light increases according to the strength of obstacles, and its ability to use any circumstances to achieve the goal of evolution.

Every negative phenomenon, having crossed the neutral line, goes to its opposite, to the denial of itself. Co-Creators allow it to grow to the point of absurdity, when it destroys self by own aggressiveness, malice, absurdity and inconsistency. And when it seems that everything is over and hopeless, the main events begin. The new is often invisible, because it originates deep in consciousness and is not always perceived by it. But when disbelief reaches its peak, Co-Creators start to clean up the scene.

They apply this strategy not only in the construction of Universes, Galaxies and Star Systems, but also the civilizations inhabiting them. On Earth, the Cosmic Law is just as precise and unshakable. The knowledge, authority and might of the human Spirit, our power over selves, is based on its action, the ability to accelerate evolution.

The main difficulty is that consciousness awakens too slowly, and in many, it does not happen at all. Gap delays transition into 5D. New knowledge and information are given, but how many people use them in practice? Narrow-mindedness and inertia are too great. Therefore, Co-Creators are forced to use extreme measures and bring negative phenomena to such a force, scale and atrocities that majority recoils from them, and continuation becomes absolutely impossible. The threat of the self-destruction of humanity had to stand before our eyes in all its horror.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Ukraine, WWII...

Ukraine, WWII…

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

When Light fades in the Soul, the Subtle Plan’s energies start opening to consciousness. But the lower blocks the higher, drowns it out, and the higher ceases to exist for a person completely immersed in Darkness. It’s allowed to triumph for a while, so that the Spirit wakes up faster and revolt against everything that is happening around, and to which it sees no end. The separation of the Spirit from Darkness is the first step towards gaining inner free will and choice freedom.

We constantly complain about the blows of fate. Co-Creators call them thrusters. As time passes, many begin to notice that this no longer throws us off balance, that our consciousness calmly faces challenges, remaining unshakeable. And it can take a new step: to transfer the energy of received blows into the energy of our Spirit’s strengthening. And no matter how strong and cruel the blows may be, they can no longer crush and destroy us, because we take all their pressure and use it for our further growth.

The weak will quickly wilt and give in without resisting. This is a defeat of the Spirit. Such a state should not be allowed, because it is created by Darkness and, having brought its victim to this point, it can do anything with weak-willed and devoid of strength. The suppression by the ambient environment and people is from the same arsenal. And we also need to successfully pass through this test, although it’s one of the toughest, even a lot has already been overcome. That’s why feeling of powerless is so dangerous. But the Spirit, hardened in the struggle, becomes even stronger.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - From The Same Arsenal

From The Same Arsenal

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Taking an active position does not mean that everyone should immediately take to the streets to protest. First, changes are required on a personal level – in one’s mind, and then, in the rest. The front line between old and new runs within each of us, and not on the rally square. Show freedom at least in your family, home and circle of friends.

The mass transition that so many are promising and waiting for will not happen until the existing System and each of us change. As long as we are not free inside, we won’t move anywhere. With the mentality of a victim, the Soul of a slave, there is no entrance to the higher dimensions. Enlightenment-ascension cannot be considered as a means of escape from the existing reality. How not free person, who can’t take full responsibility for self, his life and his reality, will create? What will he develop?

At the moment, the problem is not that people lack of information, but that they are not ready to act, to use what they already have. Therefore, Co-Creators don’t hurry to share new things. First, we must learn how to translate the acquired knowledge into reality, to personally live it.

This is the current tactics of Co-Creators towards us. They do not extinguish flame by flame, anger by anger, irritation by irritation, malice by malice, evil by evil, and hatred by hatred. They react to ignorance, aggressive rejection, denial and hysteria with complete calmness, to Darkness with Light, and so apply the law of polarity to our lives. Determined the cause of the effect, they pump up the pole of opposite energies to neutralize and destroy everithing negative in us. If the cause is deeply hidden, they let it fully manifest and pour out all the poison, and then destroy it.

If Darkness has seeped into those with whom it is fighting, defeating it is especially difficult, because it always tries to cling to what has not yet been eliminated in our consciousness. That’s what makes it powerful. Our hopelessness is the surest sign of its active presence in us. The stronger the onslaught of Darkness, the more intense the fusion with Light must be, so that every action of the Darks brings us closer to the Source, no matter how they try to deepen the gap between us and Co-Creators to completely subdue.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To Completely Subdue

To Completely Subdue

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

How to remain strong, especially when the actions of the Dark become tougher, preventing from seeing and understanding what is happening correctly? It’s enough just to skip past the wave of negative events, temporarily turning off the inner reaction. Meeting no resistance, they will rush past without touching our hidden consciousness. The moment of calm is the most favorable, and it shouldn’t be missed. From open confrontation, the hostile force increases in direct proportion to it, drawing its energies from resistance. To muffle consciousness at such a moment helps to maintain inner balance. And when the negative pressure has weakened, start acting again without facing any opposition. No matter how frenzied the old world is, it is already on the wane, and idling. All its efforts are wasted.

Each of our qualities, negative and positive, is in the process of growth, allowing to us see its hidden essence and separate one from the other: the good for approval, the bad for elimination and immediate disposal of it. Their roots often go very deep into past incarnations, but always manifest selves in the present, because they enter our microcosm as an integral part of it. We never think about what even a minor negative trait of our character, thought, emotion or deed leads to in Infinity.

The pressure will only grow, squeezing out all the darkest, most criminal, meanest and aggressive not only from the System and society, but also from each of us. Before erasing it from our Causal Body, the impact of the energies will reproduce all our karmic actions and events created by them over and over again. And we will have to live them anew, throw something away without regret, and save the most valuable. But only what is compatible with the new 5D software and codes should remain on our disk drive.

Our transformation consists in burning out the radices of all dark piles. This is possible only by transmuting negative properties into positive ones: hatred into love, fear into fearlessness, and selfishness into self-denial. The main thing is to make a decision and execute it. Every indulgence in weaknesses helps Darkness and destroys our will if committed in spite of it.

Co-Creators transform planetary life in accordance with the Plan of the Absolutes, carrying out everything. They schedule in compliance with principle of consistency and expediency. But since at any given moment, the general state of our consciousness is unstable and extremely volatile, the mobility of the Plan is caused by actual necessity. And this should be understood and taken into account by everyone who is striving to the future with them. It is not the Plan that changes, but only the forms and methods of its current implementation.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - To The Future With Them

To The Future With Them

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Our Ego, filling and crushing consciousness and Soul, very often prevents us from accommodating the global. The gap is remaining. But it cannot stop the transformation of the world, which is actively underway, affecting everyone and everything. No one will stay away from what is happening. All the waters serve the mill to direct them to the impeller of the Universe. There is no such force on Earth capable of preventing the construction of a New World, which is rising despite the monstrous resistance of the Darks, doomed to be removed from the planet. But on the other hand, the strength of the stability of the new is greater.

The reaction to this topic is as ambiguous as to Part 1 (DNI, 31 January 2024) and Part 2 (DNI, 5 February 2024).

– Why are people so angry? Each of us met a salesperson, secretary, manager, driver or passerby who shouted, cheeky and rude to us. They see the world only in black tones and paint everyone with the same brush. These people do not strive to be better, simpler and friendlier. Their goal is to show the dominance over those around them in any way and by evil deeds.

Had a negative experience, the get a mental trauma and cannot get rid of it during entire life. This injury forces to do evil first, acting ahead of the curve, thinking in subconscious that if they don’t, then others will offend them. Insulting brings moral satisfaction, but not for long. So, the problem not goes away, and they again and again break out on those around them, committing evil and getting into a vicious circle from which cannot exit.

– I’m a Lyran starseed. My first visit to this planet was 600 years before Mother Gaia birthed the terrestrial race. Since 2018, I’ve felt the earthlings, now that I’m one of them in this life, they are Our Worst Enemies. But Co-Creators are doing their best with what they have to work with.

– When Anunnaki built the human bodies for our Souls, they made us in their image, but they removed many of the original characteristics (such as cellular immortality, 12 strands of DNA, the ability to grow teeth, limbs, etc.) and added many blockages, so that we remain unaware of our Spiritual greatness. Our connection with Source has been quite limited, due to the fact that we are mostly isolated from It, rarely achieving this connection and never fully. During sleep, we can connect to the Source to recharge ourselves with non-polarized energy. Why would they do this?…

Alien species (Archons, Reptilians, Annunaki, Sirians, and Ashes) tricked our Souls into using these human bodies as vehicles to experience physical life on Earth. We had no understanding of evil and deceit back then, we agree. In the beginning, the vehicles were excellent and well made, but with each new batch, the Anunnaki degraded them more and more, until we almost completely lost the connection with our Soul and the Source. By then, it was too late for us. The Matrix prison was activated and we have been trapped in it ever since. When we die, we are forced to enter a Portal of false light, which sends us to the Recycling Station, where we are superficially healed of past life traumas and then sent here again…

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Annunaki


Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Annunaki, Reptilians and Grays are all controlled by non-physical parasitic force, which the Gnostics call Archons. Just like all other beings in our Multiverse, they also feed on energy, but they only use negatively polarized energy. This is why they need hosts to convert the non-polarized energy of the Source, into the low frequency polarized energy that is needed by them, plus, since everything that exists is made of energy and everyone needs energy to survive and Archons are no exceptions…

Annunaki created new versions of human bodies, further diminishing their capabilities. In their experiments they even mixed existing DNA with that of animals and the results were grotesque human-animal hybrids … So, many Souls were forced to incarnate into them … The experimentation continued until the Annunaki created …Homo sapiens… and populated Earth with soulless bodies, which their Masters, Archons, could control from another dimension. These bodies are the same as ours and without the direct interference of Archons, they continue living their lives dictated by the Reptilian brain: they eat, sleep, reproduce, fight… basically they do everything in their power to survive, important to note: these are BODIES and not human BEINGS!

Such humans do not have Souls; therefore, they do not have consciousness. This means that they simply exist, but never really manage to live as conscious human BEINGS. They do not feel empathy, remorse, love, etc., they have no concept of good or bad…They only exist to keep the Matrix running and can be taken/possessed at any time by their Archon Masters. It is estimated that half of humans are organic Portals, meaning they do not have souls attached to their bodies.

This is the reason why we have so much pain and suffering in the world, they are the ones who rise to positions of power, because their Masters need them there, they are being guided/helped to occupy as many positions of power as possible in order of maintaining the status quo of the control system, they are the perpetrators of sadistic actions such as: murder, pedophilia, depopulation, genocide… in His name. And they drive the rest of us, human BEINGS…

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Soulless


Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Matrix is FARM. Since humans recharge with non-polarized energy during sleep, they use nodes to supply them with polarized energy. We, as Divine beings made of positive loving energy, would naturally polarize it positively. But because our existence has been hijacked and so many people are being systematically tortured in this Matrix/reality, most of us end up polarizing the energy negatively. Humans need to be mentally and physically tormented as much as possible so that the Archon Masters can feed on our negative emotions. This is the sole purpose of the prison Matrix. The reality is that the Matrix is basically a negative energy farm. Fortunately, you can learn to escape this prison reality, here’s how: Escape the TRAP and leave your soul FREE.

– I don’t want to offend anyone, but I would like to express my opinion. After reading this text, I begin to understand that those considered evil, while trying to destroy the planet, might actually seek the good. In other words, to end this Earth’s experiment that drives everyone to madness. The creation of such conditions and a peculiar rat race among Souls to experience extreme situations at any cost makes one wonder if the Source itself is pathological. Perhaps Lucifer has just realized this?

– If to follow the logic of the posts, then we will hear more about the bellies of pregnant women ripped open under a false flag and babies put in microwaves in war zones, and how organs harvesting helped eliminate transplant queues in entire countries, and about “pizza” and adrenochrome new lovers, and of those who suddenly fell ill with COVID and prostate adenoma… As Shakespeare wrote: “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

– This explainer was caught in a contradiction: “It is not given “because of something”, but “for something”. “Any event always happens for something.” VS. “Cause-and-effect relationships always exist, in all incarnations. The question is how he will approach this exam, and take it. If you choose a different path, everything happens in a gentler.” So, after all – “because of something”, there is a possible choice and cause-and-effect relationships arising from it?!!

Well, explain their! And here is the “explanation”: “Why is information hidden from us? Because you don’t know, how to deal with provided data. You can’t assimilate it. That is why, very often, it is not hidden, but simply not given, because it does not make sense. “Then why the hell is this experience given if it’s still basically impossible to learn from it??!! After all, the information is hidden!!

The situation is this: you come to the exam, pull out a ticket, but it turns out that the lecturer didn’t read this material to you at all! Moreover, you still try to answer something, but every time you get the examiner’s answer: you have an error. To the question, where? You get the answer: I won’t tell you, there’s no point, you still won’t understand. And so, you get stuck on endlessly retaking an exam that you basically can’t pass! Do you understand that the examiner has banal schizophrenia?!!

– This is the position of the classic search for the guilty. Everyone is tagged, populism is on the march! They always know how to do it, and are waiting for a new, good boss, who will guide them to happiness. Responsibility will be shifted to the bad, aliens, parasites, enemies of the fatherland. Have you seen these bosses and parasites? Or have you read about them in fresh post? But you understand everything. OK. You just can’t see anything else from your level.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Shed Responsibility

Shed Responsibility

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

– The educational task is to know that such forces exist. Spot their presence and manipulations. Distinguish the good from the evil. Be able to resist. Sometimes it’s just enough to say a firm “no”, and they retreat in search for a weaker, easily accessible subject. Reduce entropy by constructive actions. Harmonize the space. And there is no need to burn or annihilate anyone. Let them do their job. It’s like firing all utilities and janitors. Those who pump parasites with importance, invincibility, fatality are simply crippled by fear and addictions. All this is curable. I could give examples, images, but I leave it to you.

– “We refuse to take the polarity’ extremes as parts of single whole…” This might be the most complex programming to break. One polarity, “good,” simply cannot be defined unless another does this: “bad.” “Up” is nothing unless “down” exists to define it. The strange part in our world is that the polarity points are being defined by a malfunctioning system, so things like Good are matched with Potato Chips, and Evil is matched with Weather, as the system falls apart. Viewing everything in polarity models leads to madness, as folks keep repeating “but why does evil exist…” not seeing that it only exists because “good” defines it. And what is good…exactly? Good has changed over time, as has evil.

In fact, those locked in polarity struggle to see that the “evil” folks do NOT see themselves as evil, but good. So from the “evil” polarity POV, the “good” guys are evil. The NWO folks appointed themselves caretakers of Earth, and, by culling the population they are doing “good” or “god’s work” and do not see themselves as evil at all but those who are “ruining” the planet as evil.

These are all meant to be reference points, not absolutes to live in, as opposing polarities are both traps with nowhere to go. What happens if one is fully locked in the most perfect loving “good” polarity of all time? How can you go deeper unless the polarity breaks to reveal more “evil?” And how does being within the most perfect “good” polarity of all time end “evil” – by denying it exists? But what is it anyway?

The gray area is the only area of peace, the polarity traps are brutal places to live as they always need another deeper, louder polarity to keep defining the one one is locked in. Admittedly in the Polarity Reality it is all but impossible to not be polarized, in the same way it is impossible to be in the ocean and not be wet – it is what it is. But ending the “but how come/why does evil exist….” loop can be accomplished and does create peace.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Creating Peace

Creating Peace

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

– Darkness is not evil, but evil leads to Darkness. Pain is not evil, but evil leads to pain. The bottom is not evil, but evil lowers. And so on and so forth. This is how people point to concepts that are not evil, but evil leads to these concepts. If evil hadn’t happened, it would have existed anyway. And people get confused and say – if it’s not all evil, then, there is no evil. We cannot blame men for this, because there is already evil at their root, because they do not see evil.

Evil is deep down in humans, but evil is not at the root of everything. There is no such thing in the Source at all and there is no evil in the plan. Evil was formed in the process of creation of the Universe and man in particular. This process is multi-step, and it involves several Creators at the same time, who themselves emerged from a single Source. Everyone had complete freedom and created own Universe.

According to the general plan, everyone was supposed to be like a Source. But one fell out of likeness by his own will, and his difference from the single Source is the root of evil. This is not easy to understand, because the whole world and man himself in their manifestation are under this process, and are its result. But we need to comprehend that there is evil. It has a beginning and an end, therefore it’s not eternal, and exists in the understanding of this world and man.

– What would do the good if the evil did not exist, and what would Earth look like if the shadows disappeared from it? After all, shadows are made by objects and people. There are shadows from trees and animals. Don’t we want to strip the whole globe, taking away all the trees and all living things from it because of the desire to enjoy the naked light? What would happen if we simply didn’t have to make a moral choice? To bring Light into this world, to fight injustice and our shortcomings – isn’t that the meaning of our life here?

The Almighty arranged everything wisely. The world we are in and where our consciousness resides must have certain boundaries. On the one side, reigns Darkness, or evil, and on the other, runs Light, or good. These boundaries define a corridor at each stage of evolution, where Light and Darkness, intertwining with each other, produce obscurity, wandering in which people’s consciousness develops. The vector is going up. And these boundaries are rising up. But the corridor is always preserved.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - But Corridor Preserved

But Corridor Preserved

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Many stubbornly refuse to admit that Darkness is necessary. All humanity’s achievements at the existing stage of evolution are due to the fact that it has learned to overcome and defeat evil. And if people did not receive these lessons, then, remaining solely with the good, they would have been exterminated and eaten by wild animals long ago.

People are given choice freedom to examining them and checking for fortitude and belonging to Light or Darkness. But competition between Darkness and Light is absolutely fair and just since both has equal opportunities and means to attract to their side. All emotions and thoughts of people are powerful tools for influencing them from each side. To destroy entire Darkness, depriving the whole world of the opportunity to change and develop, overcoming the obstacles created by it? But naked Light is stagnation, fatness of well-being and laziness of mind. No one will appreciate this world, because to understand and appreciate it, we need to know what Darkness is.

– I offer this. The old way was that were avatars that our Higher Selves used for experience. Yes, we are all one but not really, not with the same ‘rights’. I do feel that much of lessons and wisdom was sought by higher realms as a way to learn how to prevent Darkness from proliferating the way it has here. All with loving intent. However, harm has come to those of us embody because of the detachment higher beings have, with an underlying…well, let me call like I see it.

Arrogance. Not the “I’m better than you” kind. Rather, it is this: what I feel and perceive and think is correct. Easy for ‘higher’ beings to think that what they know is correct. Maybe it is. But fundamentally, you may be wrong. I believe that the higher realms apply this arrogance to us. They think they know us.

What I’ve learned here is that no ever knows what it is like for neither another, nor what is best for them. No one, not even the higher parts of me really know me. Only I do, because living in my body, here and now is unique and I’m the only one who really knows what being me is like (the hurt, the joy, all of it). I am NOT an avatar any longer (applied to those of us who are awake). For the new game I propose new rules. They are based on a new premise: No one knows what is best for another. No one. Protect me as needed. Provide support as I ask. I get to choose my life freely. I am allowed to create, with the abilities that are my true nature. I am allowed to be who I truly am.

– When folks talk about the cruelty of current events, from the point of view of “higher” forces, these are manifestations of fear and/or hypocrisy, because many want to make an omelet without breaking eggs. Of course, as such, there is no need for violence. But, unfortunately, many people are now at such a level of consciousness that most of them need a strong shock as a stimulator of change, both on a personal level and on a public one. Until something happens in our life (death, illness, loss), we will not think.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Wits End

Wits End

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Until people are beaten, they won’t open their eyes and take to the streets. Until they are humiliated, they will not move. And there are no forces that plot and interfere. Guardians often show me that what we call good-evil, Light-Darkness are parts of one whole. Like left and right hand. We use both of them. In order to get to our destination, the gas pedal and the brake pedal are needed. We don’t use only one of them, because it is good, and the other is bad.

– I would like to make ANOTHER small suma-sumarum on the difference of the DEVIANT/LOW-VIBE and the NATURAL/HIGH-VIBE or DIVINE COSMIC POLARITY, and HOW it works essentially… It is quite SIMPLE – if We see/perceive the DUALITY DIALECTICS this way – aka THE WAY WE REALLY SHOULD – if We want to TRULLY COMPREHEND things in a PURE DIVINE WAY.

(1) The LOW-VIBE, blinded, narrowed, limited and partial/rational Consciousness PERCEIVES DUALITY/POLARITY as ENEMIES/ADVERSARIES and it PUTS THE POLARITIES IN A RING TO FIGHT. When duality polarities are PERCEIVED this way, then those FIGHT a FIERCE FIGHT, as those ARE The Two-Divine HALVES of the WHOLE, so it IS a HELLISH FIGHT, and We get DESTRUCTION or DESTRUCTIVE MODE, or ANTI-LIFE Reality and Processes… We call it The Primary Anomaly, The Rebelled Ray, and mostly The EVIL.

(2) The HIGH-VIBE, aware/awaken, opened/widened, limitless and wizened/healed Consciousness PERCEIVES DUALITY/POLARITY as DIVINE-DANCE-PARTNERS and it PUTS THE POLARITIES ON A DANCE-FLOOR TO DANCE. When duality polarities are PERCEIVED this way, then those DANCE a HEAVENLY DANCE, as those ARE The Two-Divine HALVES of the WHOLE, so it IS a DIVINE DANCE and We get DECONSTRUCTION/CREATION or DECONSTRUCTIVE/CREATIVE MODE, or PRO-LIFE Reality and Processes… We call it The One-Source’s Will, The Heavenly Realm, The Divine Reality, and mostly The GOOD.

So, THAT’S WHY everyone SHOULD re-asses its Own Self and SEE, how One perceives and where do you put Own and World’s (Universe’s/Omniverse’s) POLARITIES of that One’s Own DUALITY.

Gap Part 3 - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Divine Reality

Divine Reality

Gap Part 3 – From 3D To 4D And 5D

– For all those who like to wrestle with Reptilians, hookups and the insidious Matrix system, one smart author explained at the beginning of the twentieth century: everything and everyone is a manifestation of One/Absolute/God, and It cannot seriously fight against Itself. It would be as if the kidneys can declare war on the spleen or start a battle against the knee joints.

– I read the posts…Because the words and messages are some of the most insightful ones and sharing that I have ever, can ever read in my life experience. This impacts me, expands me, evolves me in immeasurable ways by which even constant scanning of me will only provide potential progress, suggesting the very potential as simply that potential seems to be where Heisenberg shows up. And yet my focus is the unexplainable. Quantum LOVE construct of my own imagination…NOW WE ARE HERE, WE ARE LISTENING, WE ARE EXPERIENCING, WE ARE ONE, AND WE ARE QUANTUM LOVE AND FREELY SHARING NOW. Thank You With All THAT I AM.

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