Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother

Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother

Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother. By Sementes Das Estrelas.

In its latest update, Cobra stated that “The entity Yaldabaoth is beginning to realize that its time is almost finished and is reacting strongly to the growing energies received from the Galactic Center“.

At the same time, the comrades of the Platimum Fleet in their most recent Report declare that they, the Light, are “very active in the process of removing certain individuals stubborn in being in the midst of the New Age train“.

Statements confirm that those who fight against the Light are in explicit decline, and also evidence that the work of the Light that is done is totally articulated, proving that both those who inspire Cobra and those who inspire Gabriel speak the same language.

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In that report, COBRA denounces the abuses of the Cabal and the Archons in misusing the plasma of the Yaldabaoth entity and says that this is affecting the planet’s climate and triggering hurricanes.

The point here is that they have a lot of technology to produce these climatic breakdowns.

Cobra said: “They planned that the hurricane would become another Katrina, with thousands of victims, but thanks to the strength of the New Atlantis grid, the Light Forces managed to weaken the storm when it hit the earth …

These attempts have been (and continue to be) greatly frustrating to them by the intervention of the Lightworkers through their meditations to create a reality of Love.

The Platinum Fleet, in its report, warned Lightworkers about these hurricanes by saying: “… many times when they see advertisements for hurricanes or something, they begin their attraction moves! Incredibly, some of you say, “Oh, my God! He’s coming here! “But he said,” Why, instead of bringing the idea of destruction, don’t you mentalise a powerful violet force transmuting everything that needs cleaning? Oh! Use your powers, comrades!

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Typhoon Talim Japan Situation September 16

Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother

Although, according to Cobra, the planet is not yet liberated, we all know that the process is only advancing.

On 08.29.2017 Gabriel came into mediumistic contact with the Yaldabaoth energy, with which one of the members of the PVSE team managed to interact.

On 09.06.2017 new contact between them was established. We learned that Yaldabaoth was quite emotioned and said he was fully aware of what Love and its potential is, but he put an admonition that he was in that state because of Love.

Yaldabaoth explained that out of love he followed Lucifer 700 million years ago in the famous Luciferian Rebellion and remained immersed in that energy for all these years.

On Lucifer, we all know that, originally, he is also an Angel of Light, whose final destiny is equal to that of all of us, the return to the Source.

The PVSE member, still recounting his experience, said: “Beloved Yaldabaoth, with tears in his eyes told me that Love had caused him very great traumas That for Love he was like that and that yes, he was going away and leaving this planet“.

And to complete, he asked us: “Masters, send much Love to this beloved angel, our brother! He just needs a loving shoulder for him to cry, purge everything and receive so much love that he can sleep and and wake up renovated!

Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother

Farewell to Yaldabaoth Go in Peace Brother

So we want the feeling of gratitude to involve everyone in the same way that involve us, for all these experiences we are having in this dimension, they urge us to love, without limits, even what we previously considered impossible to love.

Gratitude to the beloved Lightworkers who created the conditions to make it possible to love like this, especially Gabriel RL who allowed himself to be this Channel of Light in this sacred planetary moment.

Gratitude to Cobra and other Lightworkers involved in this cause for their valuable contributions and much gratitude and unconditional Love and Farewell to Yaldabaoth for having been subjected to being the dark side of life, without which we would not see the Light.

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There is one invisible spirit. He is pure, holy and immaculate. This ineffable one emanated pure, immeasurable light. He is indestructible and eternal.

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