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From Stress to the Rebirth - 2020 to 2021 - Ashtar

From Stress to the Rebirth – 2020 to 2021


From Stress to the Rebirth – 2020 to 2021 – Ashtar. By Neva/Gabriel RL.

Greetings, Family!

It’s nice to be here again. Here I am, dear ones, again, to end the year together. Me and all *Mathária are with you.

I know that you would definitely like to forget this year that is ending and jump straight to 2021. But it simply cannot be this way.

The important thing here, dear ones, are the lessons, everything that has been learned by you, and more: behold, you need to understand the great process of liberation that is taking place at this moment, even if it does not seem to you.

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I sometimes hear your uprisings and curses to ourselves here in space. I understand and do not judge you for that; never would. But also know that when you revolt and do not understand the natural flow of things, you enter old energy patterns that are no longer natural to you – when I say “natural” I mean “usual”, that you were used to.

As much as you have lived in certain patterns and have, in a way, become accustomed to them, nowadays simply your bodies, minds and spirits no longer tolerate low frequencies.

These have become extremely toxic for you. That is why today, when you lower your vibrations due to stress or getting bored with something, you will feel even more weight on you, and overwhelm your fields much more than before.

It is not that the negative force has more power over you now; quite the contrary: it is a sign that you have further expanded your lights, and negative forces are no longer “naturally” tolerated in your fields as they were before.

Your energy field is now more sensitive. And, of course, not only I hear you when you are angry because of the intensity of the turbulent energies that surround you, even though you are on the rise, but also, obviously, when you are sending your crystalline energies to support us.

You need to understand and respect yourself in these ups and downs, as you are part of the dimension you are in. This is natural, dear ones!

From Stress to the Rebirth - Earth Liberation

Earth Liberation

From Stress to the Rebirth

DNit Telegram Channel

From Stress to the Rebirth – Increased Sensitivity

You are more sensitive and it is natural for you to feel the intensity of your strengths.

When you lower the vibration, you feel this effect drastically, just as it does when you are elevated and you feel all the sublimity of what it is like to be in those higher dimensions.

As you are becoming more expanded and more and more eager to stay on high frequencies, any less crystalline energy that reaches you is already perceived and felt.

In a way, you already understand that “that” is not very good or harmonious, which in the past it took a long time to understand and assimilate.

So, during this year, all the processes triggered a visible increase in your sensitivity. Certainly, many will say that it was a stressful, tiring, stopped, curled, stuck year, etc … But I want you to see it from another perspective now and understand this year as the year that helped you to expand your sensibilities.

You now perceive more clearly and feel the level of energies, being able to look more and know yourself better.

To know and understand the other person even more, and to see that he also has pains like you, who are also trying to break free.

Everyone was able, literally, to look more directly at their neighbors due to the inevitable coexistence in their homes with their families. Try to see it from that perspective.

All experiences have been flowing as scheduled. Although everything seems out of control, know that it is within an order and, however chaotic it may be or is being, the superior forces are working to make everything flow.

And it will flow!!! You have already managed to get here, have gone through so many processes, and very little remains until everything aligns even more.

All this work and these experiences have pushed you to look more at yourself, at what is within you.

You have become more aware of your bodies, you have become more careful and loving with them, and that is great. What a great opportunity to evaluate yourself because, in the rush of your daily life, you were not having so much time to feel, to observe and understand your emotions.

From Stress to the Rebirth - Increased Sensitivity

Increased Sensitivity

From Stress to the Rebirth

From Stress to the Rebirth – Your Emotions

Speaking of emotions, this was, in fact, the year of emotions.

The year that you were able to release a lot of stuck emotional charge.

You programmed this year so that you could release a lot that was under the rug. A lot of things hidden within you could come out now.

Certainly, you have had outbursts of anger, sadness, disappointments. You have certainly argued most fervently with loved ones in times when you have been most isolated in the same space/home.

All of this helped you to “put the cards on the table” and resolve yourself, definitely. This is a time for that too. How long have you been harboring resentment, hurt, sadness and revolt against someone in your biological family?

For how long did you say, “I don’t want to see such a person; I don’t want to contact her ”, etc…?

By chance, did life bring you the opportunity to reframe this, to rethink and face these emotions, putting you and these people face to face so that they could resolve themselves?

Dear ones, the Creator is aware of everything that is happening. Nothing is in vain. Nothing is disordered and disoriented. You are not alone and playing a cruel and inhuman game! Not! Absolutely not!

It is a great experience and learning that you have chosen to include in your cosmic “curriculuns”! You wished for this experience and called us to support you!

Certainly, everything you went through this year was difficult. I’m not minimizing this or ignoring your pain, your loss, no! But calling them to look with another vision, with a more expanded, more open and more loving heart.

This year of great catharsis for everyone is ending now, and each one of you will reap the rewards related to the tunings in which you have stayed as long as possible in this period.

Trust that all this great transformation will trigger profound changes on Earth. More expansion, more wisdom, more Love and Unity!

Know that your friends, relatives and loves who left this year as a result of all events, especially with regard to the virus, will return. They are already preparing to return to the Physical Plane. Yes. So, quickly, because they don’t want to miss the feast of Earth’s uplift.

Your loved ones who have left the physical body this year will soon return, somehow, to their surroundings, know that. They want it that way too, and it will be that way.

Many of us and others from Ashtar Command and Federations from across the galaxy are preparing for massive descents on Earth.

From Stress to the Rebirth - Your Emotions

Your Emotions

From Stress to the Rebirth

From Stress to the Rebirth – Recognizing The Flaws

Do not be afraid to acknowledge your failures and your downfalls. This is also very worthy!

Many of you are ashamed of yourself when you make mistakes. These are moments, precisely, to support each other more, to embrace more and love each other more. We all make mistakes!

Yes, I committed myself in my own situations when I had experiences in environments like the one you are in now, and I was able to start over.

There is a lot of nobility, dear ones, in making mistakes, recognizing and, in a new way, remaking it. That is how you all expand, learn and evolve your consciousness.

You cannot forget that you were in a very hostile environment, extremely different from the sublime environments you were used to.

You cannot forget the heavy layers of dense energy that fell upon you when you entered these lower dimensions, and so on.

Now you are returning and you need to have patience with yourself and, of course, with all those around you, even with the “darkest”.

Have patience, unconditional love and trust, because no one will be exempt from carrying out their responsibilities.

I have said this before and I always repeat it: those who, despite all the warnings, continue to project war, chaos and fear through the various means you can, are being observed by us.

From Stress to the Rebirth - Recognizing The Flaws

Recognizing The Flaws

From Stress to the Rebirth

I, Ashtar, am doing this personally. You have my word. In the meantime, continue your work to balance your emotions.

You are coming out of a great stress zone and entering a rebirth. Rebirth, in which you can walk more freely, wiser and more aware of their steps.

I know that for many of you now, the situations in your life seem a little hazy, but keep calm. This is the result of the “dust storm” that was raised.

It needed to be raised. It was the dust that was settled and that you didn’t realize was walking over it.

The Crystalline Waves that are being sent from your Local Sun are causing this effect, like a fan that causes all the dust in the environment to rise. So it is happening to Earth now, and you are in the middle of it.

This dust will settle. Just stay calm and get on with your work. Everything will be alright.

From Stress to the Rebirth

Everything you have experienced in this stressful year for most of you has triggered very profound processes that are bringing you to a rebirth, a deep inner rebirth.

The year 2021 will show you how much you have changed, how much you renewed yourselves, how much, in fact, you are definitely not the same anymore.

How much more conscious you are of perceiving the game of negative forces, which is becoming increasingly clear.

There is a lot of questioning about how this new year will be, how the virus situation will be and everything that has happened. I tell you, dear ones, everything will be resolved in ways that you cannot even imagine.

All of this will come along with your rebirth processes, because just like you in your individualities, Mother Earth is also moving from a very stressful environment to a rebirth.

Many of your leaders are fully aware of the whole situation behind the virus and are ready to reveal more than you think. In the meantime, those other leaders who wish to continue with the panic narrative to keep you insecure and fearful with their own air will continue to see their efforts to control you falling to the ground.

As I said, let me personally take care of that. I’m already taking care of untying these knots. They may continue to try to deceive you by lying and misrepresenting information, but that will become even more clear in this year of rebirth.

Understand, dear ones, that while you question and get upset, sometimes, because it seems that things are not working out, because it seems that everything is going from bad to worse and the so-called “second wave” seems to come even more strongly, in fact, it is all a great clear and objective exposure of the dirt that you need to see more clearly.

Understand this, not as something that is getting worse, but, on the contrary, everything is being exposed.

I said that you are becoming more aware, more sensitive and wiser. These negative narratives tend to make you “wrinkle your nose” and roll your eyes.

That is simply what is happening. This is for you to see and know, clearly, how much they tried and still try to lie to you.

It is only getting clearer, and you are now realizing. Let the false narratives continue to come out. They will go on for a little while longer trying and exposing themselves.

This is what is happening. A real display of what was hidden under the rug, and now everyone knows.

From Stress to the Rebirth - Rebirth


From Stress to the Rebirth

And because you are more aware, they are trying more, more and more to oppress you to keep you under control. I give you my word: it will not work. You will no longer be held hostage by fear.

So, this is “from the year of stress to the year of rebirth”, when you will know even more clearly who the leaders around the world are.

Who is the most directly that wants to keep the fear narrative to arrest you. The year 2021 will show you who’s who.

You, as I have been saying, are becoming more sensitive and all that sensitivity will trigger an increase in your multidimensional field. An increase in your extraphysical sensitivity.

So, it is important that you are aware that shadows and their shapes can try to scare you by showing themselves to many of you in animalistic and scary ways. Keep calm and balance as much as possible.

In this year of rebirth, you will also have the opportunity to see your own shadows more clearly. When reborn, you need to understand more about yourself and the duality in your own beings.

You will leave your comfort zones. You will be called to work even deeper with yourself. You will be called upon to see what your real motivations are on Earth, what you really want to do, when and why.

Furthermore, you will not be able to deceive yourself, to self-pimp so easily, as your energy fields are getting so much more intense and active that you will not be able to bear lying to yourself in any situation.

It will be unbearable, and you will have to face and look at each other. That’s it, and you are being reborn to the truth, to the truth of who you really are, to the truth of your origins, for the truth of your past, for the truth of those who are leading your countries.

All of this may still bring some fear, insecurity and revolt, but you will be more aware and wiser. You will experience in 2021 a real rebirth, literally, a rebirth just like a newborn child on Earth who, upon taking his first breaths, feels discomfort in the activation of his lungs.

You will feel this, especially in the first twenty-one (21) days of the year 2021. This year, really, dear ones, it will not give a “bump” to those who try to escape from themselves, who try to boycott and deceive themselves, deceive anyone.

This year will show the truth, as it really is.

Consider this new year 2021 as the Year of Revelation. Some will be surprised by so many things to come, and even by the increased activity of our fleets across the planet.

It will be a year that will also bring your ancestral strength connecting you to your entire lineage, your entire family tree, your past history and the energies of many, many eras that have been moved.

It will be a year in which you will rescue that strength, that strength that is within you. Memories of the past, wise memories that will be able to help you in the present times, memories of when you were monks with all tranquility and lightness.

Memories of when they were warriors, only now they will use that strength and momentum more wisely to move forward overcoming the barriers of the way – no longer with swords and spears, but only with the strength of your hearts’ loving and courageous impulse.

Memories of a lot of wisdom and understanding of life, because you have this baggage, this experience, these many experiences, dear ones. It will be a year for him to reconnect with his ancestral strength.

From Stress to the Rebirth – Necessary Choices

You will have to make a lot of choices, because this year, as I said, it will push you towards this: for definitions, conclusions and finalizations.

As I have also been saying for some time, the forces of this year 2020 have opened many portals for Multidimensionality, for connections with the spiritual forces of the various planes of existence, activating natural portals in yourselves, for you yourselves, in your own chakras, portals that lead to high dimensions.

In 2021 there will be a great fusion, dear ones, of the increase in your capacity and multidimensional expansion, so that you are more sensitive and open to extraphysical connections, as well as to all your transcendental baggage.

You will bring more to your consciousness: your strength, the strength of all your lives, the strength of your ancestry summed up in one year: 2021.

There is much to come, a lot of things. And you need to be ready. I know you are.

This will require a lot of discipline and commitment from you. Lots of discipline and delivery. Lots of discipline and confidence. Much discipline and confidence in yourself, just as we have in you.

These are restorative times, dear ones! Times to start again more aware, wiser and centered on your own inner strength, leaving aside what no longer needs to be in your trajectories.

It is a time for a change of route, if necessary. Change of direction, realignment and redo.

You need to define now where you really want to go, who you really want to be with and start with.

Start doing what needs to be done. You need to align yourself with your creative execution force, so that you can get out of any and all inertia in your lives, so that you can produce what animates your soul!

You are productive beings, with great wisdom and creative power, and for a long time negative forces have kept you in depressed, discouraged and insecure cycles.

From Stress to the Rebirth - Necessary Choices

Necessary Choices

From Stress to the Rebirth

But now I tell you that you will receive an additional positive force: the strength of your ancestry, the sum of all your life experiences on Earth, propelling you to the “ends” necessary for you to expand and leave behind everything that was “Jamming you” in some way!

You need to trust this present positive strength. Feel and see: it already vibrates in you! You don’t have to wait for entry in 2021. It’s already here. It is already present.

Take advantage of the energies of eclipses, as they are powerful portals of attractions, dear ones, that align you with the purposes of your souls. Which takes you to what you really programmed into this existence.

Do not be afraid of abandonment, afraid of being alone and being forgotten. This is never going to happen. You are NEVER or will be alone! This is impossible!

Perhaps, yes, you are in moments of solitude, in which you need to be more with yourself as you try to assimilate everything that has happened, all the processes that you are experiencing and, even so, we are watching.

At that time, when you need to spend more time in solitude, we are observing “in the distance”, also respecting your moments.

And when you call us, we approach again. You are very respected beings by us,

I am and will be with you, as I have always said and I say: you have developed so beautifully, dear ones! Do not fear your ascension, because everything you have experienced is part of it, including letting go of certain things. Do not fear. Trust that there is a higher plan behind it, beloved Family!

May this coming year be for your complete rebirths in yourselves, as you will be seeing everything even more clearly, and… Yes, believe me! You are already ready to know about certain matters.

I speak truth to you, Family.

And so it is.


His brother,



*Mathária is Ashtar’s system/planet of origin and is located in Alfa Centauri. There, he has a physical body, not like the physical one on Earth, but much more subtle. Many of us go there when we leave the body, as this is where the big Ashtar Command meetings usually take place.

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