Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September


Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September – SaLuSa. By Gabriel RL.

As you are realizing, we are giving our fleets even more visibility, so as to bring them closer to the people of the Earth and awaken the more suspicious hearts the feeling of familiarity, as although they may not know exactly what they would be ” these unusual cloud formation” but anyhow awake in them the connection with us, which existed for the eternity, and the particular familiarity with the Galactic Federation ships.

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We have been authorized by the Mentors who lead this Plan to approach you and, whenever possible, uncloak some of our ships in the less crowded areas, so that these are at least seen from afar and we will thus enable those less prepared for a contact with us.

We do not intend to cause an uproar because, as you know, harmony is what we cherish most at this moment and the more harmonized the energies on Earth are, the more easily we can move and press the necessary buttons for more and more awakenings.

Cloaked Ship

Cloaked Ship

Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

Much of the empowerment of our exhibits comes from the energies that came to Earth from the Great Gate of 21/01, powered by the Lunar Eclipse.

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These effects will extend throughout the year and you can feel them in many ways.

So even the most dense web layers will be used, allowing a further approach of our fleets, without more complicated vibration effects.

We are also expanding our field of action on Mother Earth herself, as she calls the Federation members who came onto the Planet and incarnated with the missions to help other souls in their awakening.

So you will begin to perceive even more souls from your surroundings awakening with an incredible baggage of information and wisdom that will amaze you.

We have told you about this in many of our messages, but this will increase throughout this year that unfolds and the signs of the mentors are given for the tightening of triggers.



Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

With all of this happening like never before, the Central Civilization, the oldest in the Galaxy, has been allowed to get closer and to interact more with the Solar System and the effects of this interaction are being wonderfully punctual!

When we say “punctual”, we mean that they are pointing more directly to what you definitely need, the adjustments before the abrupt but harmonious leap of energy that the Earth will reach in mid-August and September.

They are also punctual because they are accelerating the processes of the Earth as a living being and all the beings that inhabit her, so that the maximum of purification, both at soul and physical level, will occur before this date.

We also hasten to say do not expect to see angels flying in your skies with trumpets or something, or even our fleets come as the usual extraterrestrial invasions displayed on the movie screens.

We will arrive at this point, but not yet.

Galactic Central Civilization

Central Civilization

Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

And at that moment, the feeling of invasion and fear about it will have been almost completely extinguished from the hearts of souls incarnated on Earth.

Our presence without camouflage will be cause for great joy, not fear.

We know that many on Earth who read our message now say that they are ready and will not fear this moment, and this is wonderful, not only because of their words, but because the genuine vibrations they carry.

But keep in mind that many other souls need to at least find a little harmony for this, and this is a matter of compassion.

In any case, know that we are right here, and your sky is full, not to say crowded, with our fleets waiting for a signal of the Creator for that event.

In the meantime, enjoy your raising of the level of consciousness linked to the peace that comes with it, ensuring your state of balance and harmony.

Even though you are often exposed to unpleasant situations, your full harmonic state will ensure that you will be no longer involved and fall into disharmony.

Your spiritual mentors and friends are constantly sending out signs so you can remain secure in the power of Love in your own hearts.

They also send you clear signs of the most harmonious ways, so that you can find the cure of your own internal conflicts that naturally come to the surface in these final times before the great leap.

Ashtar December 2018

Potential For The Year 2019

By mid-August, you will feel your energy field expand further, reaching a considerable peak in early September until its end,when many things will develop as said by Ashtar in a recent message.

The energy of this leap will bring even greater expansion of your consciousness and your crystalline levels will be more vibrant.

After this date, you will have even more lucid dreams and more contacts in your dreams with your soul family and your twin pairs.

If they are not incarnated with you on earth, and/or even if they are and are not directly aware of it, you will find it easier to recognize them and to understand their purposes.

Another point deriving from this peak is that your volcanoes will be more active, as they will also receive an even greater charge of energy and this will arrive to further cleanse the Earth from the miasmas of accumulated in ages, both inside the Earth and on the surface.

Some people fear when we speak of these physical movements, but internally they know that they are necessary movements that will culminate in the liberation of the Earth from the lowest vibrations.

With all this energy agitation and physical adjustments, bits of earth will begin to emerge around the world in the midst of the waters as signs of the ongoing reorganization.

Some animals, formerly considered extinct, will begin to return to the physical environment, as indeed many of them had not been extinguished by hunting or anything, but they simply asked Mother Earth the opportunity of energize in a more subtle environments, then return and continue their support to humanity, especially to human beings.

There are also, among all these movements, many questions about your financial system and when the so-called “reset” will occur.

Although everything looks the same as always, know that much is changing on the main foundations of your planet’s financial power.

Many of your leaders in charge of resource allocation are now much more watched and “controlled” by the members of our teams on Earth who have acted magnificently in the procedures that will lead to an upgrade of your Financial System without traumas.

You do not need to fear something that is already very well watched by our fleets, the main keys of banking transactions are in the hands of the allies of the Galactic Federation on the surface.

Also know that, requesting here the license of Gabriel RL, our channel, to use one of his phrases: “ABUNDANCE IS A STATE OF SPIRIT. IT IS A STATE OF MENTAL BALANCE AND INTERNAL HARMONY”.



Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September
Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance and Prosperity

Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

Therefore, everything related to the financial energy of the Planet will be, by tuning, directed to the most balanced minds for the harmonious conduct of legal processes that, distributed to the main points, will first support the important causes as the end of hunger, the purification of the air and water of the Earth, which will consequently bring more health and well-being, further accelerating the process of the leverage of the civilization as a whole.

Keep in mind that this process is being cautiously evaluated by great Ascended Masters such as Saint Germain and Kuan Yin who, in alliance with other spiritual beings, prepare the upgrade so that no one is going to needless trouble.

This process is ongoing, and as we said, even if it does not seem at first glance, when the Start is given, many will be surprised to realize that what was illegally stolen from you is returning to your lives with due adjustments.

And here we hasten again to say that you should not expect such returns only through the role you call money or gold, abundance is by no means limited to such things, but much more wide. The fence will be open and you can access it, always according to your level of equilibrium and harmony interiors.

I’m SaLuSa from Sirius and I’m really happy to be able to deliver messages back to you through Gabriel.

We have been in great activity and we often need to find a synchronicity where our energies intertwine for such communications.

The New Atlantis

The New Atlantis

Fleets Exhibition Financial System August and September

We always have something to say, but we often wait to speak at “key” moments, like this we now consider this, and here we are.

I, on behalf of all the Galactic Federation Fleets, bless you all and thank you for your continued efforts to maintain your high vibration level, which enables us to approach and act more directly.

Do not look back when many pains upset your soul, or your so-called “causes”. Know that each awakening is a new opportunity to do better, and you have achieved a status so powerful, so acknowledged that many beings from other Universes are coming to watch the Ascension of the Earth as never before.

It’s a great event! And we’re really proud to be the ones we’ve been following from the beginning!

Be in Peace, Be in the Light!

Gabriel RL: Very grateful, beloved SaLuSa!

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