Finding Integration and Balance

Finding Integration and Balance

Finding Integration and Balance. By Lisa Renee.​

Finding the inner integration point means allowing all levels of experiential being as co-created from us, whether negative polarity or positive polarity, to ultimately witness the mirrored expressions of the whole and know that we have all the power to heal and be transformed, when we choose love over fear.

This means we must let go of our fear which keeps us in denial of seeing and knowing the truth. If we allow conscious action to accelerate our integration process through holding neutral balance in the presence of extreme polarities, we will naturally allow integration to take place inside of our body, mind and spirit.

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To stop the vicious cycle of feeding the hatred that exists in the archetypes of the victim or the victimizer, we must find the courage and bravery to restore energetic balance within ourselves. Digging deep for the personal strength, asking help from God-Christ spirit every day to prevail no matter what the circumstances.

All change begins within the self. As each of us holds value for all life, while developing our self-worth and self-love, we are empowered to be a positive force of spiritual transcendence that restores energetic balance.

Love is the force that restores balance and harmony to all things.

Finding Integration and Balance - Restore Energetic Balance

​Restore Energetic Balance

Finding Integration and Balance

In the interpretation of restoring energetic balance through the Law of One, is an egalitarian philosophy for an evolving humanity who is consciously choosing to move towards humanitarian goals.

Ascension study is an evolutionary model for valuing our planet and all of humanity.

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The main focus is upon the inner spiritual study, reflection, and the personal commitment to expand one’s consciousness and benevolence towards life, even while present in fields of hatred.

We must continually choose Love as the force we want to expand and grow in our body.

As we expand our consciousness, we shift our perspective to feel our interconnection with all of Life.

We shift our orientation to be of Service to Others, thus reflecting inner truth and energetic balance.

When we experience this all-encompassing spiritual-energetic connection, we inherently desire to practice human kindness and seek to collaborate with developing higher structures that place value on all human beings. We seek a value system of World Humanism.

As we restore energetic balance and establish values of World Humanism, we begin the Apostolic Age of the Law of One.

This age starts with the restoration of the planetary architecture and energy grid networks, to be governed by those same Universal Laws.

As heaven meets earth, we establish the new laws to be made manifest through our physical body, which is the multidimensional aspect of the Universal Consciousness.

For One and for All!

May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward.

May peace be with your heart, mind and body during these chaotic times.

Finding Integration and Balance - Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee

Finding Integration and Balance

Please only take what is useful for your spiritual growth and discard all the rest.

Thank you for your courage and bravery to be a Truth Seeker.

I am God, Sovereign, Free!

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path.

Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

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