Etymology Of Higher Realms

The Etymology Of The “Higher Realms”

The Etymology Of The “Higher Realms” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Long ago in very ancient times, the study of the planetary realm which included the stars, the planets, and various galaxies and vibrational relationships between all of these energies was a regular part of temple studies whether students were new Initiates, Masters, or Sons and Daughters of Light (those who were the leaders, heads, administrators of a temple—the ancient terms of the Kemetic nation, for example, being “Kheri-Heb” which translates as “High Priest” or Kheri-Hebut” which is a “High Priestess”).

These are also the “Gurus” (“Ones Who Bring Light from Darkness”) and “Archaryas” (“Spiritual Teachers”) of the Vedic lands.

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It was Divinely revealed that the “Higher Realms” constituted a COSMIC HOLY BOOK whose purpose was messages, revelations, and guidance.

In the language of Medu Neter (“Sacred Speech”), it was known as “Hapetseba”—-“The Heavenly Teacher”. In Bharata the name was/and still is “Jyotish”–“Science of Light”. In Greece it was/and still is “Astrology” (“Study of the Stars”). Another more modern phrase used is “Cosmic Science”.

Let us explore this terminology by tracing its etymology (the study of how languages have derived from each other).

Linguistics, the study of the history and philosophy of languages, is a similar study; however, its focus is primarily on tracing pronunciations from their roots and also how languages have altered civilizations such as when certain people have been oppressed and forced to not speak their original languages or even to perform their sacred rituals and also how certain terms are used within particular sectors of society, and often such terms are confusing to those who are outside of these social arenas.

Etymology Of Higher Realms - Medu Neter
Medu Neter

Etymology Of Higher Realms

The word “Cosmos” is from the Greek “Kosmos” which was coined by Pythagorus thousands of years ago and which indicates that ethereal space is an orderly universe. The word “Science” is from the Latin word “Scientia” which is “knowledge”.

Thus, “Cosmic Science” is “The Knowledge of the Orderly Universe.”

It differs from modern day “Astro-Physics” or “Astronomy” because it teaches about the spiritual aspect of planetary and galactic movements—their various alignments, their degrees, their geometric angles, their portals, etc. and what the messages are in all of these occurrences as each planet and galaxy affects others, and in turn, the beings who reside on and in them.

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This, therefore, involves those of us who reside on Earth/Gaia in a vast galaxy called “Milky Way”.

There are many other names in other languages for all of what has been discussed thus far. However, since the language of “English” is spoken in most other parts of the world regardless of a country’s national language, it is “English” which is used quite extensively in many situations.

Thus, the term “Cosmic Science” points towards “Hapetseba” or “Jyotish” or “Astrology”, even though these systems are themselves somewhat different in their analysis of the happenings in the “Higher Realms”.

The language of “English” is itself filled with many so-called “foreign” terms (some very ancient). Just one quick example in terms of homonyms (words which sound the same but which are spelled differently and have a different meaning) is the word “Sir” which is a title of respect for a man. In the ancient language of Medu Neter, this same sound is for the title “Prince”.

Etymology Of Higher Realms - Jyotish

Etymology Of Higher Realms

Relative to synonyms (words which are spelled the same but which have different definitions) is the word “Per” which indicates that something is done as one desires such as in the sentence: “The document will be sent out to everyone per your request.” In ancient Medu Neter, this sound is for “Book”.

One example here is a sacred text known as PER EM HERU which translates as BOOK OF COMING FORTH BY DAY.

Languages around the planet have built upon each other over thousands of years whether we are speaking of Akan, Afrikaans, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Yiddish, Yoruba, or the thousands of other languages spoken and written on the continents, in the countries, on this planet called Earth/Gaia” which also has many, many other names–one of the most ancient being “Geb”.

So, even when we speak of the “Higher Realms”, etymology must be considered.

The ancient Vedic holy books, however, speak of Sanskrit (“Without Blemish”) being an “off-Earth” language.

In other words, it was directly imparted to ancient “Rishis” (“Sages”) millions (not merely thousands) of years ago via a process known as “Sruti” (“to hear”).

The “Hindi” spoken by people from what is known as “India” (but which in recent years by a vote of the people is to again be known as “Bharata”), is not Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is relegated to the scriptures and to ceremonial rituals, prayers, and mantras. “Hindi” is usually for everyday general conversation.

It is from the Greek word “Hindu”, a label which was placed on the people of the Vedic lands when they were discovered near the “Indus-Kush” region. The “H” sound was added.

“Vedic” is from the Sanskrit “Vid” which is “knowledge”.

“Bharata” is actually Medu Neter and translates as “Land of the Light of the Soul”.

Whenever spiritual knowledge is taught, it is often best to also give some historical background because nothing can be truly thoroughly understood in a vacuum.

Here is an example from Nature. Sandalwood oil (originally known as “Chandan” and as “Chandana”) is very fragrant and has numerous healing properties.

The best oil comes from the root of the tree, and it takes 60 to 90 years for a Sandalwood tree to mature.

The bark is used for fragrant malas and also has some oil as well.

Etymology Of Higher Realms - Milky Way
Milky Way

Etymology Of Higher Realms

In order for us to enjoy Sandalwood, seeds must be planted and the trees must be allowed to mature. Thus, time and patience is involved.

In like manner, to acquire deep and profound knowledge in a given area takes time and patience. Without true knowledge, there is only a glancing look and not a deep penetrating understanding.

Etymology Of Higher Realms - Sandalwood

Etymology Of Higher Realms

It takes considerable time to understand the COSMIC HOLY BOOK. It is, however, a gift to us from SOURCE.

It is discussed in most of the sacred texts of this planet, but is often ignored by those who do not understand it and because so many holy books have been tampered with and changed from their original teachings.

Yet, there are still some “spices” and “herbs” in the scriptural “entrees”. They must be discovered by diligent study.

If someone merely skims the teachings due to boredom or laziness, then they will not be sufficiently “fed”.

Yet, they will “hunger” for information which may be now illusive to them.

As our planet is pulsed with strong solar flares, solar winds, coronal mass ejections, and more, we are being re-aligned with the frequencies which will instill greater LIGHT into us.

This LIGHT is nutritional, elevating, healing, and protective.

It is from the “Higher Realms” of SOURCE and is speaking loudly throughout the day, into the afternoon, and all night wherever we are on Earth/Gaia or in any other planetary domain.

Every star is a word. Every planet is a verse, Every galaxy is a chapter.

Etymology Of Higher Realms - Cosmic Holy Book
Cosmic Holy Book

Etymology Of Higher Realms

Every flare, wind, or coronal mass ejection and more turns the pages.

We are all in the midst of our individual “holy books”, and we are all within the pages of the supreme COSMIC HOLY BOOK.

SOURCE is the writer and is still writing.

Thus, there is yet much for us to “read”.

Open the book!

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