Galactic Illumination - "What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks..."

Galactic Illumination

“What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks…”

(From Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”)

Galactic Illumination – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

On Sunday, June 20th, 2021, the Summer (above the Equator—Summer Solstice) and the Winter (below the Equator—Winter Solstice) will arrive.

The “seen” light will become brighter in one area of the planet and dimmer in the other.

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Temperatures will fluctuate in one place at varying levels of heat, and in the other at varying levels of quite cool to cold.

However, TRUE LIGHT—SOURCE LIGHT—is always vibrant and filled with spiritual atomic frequencies which are bathing our material atomic frequencies day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, and onward into era after era.

The leveling-up of Earth/Gaia began long ago, not a mere few years ago, but there is more speed at which the elevation has occurred/ and is continually occurring.

This is why increasing numbers of people around the planet—in all nations—are having physiological, emotional, and mental experiences which some refer to as “Ascension Symptoms” but which more appropriately should be known as “Light Activation Symptoms”—the letters “L.A.S.” being its abbreviation.

In scientific terminology, “Photons” are “Light” (quantum particles of electromagnetic energy) with zero mass.

In other words, it does not have a discernable material form. It can only be experienced.

Galactic Illumination - Photonic Light Healing

Photonic Light Healing

Galactic Illumination

​As has been discussed several times previously for emphasis, thoughts have an electrical frequency while emotions have a magnetic frequency.

Together, a physical response is created.

Thus, we think a particular thought, have a feeling about it, and accordingly, we create an experience regarding the person, situation, or thing thought and felt about in our reality—either harmonious and happy or disharmonious and uncomfortable.

DIVINE THOUGHT AND FEELING, which is SOURCE SUPER-CONSCIOUSNESS, sends LIGHT into our HIGHER SELVES, our SOULS, and we can then govern ourselves accordingly because we will know the idiosyncratic workings of life on this planet which causes people to behave as they do.

Everyone has cellular records which have historical memories of happenings long ago to themselves and to their ancestors.

The records are both sublime and wonderful as well as horrible and filled with grief.

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Therefore, just like a business office whose dusty gray metal drawers have been allowed to become a jumble of stained and faded papers inside of cardboard files, human cellular records are being cleared-out, and cells are not being merely wiped-off but replaced with new awareness, knowledge, and wisdom— SACRED QUANTUM PARTICLES OF LIGHT.

Galactic Illumination - Quantum Particles Of Light

Quantum Particles Of Light

Galactic Illumination

Let us delve into the very word LIGHT from a “Spiritual Numerological Science” perspective.

The word “LIGHT” has a vibration of “11”–the Master Number of the “High Priestess (or Priest), the Master Teacher, the Motivator of Others, and the Psychic”.

As more and more LIGHT is received by the cellular records, eventually, “Mastership” will be the result.

The phrase “SOURCE LIGHT” also vibrates to the Master Number “11”.

Therefore, we are the “micro Lights” of the “MACRO LIGHT”, and we are becoming more of “IT”.

In the language of Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”), the word “RA” translates as “LIGHT” and has a numerical vibration of “10” which in the science of Kabbalah, which began in the ancient Kemetic temples, means “A Cosmic Messenger Has Arrived”.

Could it be that the “Cosmic Messenger” is the very SOURCE LIGHT that we are becoming more attuned to? I believe so.

In fact, this has been scientifically validated by the fact that human DNA, RNA, and protein molecules are known to be transforming, evolving as we elevate.

Certain dangerous medical procedures can interfere with this sacred process by literally depleting the ability of DNA, RNA, etc. from becoming spiritually-oriented, and then humanity is prone to being manipulated and controlled by forces who think that they alone are the DIVINE.

Such a belief is the utmost in atheism.

Many scientists, whose “training” (not “education”—there is a difference) gave them a disbelief in the DIVINE are now admitting that an “INTELLIGENCE” beyond their understanding is at the helm of the ship “S.S. Creation”.

As June makes its way out of the year with the Solstice in a couple of days and with the direct motion of Mercury on June 22nd and with the Full Moon on June 24th and with further solar flares, winds, plasma waves, and other cosmic phenomena, June will melt into July bringing us the “Day Out of Time” on the 25th—the “Galactic New Year”—when the brightest star in the sky known as “Sirius” (“Sepdet” in ancient times) will rise over the pyramids on the Giza Plateau heralding the cosmic “New Year’s Day”.

In ancient days, the Nile River (originally known as the “Hapi”) overflowed which was a sign to the people of a rich harvest that would come later—both spiritually and materially with succulent crops.

Galactic Illumination - Sirius, Thuban, Great Pyramid

Sirius, Thuban, Great Pyramid

Galactic Illumination

Galactic Illumination - Mercury


Galactic Illumination

As the Avatar Tehuti (Thoth) once stated:


As we continue to review vital knowledge during the final phases of the current Mercury Retrograde, and hopefully as the knowledge becomes a stepping stone to even greater knowledge, let us change Shakespeare’s poetic phrase to: “WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER WINDOW BREAKS? IT IS THE COSMIC LIGHT, AND GOD IS THE SOURCE”.

Enjoy the weekend, my brothers and sisters of the “GALACTIC ILLUMINATION”.

We are all ONE from the ONE.

More by Dr. Schavi

Scalar And Non-Scalar Energy And Other Points On Wellness – Dr Schavi

Scalar And Non-Scalar Energy And Other Points On Wellness – Dr Schavi

The word “Scalar” is from the Latin term “scalaris” which translates as “ladder”. “Scalar Technology” deals with a process whereby there is a constant magnification or increase of energy in its output or steady amplification or magnification such that a powerful effect is made within an area—(for example, in the atmosphere), and either enhancing its frequency or destroying all atmospheric molecular structure and also the molecular structure of every material item within it completely.

The Arrival Of Heightened Energy – Dr Schavi

The Arrival Of Heightened Energy – Dr Schavi

On Wednesday, October 20th, 2021, our lunar orb will glow in fullness, and as per usual, heightened emotive responses are the result due to the Moon’s “pull” upon human feelings and as Earth/Gaia also experiences intense activations of “Her” electromagnetic field. The magnetosphere of the planet is already filled with positively-charged protons from both the Sun of our solar system as well as from outside of our galaxy.

Enter Eclipse – “Lights, Camera, Action!” – Dr Schavi

Enter Eclipse – “Lights, Camera, Action!” – Dr Schavi

On December 4, 2021, at approximately 2:33 AM and 26 seconds (Eastern Standard Time), a SOLAR ECLIPSE will enter the cosmic auditorium “dressed” in the sign of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac and Scorpio in the Sidereal Zodiac. These signs symbolize higher knowledge, expansion, foreign affairs, philosophy, and long-distance travel (Sagittarius) and transformation, secrets, and transcendence (Scorpio).

Elohino And Nvda Create A Medicine Circle! – Dr Schavi

Elohino And Nvda Create A Medicine Circle! – Dr Schavi

The word “Elohino” is a Cherokee (original name “Tsalagi”) word for “Earth”, and “Nvda” is the Sun. Early on Wednesday (Eastern Standard Time), October 13th, 2021, our planet’s magnetosphere (the magnetic area surrounding the planet) was blasted by plasma waves (charged electrical particles and gases–coronal mass ejections) coming from the back side of the Sun.

Steady As She Goes! – Dr Schavi

Steady As She Goes! – Dr Schavi

The phrase “Steady as She Goes” is often used by seas-going captains. It can be used now to express that Mercury is just about five days away from its direct motion on Monday, October 18th, 2021. However, the post-shadow will be in effect until Saturday, November 6th, 2021 when Mercury will move from Libra (balance) into Scorpio (transformation) in the Tropical Zodiac.

Major Kp Index Review For Escalated Frequencies – Dr Schavi

Major Kp Index Review For Escalated Frequencies – Dr Schavi

The KP INDEX registers activations to Earth/Gaia’s inner core and outer field (its geomagnetics) due to powerful solar energetics such as flares, winds, and coronal mass ejections (also known as “cosmic rays” and “plasma waves”)— all of which are sent via the pulsations from the “Great Central Sun”.

The Galactic Journey – Dr Schavi

The Galactic Journey – Dr Schavi

Every aspect of creation has consciousness. Vibrational energy currents from our Sun flow to the planet and into us, and then we acclimate to them.

How Do I Love Thee – Let Me Count The Ways – Dr Schavi

How Do I Love Thee – Let Me Count The Ways – Dr Schavi

During this current astounding transformative, evolutionary process which occurs approximately every 26,000 years as our galaxy soars through the Photon Belt, we as human beings are not merely having our physical structures furbished with the same material formations inside and out, nor are we having mental processes wired over with the same substances, nor are we having old emotional settings just repaired.

Forward Momentum – Dr Schavi

Forward Momentum – Dr Schavi

The New Moon of October 2021 has now arrived, and powerfully transforming Pluto is moving direct. Like a pot of water on a stove, worldly issues will heat-up as certain mandates are declared and as political, sociological, and economical challenges escalate. At the same time, however, increasing numbers of humanity will question, analyze, debate, and make firm decisions regarding how they will handle the chaotic circumstances. Some will follow the established protocols, but many will allow their Higher Selves to be the guiding LIGHTS of their lives, and it is this group that will be blessed with protection, courage, health, love, and abundance regardless of what conditions may “look like” from the “3d” perspective.

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