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Escalation to Mob Frenzy

Escalation to Mob Frenzy

Escalation to Mob Frenzy. By Lisa Renee.

At the present time, the western power centers are facing serious threats of dominance by powerful global fascist forces that have set the course of the mass propaganda towards cultivating Groupthink, which is being explicitly designed to gradually drift the global population towards Technocratic Totalitarianism.

The agenda of full cognitive capture through digital means is escalating now. Spiritual warfare is the battle between the light that exists in the knowledge of truth versus the darkness that exists in the controlled narratives that are spun with deceptions and lies.

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Escalation to Mob Frenzy - Technocratic Totalitarianism

Technocratic Totalitarianism

Escalation to Mob Frenzy

The spiritual warfare is escalating against all of humanity, it matters not what your color, race, religion or creed is.

More than ever we need to be able to rise above the mind control distractions of the NAA playbook of classifications and see ourselves as one species that represents the entirety of humanity.

Seeking to find the deeper truth hidden inside everything, and then being mature enough to handle the answers that come as a result.

Recently, the Black Suns are taking these lies to another level of psychological warfare through the weaponization of control narratives into Groupthink.

When the ideological subversion of Groupthink rhetoric escalates into mob frenzy and then mob rule, this destruction and violence generates descending matrices, which align these lowest vibrating reality bubbles into the artificial intelligence networks that are operating as a mind control hive net.

To radically descend a city area that the NAA desire to establish in as low a vibration as possible, is to house demonic forces and spread other low life spirits into the community.

DNit Telegram Channel

This is achieved by chemical and psychological warfare, as well as inciting an angry mob to destroy poverty-stricken areas or government buildings in order to generate even more misery and suffering.

Cultivating the conditions for this level of chaos and descending energy is then used to link this area into the hive net and this is the real work of the authentic Satanist.

Escalation to Mob Frenzy - Satanism and Luciferianism Symbols

Satanism and Luciferianism Symbols

Escalation to Mob Frenzy

They will use whomever they can take over and steer into inciting mob frenzy to achieve their aims, which is to ensure as much pain and suffering as possible in a targeted neighborhood or demographic area.

These unconscious groups being manipulated as pawns in the spiritual warfare games are being used as distractions while they plug the Groupthink reality bubbles into AI weapons designed as the surveillance system of the mind control hive net.

This sinister project was intended for all of humanity during this phase of global reset, through installing the Techno-Totalitarianism in order to finally gain some ground in the utter destruction of free thinking and human freedoms in western culture.

The AI network was gradually built upon the mental mapping of the collective brain neural links of those groups who were unethically used as test subjects in the targeted individual community over the last twenty years.

To deny the danger that this aggressive propaganda poses to human freedoms in the face of clear evidence of the methodical steps taken to eliminate democratic processes through manufactured and coerced Groupthink, is foolish and short sighted.

Currently, we can observe the destructive results of those in the millennial outrage culture that are being manipulated as useful pawns for this agenda, unwilling to see the Marxist social experiments being intentionally directed by the Power Elite.

The fomentation of discord and outrage is being nurtured for the express purpose of encroaching against human freedoms, in order to carry out the ultimate objectives of installing the full surveillance state via the Technocracy.

The current chaotic events that are being revealed in the globalscape drama are designed to perpetuate mass psychological operations against the earth inhabitants that ultimately serve the objectives of those anti-human Controlling forces, competing to succeed in their version of the One World Order agenda.

During this phase it is imperative we learn how to use critical thinking and common sense in order to see the larger picture of the divide and conquer tactics based on classifications, as they are coming for all of us, the entire human race, in all colors.

It is time to wise up, abandoning the forced Groupthink rhetoric and its poisonous ideology from being aggressively asserted upon all of us as a traumatic based method of psychological warfare.

A small minority of powerful twisted psychopaths in the world ruling class are determined to assert full spectrum dominance and control over every aspect of our living biology, brain and nervous system, thought processes and perception of reality, as dictated on behalf of their NAA overlords.

The western value system in the United States has been deeply mired in the effects of the outrage culture, building momentum through targeting the youngest minds to enforce classifications of political correctness for the purpose of censoring free speech and aggressively shaming people into submission.

Over many years this divisiveness has been infiltrating the culture through multiple covert methods using ideological subversion to radicalize and then generate useful pawns to push forward the utter destruction of western values designed to protect human freedom, at the push of a button.

Escalation To Mob Frenzy - Orchestrated Destruction

Orchestrated Destruction

Escalation to Mob Frenzy

The recent orchestrated destruction of many cities carried out by destructive anarchists fueled by staged events, is being funded by institutions run by enemies of the constitution in the United States.

Everyone was traumatized by the snuff film we were forced to watch in horror, as captive audiences to these staged events there was no question of its moral depravity.

However, it was to serve a purpose for the Controllers and they have squeezed it for every last drop, applying the maximum trauma in humanity, like getting blood from a turnip.

Those that are responsible should be made accountable, but it goes much higher up than anyone cares to admit.

The orchestration of the plandemic along with the economic devastation of Americans, the utter destruction and anarchy in major cities, informs us of the intended direction of the current globalist agenda.

Which is to destroy the American constitution through spreading hatred and continue to demoralize its citizens in any way that they can, in order to attempt to stage their coup d’état.

Groupthink Introdution


One World Order


Escalation to Mob Frenzy


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