Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension

Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension Have Completed

Gaia Portal Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension Have Completed. By Interstellar.

Below the Gaia Portal September 18 2017 message with our free interpretation in rough English.

Preliminaries Of Gaia Ascension Have Completed

With the Energies from the Eclipse and the Central Galactic Sun, Gaia, Mother Earth, has completed the transition from 3D to 4D, the Preliminaries of Gaia Ascension.

From what we have been able to understand the ascending phases of Gaia and the surface population are two differentiated things, as the Platinum Fleet told us, human beings have not to follow the ascending phase of the Planet as being too dangerous.

We could interpret this phase of great planetary movement, including earthquakes, extreme weather, eruptions, and other related phenomena, excluding the Arcontiche manipulations of these phenomena, as a signal of the evolutionary step, a signal that the surface population needs to follow this phase, evolving and abandoning the old paradigms and beliefs.

Cintamani May 2018 Half Price

Subsequent Higher Energies Are Released, And Accepted By Humanity

Based on the previous interpretation, we could give a meaning to this phrase as Gaia’s release of energy.

Like the Planetary Energy Grids, the Cintamani Grid, and those stones in possession of many Lightworkers catalyze the energy from the galactic Center, Sun, and Earth, and transmit it to the whole Humanity, even the Planet behaves the same way.

Gaia, during in this ascensional phase, releases us higher energies, without any kind of infection by the dark forces, Pure Light, and Humanity perceives and accepts them, receiving them and reflecting on the surface.

Fibres Of Intent Strengthen

We could interpret Fiber as the basic part of a network’s wire, the Energy Network or Grid. Paraphrasing it with a network made up of vegetable fibers, the reinforcement of these little fibers is reinforcing the whole network.

The continuous planting of Cintamani Stones and the strengthening of the energy field means that each small fiber that makes up the entire Planetary Grid can benefit from this symbiotic energy in a strengthening closed circle that is constantly enlarged and strengthened and bringing us closer and closer to the Event and the Planetary Liberation.

Maritimes Complete The Mission

For the word Maritimes we are almost certain that it can be referred to the Cetaceans. We have learned many times in the Pleiades 1 Messages about the importance of Cetaceans in the Ascension Cycle.

Let’s not be fooled by their deaths, stranding or similar things, most likely they’ve already gone to 5D leaving their 4D enclosure on Earth’s surface.

Cetaceans are much more evoluted beings compared to the surface population, much more, if you have ever seen a whale close to you, plucked into her eye, or swim with the calf… some of us have had this luck and we can guarantee that the energy that these animals reflects is incredible, it causes emotions that can overcome and lead to crying without understanding the reason.

So to sum up this last sentence, the Cetaceans have fulfilled their mission, they are the guardians of Akashic Records, they will soon be released, the Cetaceans will go to 5D, now it is up to us to give our best to meet them again and hug them again in the Light.

Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal

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