Galactic Activation Portals

Galactic Activation Portals

Effect On Earth/Gaia

Galactic Activation Portals – Effect On Earth/Gaia. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

“Galactic Activation Portals (GAP)” occur during both New Moon and Full Moon phases, each of which is three days before, the day of, and for three days afterwards.

At these times, the Moon –New or Full– moves thru a special electromagnetic energy in space consisting of plasma waves (particles of radiation also known as “Coronal Mass Ejections” [abbreviated “CME”]) from the Sun, and these waves are pushed out via solar winds.

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Whether solar winds are mild or strong, the “Galactic Activation Portals” is in effect.

Earth/Gaia receives the energetics of the waves, and both the Vibrational Frequency and amplitude of the planet either soars upwards or slides downwards.

In either case, the magnetic frequency and the geomagnetic frequency (inner and outer fields respectively) of Earth/Gaia is stirred, and conditions on the planet become intensified with weather patterns which may seem unusual for particular seasons and certain places above and below the equator (Northern and Southern Hemispheres).

Galactic Activation Portals - Full Moon

Full Moon

Galactic Activation Portals

For example, normal mid- spring temperatures in the 60s or 70s degrees Fahrenheit may become in the low 30s or 40s.

Frost and snow could also occur. Summer temperatures could become unusually chilly, and where winter is being experienced, there could be a summer-like atmosphere.

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The varying conditions of the planet are predicated upon the “quality” of the electro-magnetic frequency of the Moon’s traversing thru it–filled with high-powered, strongly-surging, pummeling particles or mild, slowly moving glancing particles at the various points of the planet as it continues to turn on its axis.

In terms of the “Power” levels of Earth/Gaia (which some people still refer to as the “Schumann Resonance” and which I mention here for purposes of clarity, especially for the novices in the study of Earth/Gaia’s “heartbeat” or Vibrational Frequency), it can surge high or low over several hours during the initial phases of the “Galactic Activation Portals” (first couple of days).

This can continue as the portal remains open. Naturally, these variances in “Power” can foster physical, mental, and emotional activations (symptoms), especially when the Moon is a “Super Full Moon” which is when it is seemingly larger and brighter than a regular Full Moon because it is closer to Earth/Gaia.

All “Full Moons” heighten or intensify activations because of the Moon’s “pull” upon all aspects of the physical vessel, the mind, and the emotive responses to life’s experiences. However, a “Super Full Moon” escalates activations.

For instance, there can be a sensation of electrical energy zaps moving within the physical vessel, increased aches and pains, feelings of anxiety, an inability to obtain relaxing sleep, strange tones heard in the ears, dizziness, digestive issues, heart poundings, and other types of activations.

Earth/Gaia Vibrational Frequency

Earth/Gaia Vibrational Frequency

Galactic Activation Portals

These sensations, although uncomfortable, are the re-alignments of the various parts of the material form with the Spirit (life force) and Soul (Higher Consciousness) of SOURCE such as the central nervous system, the Chakras, and the DNA itself are all re-adjusted, re-framed, and transformed.

At all times, we must remember that an evolutionary process is occurring. People will transform at their own pace as consciousness shifts to greater understandings. Everything WILL TRANSFORM because that is the “Divine Decree”.

As planets and their luminaries (Suns and Moons), other galaxies, and other universes move in the geometrical angles which affect Earth/Gaia giving-off their electro-magnetic oscillations of energy (Vibrational Frequencies), all creation will experience the movements.

Galactic Activation Portals

Galactic Activation Portals

The “Galactic Activation Portals” of the Moon of our galaxy is just one portal, i.e., one type of oscillation which affects Earth/Gaia.

Its effect will intensify as the time/space continuum of Earth/Gaia continues to experience newness. Further changes are on the horizon.

As is always recommended, we must rest more, eat well, drink lots of spring water, engage in spiritual exercises such as Yoga asanas, Tai Chi movements, and meditate –all so that we can acclimate to the “Shift of the Ages”.

Thus, the “Galactic Activation Portals” are for our illumination!

Galactic Activation Portals Rainbow
Mysterious Magical And Majestic! – Dr Schavi

Mysterious Magical And Majestic! – Dr Schavi

If novices to “Astro-Physics” were to gaze through a high-powered telescope at the heavens, they would be amazed at all of the sparkling stars and planets, hazy galaxies, surges of strange plasma-like substances, and even objects which seem to move back and forth and up and down and then soar quickly away. Yet, even professional “Astro-Physicists” and “Solar Physicists” are regularly baffled by what they see with their sophisticated technological devices.

The After Party! – Dr Schavi

The After Party! – Dr Schavi

Sometimes after a special event such as a wedding ceremony, a graduation commencement, or a championship sports win, there is an after-party where there is much jubilation. This is the case after the June 10, 2021 “Solar Eclipse and New Moon”. New information has been sent throughout the galaxy which will settle-in within the next several weeks and months.

Solar Eclipse Global Meditation Invitation – From Dr Schavi

Solar Eclipse Global Meditation Invitation – From Dr Schavi

The Solar Eclipse discussed in yesterday’s article (please refer to “THE WEEK OF SOLAR INTENSITY”) occurs at 8:14 AM UTC on Thursday, June 10, 2021.
Please adjust the time in your area of the world, and join the “GLOBAL HEALING AND PEACE MEDITATION”.

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