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Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

The “Milky Way Galaxy” has been calculated by scientific research over many time frames to be situated at between 27 and 28 degrees of the constellation of “Sagittarius A”—the GALACTIC CENTER (GC).

This “Milky Way Galaxy” is approximately 13 to 15 billion years of age and contains about 100 billion stars.

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Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Sagittarius A

Sagittarius A – The Galactic Center

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

The distance of our Sun from the GC is estimated to be 27,000 “Light Years”, and a “Light Year” is the distance that LIGHT can travel within one year, and in this case, it is about 6 trillion miles.

The Sun travels around the GC at about 135 miles per second. The time it takes for the Sun to orbit completely around the GC is about 250 million years.

The GC is a portal of powerful radiant energy which exudes intense LIGHT that is transmitting codes of enlightenment via charged particles of protons, electrons, and many other dynamic ethereal energetic pulsations.

It is photonic energy—LIGHT at one of its greatest actions.

Every galaxy has a center, and we are concerned during this “Now” with our particular GC due to the transmissions thrusting out throughout it, and this, of course, includes those coming to our planet—Earth/Gaia— as “Her” electrical and magnetic fields are being continually activated.

This energy has been building, not for a few years, but for thousands.

We are currently in the space/time continuum whereby the power is steadily becoming increasingly stronger.

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This is evidenced by more powerful earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, various types of intense storms (tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, etc.), and changing weather patterns that seem to support the biblical verse that a time would come when we would “Only know the seasons by the budding of the trees” (Yeshua Ha Messiah).

THE MAHABHARATA states: “The course of the winds will be confused and agitated, and innumerable meteors will flash through the sky” (Vol. II, pp. 571-578).

Plus, THRICE GREATEST HERMES says: “God will recall the cosmos to its ancient form” (Vol. II, p. 357).

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

These brief verses speak of the ending phase of the “Kali Yuga” (“Age of Chaos”) era when major transformative experiences will occur.

We have indeed approached this phase, even though much has yet to unfold.

The operative word here is “approached” because we have yet to fully enter the next “Yuga”. We are, however, certainly walking towards it.

LIGHT from the GC is very bright—much brighter than in previous eons, eras, centuries, generations, and decades.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Source Frequency - Nature

Source Frequency – Nature

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

Its radiance is pulling us towards profounder understandings of SOURCE FREQUENCY and how “IT” acts upon creation—every planet, every galaxy, every universe, every being, each type of plant life, all kinds of animal species, and thus, so-called “humanity” on the orb called Earth/Gaia.

Yes, there is still chaos happening here as LIGHT cleanses and brings up for our witnessing all of the errors of thought, word, and deed that has trampled upon the beauty of the creations of SOURCE due to the misuse of free will by so many who sought (and still do seek) to manipulate and control creation to the point of endeavoring to rival the original INFINITE CREATOR.

This cannot be done.

Shocking attempts to make Nature submit to the bidding of scientific experimentation are being performed on a regular basis with the excuse that conditions are being made better.

If this were the case, then there would be no more wars or hatreds or diseases or poverty or spiritual bankruptcy.

Therefore, many are yet misusing their gift of consciousness and not causing it to level-up; rather, they are allowing it to spiral downwards.

Those who are sincerely seeking “higher ground”, who are desirous of connecting to SOURCE LIGHT are being guided by the codes from the GC which are acting in a relatively sub-conscious manner to enhance our relationship to the HIGHER SELF—the SOUL—SOURCE “ITSELF”.

People around the world are reporting a greater ability to “know” the thoughts and feelings of others and to sense the energy in a place prior to arrival at the destination (which may cause them to avoid the experience altogether or to realize the value in it and move forward into the place).

In other words, they “feel” either the disharmony or the harmony that awaits them if they venture forward.

This capability is the revitalization of the “third eye”—the “ajna”—the pineal gland. Its initial cleansing may come as sinus issues or sight problems or headaches or dizziness or ringing in the ears, and more.

Those persons who insist on dealing with the concept that such irregularities are signs of medical problems cannot seem to venture beyond the “3d” matrix.

They cannot deal with the magic of mystery.

How odd—most of these persons claim to believe in a HIGHER POWER and in the holy texts of their paths. This proves confusion.

Whenever people claim to believe in SOURCE (whatever title they may give to “IT”), and yet, refuse to delve into the mysteries of their holy books, then they are only giving the proverbial “lip service” to their religion or path and viewing it merely as an interesting fairy tale (although they will not admit this).

As I always teach, however, there has indeed been a falsification of historical happenings in many holy books and a belief in metaphor as reality.

It requires many years of diligent study, concentration, meditation, and prayer in order to reach true knowledge and wisdom—and then, we only are allowed an “appetizer” of the entire “entree” of DIVINE KNOWLEDGE.

We must always keep learning. We must do an exegesis or a side-by-side study of various holy books so that we will understand the many commonalities in their teachings, although the languages may differ.

This, then, also includes studying other languages—specifically those which are quite ancient.

Yet, in this “Now”, there seem to be many people who want a “quick fix”.

They are not “long-distance” runners down the “track of knowledge”. They are only quick “sprinters”.

The LIGHT from the GC will alter the manner in which we obtain information. We are being constantly “re-wired”.

Our every cell contains DNA, and the DNA is multi-stranding, is “lighting-up”, is engaging SOURCE FREQUENCY messages.

The aches, the pains, the exhaustion of the entire process is challenging because the LIGHT is sharper and stronger than it has been in previous space/time continuums.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

Like an old dwelling that is being torn down and a new building erected in its place, we are being completely “re-constructed”.

We will have a newer and better foundation because we are being “re-built” upon LIGHT—the LIGHT that we were originally and are becoming again.

We are being “de-programmed” from the mechanisms of ancestral as well as personal life traumas. We must get out into Nature as much as possible—to a beautiful park, or to a beach beside a clear ocean, or walk upon a garden path, or sit beside a pond or lake near our homes. Listen to the scampering animals.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Bird


Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

Watch the chirping birds.

Gaze at the soaring eagles.

Observe the leaves of trees as they swerve in the wind.

Breathe deeply of the “Prana” (“Life Force”) of the DIVINE SPIRIT.

At home, take sea salt baths with essential oils.

Light sacred incense: Frankincense in the morning, Myrrh at noon, and Tibetan Incense or Sandalwood at sunset.

Wear prayer malas of fragrant Sandalwood or those comprised of your favorite gemstone.

Meditate. Pray. Avoid social media. Avoid stressful conversations and places filled with drama.

Purposefully and consciously choose to elevate.

Whether you have just had the Summer Solstice or the Winter Solstice where you are, we have all experienced the New Moon in Tropical Cancer and Sidereal Gemini–signs of nurturance, healing, and communication.

Let us allow ourselves to be nurtured and healed by the LIGHT from the GALACTIC CENTER and let us, therefore, communicate with SOURCE more avidly.

Be a magnetic force which attracts the beneficence of GALACTIC LIGHT and send out electrical frequencies of LOVE to others.

“Paradise on Earth” is truly possible.

GALACTIC LIGHT is giving us our passport.

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Prana - Life Force

Prana – Life Force

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

Galactic Radiance Enhanced! - Galactic Light

Galactic Light

Galactic Radiance Enhanced!

More by Dr. Schavi

Radiation Storm! – CFN 23 July 2024

Radiation Storm! – CFN 23 July 2024

In the early morning of Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024, a “Halo CME” is raining down hard positively-charging protons onto the Earth, and a powerful radiation storm is in progress.

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

Cosmic Frequency News 18 July 2024 – More Elevation

There are a total of 275 sunspots that have been detected on our solar disk that are ready to explode with strong flares — each one sending out either a small burst or a wide-reaching stream of particle plasma into the solar system. Three of these sunspots are currently aimed directly at Earth and are expected to blast-off their flares at any time.

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