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The Great Quantum Transition - First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

The Great Quantum Transition


From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition – First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

We stubbornly try to help out humanity, believing that everything is already clear to us, and therefore don’t doubt our rightness. We think that the more strongly we radiate outwards, the better. It doesn’t matter – to a person or the entire world. But that’s misleading. The best help should be quiet. Not like the Sun gushing out with jets, but by manifesting on another wave, which is not visible or audible.

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - On Another Wave

On Another Wave

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

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When we promiscuously rush to assist everyone, we disrupt their speed of change, intrude by our energy and will into their personal lives and even rape them. There is no wisdom in this. There is no use whatever trying to help people who do not help themselves. We cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he is willing to climb himself.

Prudent, well-thought-out and imperceptible support requires not only sound approach to men, but also the highest inner concentration. It’s much more powerful than the assertive and overbearing succour. And most importantly, an adult MUST HIMSELF FIND ANSWERS TO HIS QUESTIONS, and what he is looking for will be found gradually as he grows up. We can’t help people by doing what they could do for selves.

Yes, our compassion for the world feels as primordial, so due to it, we perceive 3D as healers. But often we lack patience, and this is our millennial mistake. We never could accept the man’s free will and choice freedom to slide into abyss. We always see when he starts falling, and to save at any cost, attempt dragging him out of his own hell not thinking about consequences. And every time grossly violate the evolutionary plan of his Soul. We fall short of wisdom to let a person go when he made a firm decision, and in the end, the chasm gobbles him from incarnation to incarnation. But we continue to break in on the Divine scenario with our pity, making everything worse.

It’s wiser to accept everyone’s conscious choices. To remember that life is a frequency swing that can rise, both, up and down for millennia, but against the background of the Universe, it’s a brief instant. But we can’t wait, and want the tree to grow quickly – not from seed to sprout, sapling and then into an arbor, but immediately. So that it unfolds into entire worlds at quantum speeds in a tick.

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Arbor At Once

Arbor At Once

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

DNit Telegram Channel


But the 3D world is distinct. The speeds are different here, and so are the rules. We see the potentials of the highest civilizations and decaying worlds. It seems to us that we can easily build a bridge between them, and heal any disease by becoming this bridge, so that everything at once lights up and shines. We are so tired of the slow awakening and maturation of people that are ready to do anything that makes evolution fast, bright and effective.

It’s all bubbling up in us, and we’re always rushing to save mankind, because inside feel selves huge and luminous. But healing is the opposite state, and above all, it is the acceptance of Darkness. We are too strongly connected to the Radiant worlds, and if gloom seeps into us, we quickly transform it into Light…

What is Dark for us, and what we don’t take in it? We don’t accept its rhythm. From the highest realms, duality looks like an interesting experiment and an opportunity for growth. But from the state of Light, for example, we can’t comprehend how one can live with resentment for entire life. Well, okay, a person got a wound, immersed in it, but when the Light keeps calling, how can he stay in this mood forever? We don’t understand it, because are used that Light instantly permeates and heals everything.

Those who emit Light don’t have bad disposes, and cannot stay in them for a long time – their shining pushes them out of it. In the deep depressive states, when a person plunges into Darkness, he becomes a prisoner of its speeds and tempo in full compliance with its laws. We perfectly see and understand them, and can’t calmly and respectfully treat man, which takes it for granted. Or blames Creator for everything, justifying own passivity and unwillingness to change anything in self and his life. Or deliberately merges with Darkness to get power, money, publicity and cozy life, or to explore and test self. But why to stick there if everything can be realized and worked out very quickly here and now?

Darkness holds in and not lets out because everything in it is very viscous, slow and dense. This is the maximum distortion of Light and its swiftness. We accept duality, but the difference in the speeds of development causes us inner rebellion, and we can’t stand the sight of fading and slow decay, when instead of radiance and creation, complete lifelessness reigns. Deep inside, we think that it’s unfair and wrong to create such abscesses in the Universe.

The Light can create many worlds in a short time, and in the Darkness, Souls are immersed in complete passivity and silence, falling out of life. We hardly accept that this is also a part of evolution, and a very important one, because it forces to forge the Spirit, character, ability and desire to change own destiny. To be reborn and rise to another level, making a quantum leap.

Every human being goes through such experience. Its principles are different than when interacting with an active environment. Here, we mature as a child in the womb, immersed in total darkness before seeing the bright radiance of life. The Soul has already strengthened in the body… it enters the last month of a strange seclusion, when it has not yet been born, but ready to leave the mother’s body for its multidimensional travels. In the meantime, the stay in the depths continues, where slow speeds and a high level of oblivion. But this contrast eventually reaches a peak, and an outbreak occurs to germinate into a new state at the intersection of experience and often on a higher Monadic Tree…

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Handle Both

Handle Both

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

The most challenging is taking of the 3D swamp, where there is no flow, and everything is toughly like clay. We learn to work with Light and Dark’s states separately, but often can’t handle both concurrently. We are constantly arguing internally and reject the latter. But it turns out that it’s enough to simply accept the two, and then, a new perception of the life power emerges. We feel selves in every blade of grass, every petal of a flower, every living being. It’s such a high concentration of Divine love and life that accepting death is arduous, especially, when a loved one passes away. The decease is perceived as our own. And the most tough and horrible is the death of children. Here is another story from the first person.

In many incarnations, I was a healer, witch or sacrificer, and always lost sons. It was breaking me down, and now, it has been activated anew with the birth of my kid. Because I hated the Creator many times for taking my children, I didn’t see any Higher meaning in it…

In one of my last lives, I lost my son in the desert, where he strayed from a caravan and died. It was a terrible loss for me, and I grieved very much. He was a God-marked child with a huge heart and potential. He was prophesied a great fate and a role in the destinies of the world. I was a priestess, but with all my abilities couldn’t find him because a heavy storm started in the sands. And I’ve sworn off all my capacities, because they didn’t help me in a difficult hour, renounced the Creator and screamed how I hate Him.

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Can't See The Meaning

Can’t See The Meaning

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

We only found the body after the storm. The child’s Soul was comforted by his Keepers and taken off Earth through a golden Portal, but I knew about it many years later, but in those days, it broke me so much that I shrank for many lives. I failed to see a Higher Will in all of this and why my child was taken away. Only in this incarnation came the truth. Then, as a priestess, I also got information, but the pain created such a strong block in me that the message from above didn’t pass. Blind maternal love extinguished the true meaning, and I couldn’t hear it with my Soul.

It turned out that then, in the Universe occurred a gigantic catastrophe, threatening total destruction and death. And the Creator urgently called my boy’s Soul to the other end of the Greater Cosmos for saving the situation with his unique energy. Many of the Higher Self, including my own, came together on purpose and made this decision. It was an emergency, and that was why here, on Earth, it led to such a quick and absurd death. But at the time, I repeat, I wasn’t able to hear the voice of my Soul, because felt so much pain, grief and despair. But in fact, it was a Higher Service, which I had been asking for that life. I wanted to serve the Creator, and He gave me this experience, but in an unexpected form. Without the consent of my Higher Self and the kid’s for first aid, He would never have done this…

And there are many such stories. On a Subtle Plane, one can see that Earth is covered with a golden network of shining hexagonal cells, and the planet itself is a large hex, being a part of the Universe’s fractal. Through this structure, Co-Creators upload into people the codes of planets, Star Systems, Constellations, Galaxies, and so on indefinitely. Everyone can take from them what corresponds to his readiness, skills, and abilities. How should a person perceive a new space? As a platform for growth and maturation.

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Fractal


First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

Today, the burning out of old programs of minds and physical bodies by Solar plasma jets reached a maximum and will continue to intensify. The high-frequency waves hit everyone, and act not as killers, but like ambulance. Pure Souls withstand easily the deep cleansing of the cellular consciousness, restructuring of the brain and neural networks, and disconnection from the 3D Matrix.

In this process, the main energy centers are involved – the sixth, fourth and third chakras. There, heat, vibration, prostration or a sense of calm is felt most of all. Our feet can buzz, even if we haven’t walked much these days. Our energy through the lower chakras and legs enters into synergy with the planetary one. The pressure on the psyche also increases, the emotions swing as on teetering board, and any little thing causes huff.

Don’t block the exit of feelings – this is the purification of subconsciousness. And even if you have long forgotten about some experiences, it doesn’t mean that they vanished. Everything is in the body’s record, mainly painful moments of the past when the psyche put up a safety barrier to protect from new anguish. It looks like soap bubbles of different densities inside the cells’ memory. And when a plasma jet of different spectra enters, it pierces these bubbles like a needle. Particularly what a person clings to and is afraid to lose, which is ridiculous, when the entire planet goes into higher dimensions.

First-Aid - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Into Higher Dimensions

Into Higher Dimensions

First-Aid – From 3D To 4D And 5D

One must let go of everything, all of self. Only thus the true Spiritual freedom and control of own life is possible. Beyond the old patterns and the Matrix’ run, without expectations and reproaching self for something. For example, for not conforming to society, where tough prescribed norms reign and you have no desire to live by them anymore. Nor do you need to. Listen to yourself, trust yourself. Don’t belittle yourself, especially when emotions get the better of you.

These symptoms can affect well-being very much. Vital energy will plummet as it takes a lot of energy for transmutation and restructuring of the body’s biochemistry. This is not a quick process. It requires patience, trust in the Source and the ability to listen to own body, a signals, which it clearly gives. This can cause tingle the heart, shortness of breath, colds, dizziness, apathy, heaviness of the gastrointestinal tract. Any reaction to the loading of the plasma stream is possible, and everything depends on the state of the mind and body. Some take it in stride, some find it hard. And it’s not always a matter of age, sometimes even for children and teenagers it’s difficult psychologically. Kids can be naughty, demonstrate their Self to the fullest. Don’t scold them, but accept calmly with love and patience.

When a person takes Light energies, the people around may behave inappropriately. Since the energy enters your field, the vibrations of environment go up from you. Also, treat it without emotion. If you feel the heat grows inside, find personal ways to harmonize. The options are huge now, and everyone will find that fits them best at the moment, based on intuitive sense of their essence and Soul.

Strong plasma eruptions and Solar flares are our ambo, which burns painful, injured and damaged cells. Sets the desired Light pulse to the whole body, removes inner resistance to change, which is most often unconscious. It starts the regeneration of organs and all systems. The corpus receives a strong energy boost to transformation and upgrading. Do everything according to your heart. Take the world lightly and kindly. This is the most effective first aid for self and others.

More By Lev

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