Sportifications of Gaia Grids

Sportifications of Gaia Grids

Gaia Portal Sportifications of Gaia Grids . By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal October 4 2017 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

Sportifications of Gaia Grids are Eliminated

Sportification means bringing some kind of activity to become a sport. To sportify your life means to devote yourself, for example, to constant training, or doing sports the main thing. It is difficult to interpret this sentence, we might understand the Sporification as, of course, a bad thing, as it is eliminated. It is not clear what kind of grid it’s talking about, it is supposed to be Planetary Energy Grid… does anyone have any idea?

Thanks to Christel’s interpretation now it seems clearer the meaning is Sporification, almost certainly speaking of the events in the United States and involving the NFL, the American Football League, who tried to use the sport as a means to reinforce the matrix. As Fulford also pointed out in his latest update, the attempt failed.


Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

Temples Are Returned To The Spirit-filled.

This time the challenge of Gaia Portal’s interpretation is pretty serious, after failing to interpret the sentence above, this also puts us to the brink. Temples could not be churches and similar, but ourselves, with the increasing awareness of the surface population the inner is becoming attached to the outside, to the temples, referred to as the outer structure, or wrapping of the soul in this incarnation.

It could therefore be interpreted as a recalibration of the Body Mind Spirit system.

Flags Of Compliance Are Lowered

The desire to be all the same, to be part of the herd, to be all on Facebook to publish idiocies, to conform to the lies of the media, to believe that immigration is the fault of immigrants and more, all this is part of what in this sentence we could interpret as the Flags of Compliance, the denial of the I Am Presence. If so, these flags, and hence this system of beliefs based on the negation of the Higher Self, would be lowered, finally giving way to free choice, free will, and the rebirth of the human being.

humanity Enrichment Begins

Humanity is awakening, there should be no doubt about this, the doubts remain about how much time is required for a complete awakening. Enrichment might be the prosperity funds release but most probably the inner enrichment.

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