Galactic Activation Portal Opens

Galactic Activation Portal Opens

Galactic Activation Portal Opens. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

There are many cosmic portals, many of which overlap with each other. On Monday, July 13, 2020, begins a ten-day “Galactic Activation Portal” which will end on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, just before the “Galactic New Year’s Day” on July 25th. which is often referred to as “The Day Out of Time”.

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Because this portal precedes the Galactic New Year, it is far more potent than other Galactic Activation Portal days of which several occur yearly.

This particular portal energy is filled with extremely powerful cosmic energetics such as plasma waves and solar winds, and the vibrational frequency of Earth/Gaia as well as the amplitude will be very erratic. DNA upgrades will be potentially experienced more intensely as physical, mental, and emotional re-alignments with SOURCE are made.

Galactic Activation Portal Opens Kundalini Red Serpent

 Kundalini Energy

Galactic Activation Portal Opens

Galactic Activation Portal Opens Mantra


Galactic Activation Portal Opens

This portal is also known as the “Red Serpent” because of the rising of “Kundalini” energy from the root or foundation chakra (Muladhara”) to the crown chakra (“Sahasrara”).

The Kundalini is represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine rising upwards throughout the chakras which activates the endocrine system.

The recommended gemstone to wear or carry during this ten-day period is “Rhodolite” which is Red Garnet.

This gemstone soothes and heals the root chakra, is calming, is protective, is “grounding”, enhances financial attraction, and prevents the panic of emergency situations at or away from home. It can also be worn as a prayer mala with which you chant the mantra “AUM NAMAH NARAYANAHA” (“oh, Divine, I bow to the Great Sustainer”).

This is a very healing and protective mantra.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt), the symbol of a serpent was at the third eye of royal crowns and was known as an “iaret”.

It was taught that the “ANKH” (“Immortal Life Force”) moved thru the physical vessel in slow, rhythmic movements like a serpent. In the Vedic scriptures, the aspect of SOURCE known as “Narayana” (“The Sustainer”), also called “Vishnu”, is often accompanied by a serpent–a huge cobra.

Narayana (or Vishnu) is the second of the triad of SOURCE: BRAHMA (“The Expander”), NARAYANA (“The Sustainer”), and SHIVA (“The Transformer”).

It is unfortunate that traditional Christianity has made the serpent into something evil and teaches that it tempted “Adam and Eve” and caused them to be exiled from the “Garden of Eden”.


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Galactic Activation Portal Opens Adam and Eve

 Adam and Eve

Galactic Activation Portal Opens

Of course, historical biblical scholars realize that this tale was contrived by certain forces in an attempt to control humanity. Why do people eat apples, apple pie, apple sauce, etc. if indeed an apple played a part in ancient evil?

It should then be relegated to being an evil fruit! One of the blessings of the current time/space continuum is the opportunity to gain truth by DNA and cellular records being cleansed of untruth.

Use the next ten days to deeply study, pray, meditate, and to journal about your revelations and experiences.

It is a wonderful time for elevation to greater levels of SOURCE LIGHT.

Take it easier during this portal as well. Get plenty of rest, and eat light organic meals.

As usual, drink plenty of spring water with lemon. If you feel tired, restless, anxious, achy in your muscles or joints, dizzy, have heart palpitations or any of the “activations” often mentioned in Spiritual Science teachings, know that these are the “symptoms” of moving up to higher vibratory frequencies with Earth/Gaia.

Consider, therefore, the “Galactic Activation Portal” days as tuning-up to what I always refer to as the “Divine Symphony”.

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Stellium And 2021 February New Moon

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