Friendly Space Races Part 1-3 - The Great Quantum Transition

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3

The Great Quantum Transition

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3 – By Lev



Everyone who wanted to get incarnated down here on the physical plane had to obey and follow the rules set by dark forces to forget his origin etc. And I feel we were double-crossed and deceived to come to experience the 3D physical stuff by the free will rules among others set before us.

I am glad that Higher Light Hierarchy has decided to interfere with the free will rules and help us get out of this game of deception, with our effort, of course.


24/06/2021 at 11:51 pm

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Dear Den,

I hear you, and I feel you. Yes, the feelings and wisdom you shared are both equally valid.
What I feel in addition is that we must “look” deeper at how each creation is created. My deeper observation “tells” me that the SOS call was given from the Girl, our Universe, who plans to end up with “cancer” created in her womb. We are Creator and Creation as well, and the power to create has never been taken away from us. We, as the SOS team, were debriefed on the general plan of where we were going, but only with the difference that we did not have to know the details.


– Because we do not come as a Rescue team or assign a Savior but we came to Become the System and to change the system from within;

– Because otherwise we will be discovered by the self-defense program in the System as an Enemy and it will eliminate us very quickly if we “carry insight” too much (there are many examples in the history of this);

– Because we must allow ourselves to be deceived/ depleted/ devolved to get allowed Entry and play according to the rules of The System.
So I chose to play the “cancer” cell or become the System if you want to call it that, until certain configurations are fulfilled (which I know from the general debrief as a spark in my memory) and very deeply hidden secret “light code” is activated in the heart of this “cancer” I at the exact moment of Truth, along with many others.

Each of us holds a small part of the “plan”, but as we Unite and Cooperate, we become One, which is the System but the new one, choosing from within how to heal and what to Be, always supported by Source himself and by all the brothers and sisters Creators and Co-creators in the vast cosmos of the Divine creation, who did not take their eyes off The One.

What are our tools?!

Trust (open the door), Accept (allow to become), Appreciate (Love fully and unconditionally the self-created Creation).

It’s that simple. I invite everyone, open your heart fully and unconditionally, listen to your “heartbeat” to guide you, and everything else will flow with the Divine power … Love you so much!!!


26/06/2021 at 10:09 am

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As an additional comment, here is the synopsis of the 25D Argorians spaceship commander’s last debriefing on 25 July 2021 at 00.15 pm CET:

“We are aware of the questions earthlings have all the time. They want to know the intended process, the Plan of the Co-Creators’ Project.

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3 - In The Cockpit

In The Cockpit

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3

We understand them. But it is not provided because it is a process, and knowing or assuming the process in the course of it harms its implementation.

It is acceptable only to the highest leaders in conjunction with the Co-Creators. They guide these processes in the intended direction and monitor the manifestation of new variants.

If the performers know the course and the desired results, they will begin to adjust, and it will affect the outcome and the overall intent.

Everything that happens is reporting to you. To precipitate the matters is not possible. That’s the thing. Everything has to mature, take place, and manifest.

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3 - And Manifest

And Manifest

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3

Everything possible is speeding up for ease and viability.


It is the ability to wait, to be patient, to analyze, and timely report your states in the process that is very important to correct and take the necessary action to conclude.

But that doesn’t mean we need voice messages. Everything is instantly read mentally. So, help ourselves correctly and consciously.

You and all selected by Co-Creators for this process must not forget that this is your main task now.

Other performers do the rest. It’s their job, and it’s all in good hands.

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3 - In Good Hands

In Good Hands

Friendly Space Races Part 1-3

Control yourself, your attitude, your well-being, your awareness of what’s going on. Be in the process all the time. It’s a difficult task for you!

There is no need to react to any of the details of the cleansing of the planet. Everything happens as it always does in such a case, and there are the tasked to perform it. AND YOU ARE IN ANOTHER REALITY.

You are already under a lot of stress. You should rest more and drink a lot of water because it conducts energy well through the cells and tissues.

Everything is going according to the Plan at this time. BE RESPONSIBLE and vigilant, though we can see how tired you are. The squadron sends our best regards to you!”

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