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Exhale And Inhale - From 3D To 4D And 5D - Lev

Exhale And Inhale

From 3D To 4D And 5D

The Great Quantum Transition

Exhale And Inhale – By Lev


What will happen to chronic patients, e. g. those who have had constant unbearable headaches for many years? It is not certain that it is of mental origin, but there is a blockage of a capillary and that causes psychological problems. When can medbeds, etc., be considered?

József Kiss

04/12/2022 at 04:25, Exhale And Inhale

I have a chronic disease and I want to leave this planet, why can’t?

erath 5d

04/12/2022 at 14:13, Exhale And Inhale

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I … agree with what you wrote the analysis of the situation. But one thing I don’t agree with and this is someone’s free will.

You wrote that not everyone wakes up so how can unawaken being be guided by her/his free will? Free will only exists when the entity is awake and has a picture of what is happening, why it was happening and what the dark plan is leading to. If then a given being, still, wants to remain in a world ruled by evil and is aware of this, then we can talk about free will. If the individual does not understand the situation, she/he has no free will so is manipulated.

Any lesson makes sense if we remember, know what’s going on or are aware of the situation. The rest of the real people who won’t wake up need the “flash” you’re talking about. Otherwise, millions of us will irretrievably lose our children, parents, all those we love, but whom nothing reaches because they are so deeply programmed.

Last year I lost my Mother who believed the dark side, and a certain person deeply programmed, so She got That injection. I could do Nothing, I tried. They really, could be saved by the so-called Higher Power. Personally, I don’t buy the fairy tale about choosing the personal fate before incarnating on this prison planet. If so, it only applies to a small number of volunteers, unfortunately. Peace, Love, and Harmony to Everyone.


04/12/2022 at 06:28, Exhale And Inhale

@Mila. Think about it …Possibly the expression of “we have a soul” isn’t exactly accurate, but the soul is there all that is – so, the soul has the body, the temporary ego, the temporary role, and it isn’t an ego that “has a soul”. And it’s mindboggling even for us who would acknowledge it, because it turns everything around. We’re just a “playing character” here. This body is not truly who we are, it’s just a role.

As for those who suffer immensely … it’s true that we can only affect ourselves here – at least regarding the internal changes. It’s almost a sort of “soul sovereignty” that cannot be intruded over. That’s why I think, that in truth, what seems to us as some other dark nefarious forces imprisoning humanity … it’s actually the humanity, on soul level, choosing this extreme experience. It could even go further … someone who we see as most negative here, an utmost “antagonist” – could actually be someone truly close to us, assuming the role of antagonist in our scenario, and teaching us important lesson.

On temporary role level, we could be biggest rivals … but on soul level, we could be teacher and student. Also, because our souls are eternal, in the essence, nothing is ever lost.

I personally think there will eventually be larger global shock and cosmic change … but I also think the whole point is not to rely onto any external potential change. It’s a false savior mentality entrapment, and it actually would slow down any positive change further down the road. It needs very little:

  1. You’re the only one that you can affect through changes, others are sovereign beings. Soulless are basically not beings, just imitations, so in truth – projections and illusions. We are the only ones responsible for ourselves. We cannot enforce anything onto others.
  2. One can create happiness out of nothing. They don’t need money for it, they don’t need grandiose happenings for it. They only need to accept it that they can create it.
  3. Don’t see any “loss” here as true loss … because there isn’t a loss. Even a loss here, is a gain of experience. I have no doubt that everyone who we could perceive as “lost” and deceased … are actually more alive than us, here. I have no doubt we will see everyone we need to see again, and reunite with everyone we need to reunite.

Were here to turn the whole reality inside-out and to make a final self-realization where awakening and awareness is a moment of truth that changes everything.


04/12/2022 at 23:38, Exhale And Inhale


No matter how much we talk and explain to selves and others how the Law of Karma works, we still cannot fully understand and accept it with our mind and heart; especially when it concerns relatives and children.

We cannot put up with the fact that millions of kids are born and die in appalling conditions; that from the first years of life they are terminally ill; that every year hundreds of thousands of them are abducted, sold into slavery, tortured, raped and used to obtain adrenochrome and for other atrocities.

We do not accept explanations that many strong and Light Souls are specially incarnated on Earth to TAKE ON SELVES as much of else’s karma (parents, brothers and sisters, all relatives, earthlings and planet) at the earliest age, in order to annihilate it with their Perfect Light at the cost of serious illnesses, injuries and premature death.

DNit Telegram Channel


Exhale And Inhale - Came To Save

Came To Save

Exhale And Inhale

We refuse to believe that a huge number of tots, here and now, are paying off the karmic debts of hundreds of previous lives in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Races, when, as adults, they sacrificed other children in bloody rites in the same way, raped, killed, maimed and exploited in all possible ways.

Wherever and whenever we are born, we will have to pay our karmic debts in our infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood or old age. We categorically do not accept this and pay again and again.

It does not mean that this is the only reason we incarnated on this planet. There are nearly 8 billion inhabitants on Earth. This is almost 8 billion STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL AND ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT 3D embodiment scenarios and programs. What are these programs, decide exclusively the multidimensional vertical of each incarnated, from the Higher Self to the Monad in other dimensions according to their free will and choice freedom.

We are only physical carriers in our 3D bodies of the Soul, its eyes, ears and other sense organs, with which it receives a new experience here, on the 3D planet. But simultaneously, our Monad has up to 143 manifestation bodies in other worlds and dimensions, getting the experience and knowledge it needs. Only our Monad and Higher Self decide when and how we quit Earth, and shoot away from selves our 3D body as spent rocket stage.

Some Souls were in the past Galaxies, Stars, Planets or born in the Pleroma. Second begin their incarnation on Earth from the molecular, mineral, plant and animal forms.

Exhale And Inhale - Synchronous Embodiment

Synchronous Embodiment

Exhale And Inhale

In third, their memory was switched off, so that their previous negative experience not hang over them, and they learn to do the right thing from scratch, here and now, in the most toxic and extreme environment, having a Spark in the Soul as a compass.

Fourths have neither, as they were created as clones and biorobots, and remain them all their lives.

Fifths, during the previous incarnation, were maniacs, sadists, pedophiles, perverts, Satanists and died, adored by relatives and subjects as national heroes and with state honors.

So everyone has their own embodiment scenario and experience, their own memory of it, and their own remuneration for it in the new, current life, here, among us.

Yes, for us, todays Earth’s transformation is too hard to bear. Any pain symptom is a signal of energy channels inside our body (there are more than 5000 of them), blocked by our feelings and thoughts. These are psychosomatic cause of dozens of illnesses and ailments.

Exhale And Inhale - Main Energy Channels

Main Energy Channels

Exhale And Inhale

They are also caused by unreadiness, unwillingness, or difficult adaptation of our 3D body to the continuously growing high-frequency energies of the planet, which have risen from 7.5-7.8 Hz to almost 80-100 Hz over the past three years, and sometimes jump even higher.

This process will continue in 2023. No medbeds, crystals, mandalas or sacred artifacts will help us if we, as a generator, continue to poison and kill ourselves and the whole space around us by our non-stop negativity.

The closer to the end of the year, the harder many of us feel. We fell heavy in the Soul, drowsiness, sluggishness, and sadness, although there are no reasons to. It seems, that we are in such a state because aren’t striving enough on the path of Spiritual growth. Others try to drown out these states by various means or “sleep over”, that is, they very often fall asleep in order to surpass them.

It’s nothing to worry about. All these states are caused, as noted above, by our reaction to the continuous increase in the vibrations of the planet, because the frequencies of our body and consciousness are not so high.

Someone feels it with a discreet physical body (weakness, drowsiness), and others by Subtle Bodies (sadness, apathy, confusion). To those of us, who are not ready for this (don’t want to or don’t know), aren’t working on themselves, aren’t trying to track their low-frequency negative thoughts and emotions, it will be harder to perceive and endure what is happening every day.

Exhale And Inhale - Adapt To High Freqs

Adapt To High Freqs

Exhale And Inhale

Ignorance or non-acceptance of processes doesn’t save us from their consequences. Therefore, either we will try to adjust to the 5D energy (start tracking our thoughts and emotions), or it will continue to kill us with all its might. Everything that exists on the old, 3D power could no longer exist.

Our reactions are our test of how much we understand everything and what path we choose. If it seems to us that only negativity has filled our life, then inner work is insufficient, if there is none at all. Our chronic diseases, discontent and complaints about the world around us and people signal exactly this.

Understanding and a sober assessment of ourselves gives a clear idea of how and where we should move on.

No need to blame self for wanting to sleep this time. Many still need such an energy-saving mode. The weeks until December 21 will be the hardest. It’s important to know this, and calmly perceive what is going on around and in us.

Sadness and apathy are not always bad. This is how what was deeply hidden in us for a very long time comes to the surface. Many of us think that we are no longer subject to emotional swings. We should rejoice that these states are happening. They show us the direction of our movement. If we are honest with ourselves, we can build its correct vector.

Continuing to talk, but doing nothing for Spiritual growth, means that we are standing still. This is also a choice. The most important thing is our fulfilled intention. The world is changing, and only changes in ourselves will allow us to harmoniously undergo these transformations.

When the Soul agrees to receive its own experience, and the Source exhales it from Itself in the form of a Spark, the latter gets access to Its entire space and guarantees unconditional support from Co-Creators in all dimensions and worlds of the Greater Cosmos.

Exhale And Inhale - Source Exhales

Source Exhales

Exhale And Inhale

Our Soul knows that even if it forgets who it really is, it always has the assurance that one day it will return to the Source with a higher consciousness and bring It the new experience and knowledge It needs so much.

The Soul never left alone with itself. The experience gained in the world of the third dimension allows to make a giant evolutionary leap, become an Ascended Master, and its work will always be in demand in the future in other parts of the Universe.

Humanity on Earth has always received this support. Without it, people would have perished at the very beginning of their appearance here, on the planet.

Yes, incarnating on 3D Earth, our Soul forgets who it is. With each embodiment, we get the impression that we (as our children and parents) have never existed before, and that the death of the body means the end of everything. This causes a feeling of complete isolation from the Source of Life. Many of us don’t even know about Its existence – so strong their amnesia is.

Many still have an attraction to minerals, the world of animals and plants. These kingdoms, which are part of Earth, are stages of the evolution for many Souls, mirrors that we needed when the Veil completely blocked our consciousness.

Exhale And Inhale - Evolution Stages

Evolution Stages

Exhale And Inhale

Those, who carefully observe Nature, much faster remember and understand the path of ascent of their Soul. Knowledge and wisdom save us in the harshest conditions of the third dimension. Signals and help are always coming to us, at every turn and intersection of our life. And they eventually brought us here.

Now, we are at a turning point. Earth, as a 3D planet, finishes its Transition to 5D. Many Souls, who have incarnated here, follow it. This is the most important moment in Gaia’s and our history, the greatest awakening of it simultaneously with the awakening of humanity.

The Light becomes more intense, and we can no longer continue to sleep. Undoubtedly, many, who will be awakened by the power of Light, will choose another 3D planet to continue there the deep sleep of their Soul. Therefore, here and now, Co-Creators help only those who help themselves, who have really awakened and chosen the path to 5D. Pain and suffering, as well as all the trials of the third dimension, will not leave any traces in our new consciousness.

The Ascension of the Soul is a unique event in the Local Universe. Moreover, so much that many previously Ascended Masters are incarnating again on Earth to participate in such a grand cosmic event.

Exhale And Inhale - Participate In Cosmic Event

Participate In Cosmic Event

Exhale And Inhale

Each of us can be among them and join the 144,000 born in Pleroma, even if our Soul came on Earth for the first time. But the most important thing is that we are here, in the final part of the planetary Transition. Nothing and no one can prevent this, because our choice is sovereign.

Choice… That word has never been more appropriate than it is now. Choice is a manifestation of our free will. Despite the fact that there has always been something that could interfere, the choice is the inalienable right of every embodied Soul.

The Grays and Darks influenced our every emotion, thought and deed, but they also always respected everyone’s decisions, since Universal Laws cannot be violated even by those who do not belong to the Light.

Now, all the performances in the 3D theater of life are coming to an end. The old repertoire is closed forever, along with the directors, stage, roles and props. There are new, completely different premieres and scenarios ahead.

Our Soul has fulfilled its dream. It has gained invaluable and necessary experience, individual and collective. The third dimension will forever remain in memory only as another, intermediate stage on our long and fascinating ascent back to the Source, which has already begun to Inhale.

More by Lev

Rematch Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Rematch Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Many sources more than once described Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its hierarchy. Some portrayed it as an absolute Evil, as an interdimensional entity that is completely autonomous in its evolution, plans, decisions and actions.

Rematch – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Rematch – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

On 26 March 2024 at 01:30 LT, in Baltimore, a Dali container ship flying the Singapore flag hit the automobile bridge Francis Scott Key on the main route between New York and Washington.

Ops In The Maldives And Azerbaijan – Lev

Ops In The Maldives And Azerbaijan – Lev

After joint work on Ceylon Island, Co-Creators sent their ground team to the neighboring Maldives. There, on 20 February, they assigned Lightwarriors to terminate an important operation, remained unfinished during their last mission on archipelago.

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

April Gifts – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

The second month of spring is a relatively positive period with good energy and the state of the Earth’s biosphere. It allows solving many problems left after 2023. Although in the first decade our planet will be in the zone of negative space and terrestrial frequency resonance, the following weeks are generally a favorable time and bring a lot of Spiritual gifts.

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

In Full Swing – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

A series of new operations, which Co-creators started on the Subtle Plane on February 29, when they and the ground team began to pull together the leap-year’s (bissextile) information karma.

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Ops In Sri Lanka Part 2 – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

After the break, Lightwarriors resumed unveiling their operations in three Asian countries that lasted up to the spring equinox and beyond. The site of the first op on Ceylon was at Pudurangala Rock. Co-Creators chose it for launching the primary gold regeneration, as well as building of Aurumville on the Subtle Plane and a technical Portal leading to it.

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

Trolls – From 3D To 4D And 5D – Lev

While is being finalized the preparation for disclosure of Co-Creators and ground team’s new ops in three Asian countries, wish to give Mad props to DNI moderator. In particular, for his patience with commenters, which never tire accusing him of having “totalitarian type of thinking with a very low vibration and (that he) cannot tolerate freedom of speech and other points of view.”

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